Who is King Charles and Why is he so Good?

Who Is King Charles?

King Charles, the singer not the British Monarch, is a glam folk singer from London England. His real name is Charles Costa. He plays a wide range of instruments, including the guitar, cello, and piano. He gained some recognition when he won the International Songwriting Competition in 2009 which was judged by Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Loretta Lynn and Jerry Lee Lewis. After winning this competition he was signed by Universal Republic/Island. He also holds a close relation with Mumford and Sons opening for them on various tours and duetting on The Brightest Lights together

Why you should listen to him?

His first album Loveblood is poetry in song

Having discovered King Charles through Youtube, after he was advertised on an advert before a video I was watching. I was instantly hooked to his song Bam Bam. Bam Bam introducing me to his unique sound, with its fast pace and his unusual look. King Charles attire being smart, his hair tall and having genuinely that whole gentlemen look to him. Intrigued by this eccentric individual I would go on to listen to his LoveBlood album, every song creative and catchy. His album producing romantic and catchy music as he walks through the trials of love. Ivory Road describing his love for a lady. A lyric being ”you are the oxygen in my blood”, showing off his songwriting skills. Lady Percy built to make people smile with its steel drums and the energy this song resonates. He also has darker songs on his album, however, Polar Bears using drums in a warish kind of way, along with the cello. The moral of the song has a slightly dark meaning, don’t be blinded by looks, ”a snake that will lead you to the apple of sin” as said in his mini rap. I was lucky to see this life and it was amazing, just have a man standing to bang on a drum in a violent way, a stunning visual. His whole album is in incredible from top to bottom.

His second Album Gamble For a Rose

Creating art

Love and romance are again his inspiration for his second album, however it more downbeat than his first album. It offers more somber songs such as Gamble Rose for a Rose and Coco Chitty. King Charles sang previously on his LoveBlood album, he uses his vocals to create a new meaning to the song with the grief he provokes. It is still a brilliant album, however, as it is still excellently written and clearly has a strong influence from Mumford and Sons. Bright Thing is my favorite of the album because of the way he sings ”love like lightening”, sounding like Wolf Alice’s Silk when she says ”shades of black and white”. It’s infectious and ultimately cheesy.


I believe King Charles is underrated and he should be producing music far more often then he has been over the years. He is overdue a third album and is one of my favorite artists.


Elimination Chamber 2018 Predictions

Elimination Chamber 2018 Preview

WWE’s Eliminnation Chamber takes centre stage this weekend on the first PPV after the Royal Rumble and Raws last before Wrestle Mania. Eliminnation Chamber looks to set Wrestle Mania is motion with the Women’s championahip being on the line and WWE championship no. 1 contendership being fought in the chamber. Ronda Rousey contract is also set for Sunday, which doesn’t look to go down smoothly,Stephanie McMahon setting to get involved in some degree. Here are my predictions for the event.

Woken Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt

Having fought countless times on other occasion now, this shows WWE don’t know what to do to get the best of the Woken Gimmick. Broken Matt Hardy was the highlight of every TNA show when he was there but Woken seems to be an afterthought at the minute. Hopefully Matt wins and gains more momentum to go into a better fued going into Wrestlemania. Bray Wyatt has gone from facing Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 33 to probably just being in the Andre the Giant battle Royal this year I think which shows how far he has fallen. Them fighting in the Hardy compound would make this better.

Matty Hardy Wins

Asuka vs. Nia Jax

Asuka looks to keep her undefeated run going heading into Wrestlemania in which she still hasn’t choose who she will face after winning the Royal Rumble. I think she will switch shows and go after Charlotte’s Smackdowns women’s title leaving Ronda to gain the Raw title later when she is ready. I think this will be a good hard-hitting match between Nia Jax and Asuka but Asuka needs the win going into Wrestlemania.

Asuka Wins

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley vs. Mandy Rose vs. Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks vs. Sonya Deville – Eliminnation Chamber Match for the Raws Women Championships

The first all Women’s Eliminnation Chamber match in history looks to set who will be the Raws women Champion going into Wrestlemania. The most unpredictable match on the card, but Alexa Bliss is still the favourite. Alexa Bliss being favourite, then Sasha Banks and Bayley come in second and third. The members of Abstulution are to new to be giving the championship I don’t see them winning it. Mickie James has been helping Alexa Bliss recently so it looks like they will reunite again possibly helping Bliss to get the win. This should be an exciting match.

Bliss retains

Braun Strowmanvs. Elias vs. Finn B├ílor vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz – Elimination Chamber match for a WWE Universal Championshipmatch at WrestleMania 34

The most predicable match on the card with Roman Reigns set to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. I still think it will be good to watch how Roman Reigns wins with participants involved. Watching the gauntlet match has showed what these men can do and should offer a great match. I think a feud between Braun and The Miz will be started here with the animosity created over the last couple of weeks. This would be my picks to win if it wasnt certain Roman Reigns was to win. The Miz deserving another run as champion and Braun being so over also. Hopefully the Undertaker returns and sets up a dream match between him and Cena although it doesn’t seem likely.

Roman win


Mortal Engines by Phillip Reeves: Review

Mortal Engines book review

A steam punk tale of revenge, technology and the old ways

Soon to be a all conquering film directed by Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson, Phillip Reeves novel explores a world where London is a high flying town, looking to take over the world through an evil invention called MEDUSA. It examines the idea of expansion of national power at the expense of individual liberty. But also what Darwinsm as it is a city eat city world in this future universe created. In the novel this kind of Darwinsm being named municipal Darwinsm.

The plot resolves around a young historian apprentice called Tom and a girl called Hester Shaw. They come into contact with each other to Hester seeking revenge against the Head Historian Valentine who she attempts to kill. However, Tom stops her in which he reveals an unusual scar across her face, Hester stating the scar is Valentines fault. Tom confronts Valentine only to suffer the same fate as Hester as he is thrown off the air bound city that is London. Hesters revenge however will have to wait. As the trio, along with Valentines daughter and pet wolf, Katherine and Dog, become embroiled in a massive plot, involving London trying to take over the world. London, with the power of its death star-esque like weapon MEDUSA, looks to be the sole city in the world with the evil Crome at its helm.

A conflict between technology and religion can arguably be seen as it is the historians vs. The Engineers. The historians keeping old relics and enjoying how things used to be, which also reflects the ant-tractionist views. The ant-tractionists being the city’s that still live on the ground mainly and do not going around eating other cities. The anti-traction league leaving in the land. On the other side, is the engineers who focus on technology and using it to expand their lifestyle and live forever as shown through the robocop stalkers.

This was a great book to start the quartlet of books, having a creative concept. I am looking forward to how Peter Jackson adapts this, as he has a great deal of depth to display on film.



Dave Made a Maze Review

Dave Made a Maze: Film Review

Quirky out of this world comedy. Where’s that beard at? The beards on the face

Dave(Nick Thune)is a slacker that start projects but never completes them. So to his girlfriend’s surprise, Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhan)she returns from her weekend away to discover he has built a maze out of cardboard boxes. After initially disregarding the maze as one of Dave’s art projects, Annie soon realizes this is more than just one of Dave’s art projects he will not finish. Dave has actually made his own fantasy labyrinth which he has now become trapped in. Annie, Dave’s closes friend Gordon (Adam Busch) and a camera crew set off to find and save Dave in this magical world he has created.

This niche little unknown comedy offers a lot of creativity throughout. The whole concept being a unique idea as Dave is trapped in a cardboard maze with boobytraps, minotaurs and a clitoral shaped hole in the wall. The clitoral shaped hole taking Dave’s arm. Although this is a very comedic film, it also inherits the theme of escapism. Dave building this elaborate maze to escape from the outside world as he still borrows money from his parents and has a low paying job. In the end of the film, his girlfriend Annie helps overcome his escapism as she helps him complete the maze, making it something he has actually finished.

No wonder this film is rated 80% on rotten tomatoes as it offers something completely different to anything you have seen before. The film also winning accolades at three film festivals. This is a well acted and standalone film everyone should go out their way to see.


Ready Player One Book Review

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – Book Review

Nostalgia for all them 80’s kids

Having received this book as a birthday present from my girlfriend, I could not put this book down and ready it’s 367 pages in a week. Knowing the film, directed by Steven Spielberg was coming out shortly as well, I thought it would be best to read this book first by Ernest Cline. This book offers a lot a nostalgia for nerds and geeks through its ongoing pop culture references. From film references such as Ladyhawke and Fantastic Voyage to game references like Galaga and Dungeons and Dragons. This book is a perfect book for people who see themselves as more as a nerdy character. The book does also offer a lot for the casual reader as it still has the story arc of good vs evil and romance.

The novel centres around a death of a famous multimillionaire, James Hall day, who has created a massive MMORPG called the Oasis. The Oasis is like a mixture of WOW, EVE Online, Runescape and other massively popular MMOPRG’s. Due to his death and having no realitves to leave his fortune to. He instead creates an Easter Egg in the Oasis. To get to the Easter Egg, 3 keys are needed and can only be found by people with an expanded knowledge on him and his life. This includes his favourite video games and films, which doesn’t make it easy. The main character Wade, or as his game character is called Percival, inhabits on this quest in aim to create a better life for himself. However, it is not as easy as that, as his fellow Gunters (people who dedicate their life’s to search for the egg) and the evil corporation of IOI are also after it.

Ready Player One is a great read with many outstanding battles. Ernest Cline lending from some of the the more known fantasy worlds, along with creating his own to create a vast world inside a console. His writing easy to read and flows throughout when describing the world around Jade. Well worth a read. It’s easy to get hooked to this book like it would be a game, and I also can’t wait to how the film adapts this highly entertaining book.



The Black Panther Review

The Black Panther Review: A Great Stand Alone Film in the MCU

Starring an all star cast, The Black Panther delivers on all levels. One of the best entries to the marvel universe yet, and arguably the best origin film they have made.

After the events of Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa father dying, it is up to T’Challa to step up to his throne in the fictional African land of Wakanda. However, with being king, a lot of challenges come before him. Physical challenges in Erik “Killmonger” Stevens who is looking to avenge his father and mental challenges in what does the country of Wakanda owe the world. The film presenting Wakanda as a futuristic African nation hiding itself from the rest of the world ignoring certain issues of the rest of the world such as poverty and oppression of black people. It is a visually stunning film but also thought provoking


The all star cast is headed by Chadwick Boseman playing The Black Panther, T’Challa, who brilliantly portrays the struggle of becoming a king. After showing a glimpse of what he is capable if Civil War, Marvel did the right thing placing the spotlight on him this time as he shun in the solo role. He also gained a lot of help from supporting actors such as Black Mirror stars Letitia Wright and Daniel Kaluuya. Letitia playing T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, who is a tech savvy sixteen year old who designs new technology for the country. While Daniel plays T’Challa’s best friend, W’Kabi, who gets blinded by revenge of the man who killed father, Ulysses Klaue, causing him to choose the wrong choices. Ulysses Klaue played by Andy Serkis, also adds a create character due to the madness of him. His best and funniest scene coming when he makes it rain in a casino after he uses his modified arm to shoot The Black Panther. The greater evil, Erik ”Killmonger Stevens, played by Michael B Jordan, creates a villain with a destructive ideology which goes against the traditions of the Wakandan people. Their is also great performances by Danai Gurira as Okoye, known from The Walking Dead who plays Michonne. She plays a similar role as Michonne but with Okoye having more of a heart. Martin Freeman and Lupita Nyong’o also put in solid performances.

This was a great way to introduce The Black Panther to the audience properly and I’m glad the decided to give him his own film. It is really worth watching as offers more than just good vs evil scenario



5 star Wrestling

5 Star Wrestling Review

February 9th – Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

5 Star Wrestling returned to the Metro Radio Arena live Newcastle this week featuring stars John Morris on and Rvd. The preshow also involved Love Islands Adam Maxted win tag team gold with his partner. Here is a run down of the main show action.

Rob van dam vs Zack Gibson

The first match of the night had the legend Rvd against Zack Gibson. Rvd did his usual moves including a rolling thunder, spinning wheel kicks and a spinning leg drop to his opponent on the barricade. Rvd looked impressive as Zack played the dastardly heel throughout. Finally ending with Zack getting dispualified for not releasing a hold when Rvd had made it to the ropes.

Rvd wins via Dq


Flash Morgan Webster vs Joey Axl

Flash Morgan Webster introduced Primate to his mod cast before it was interrupted by Joey Axl. This would lead to a match between the Flash and Joey. Flash would show grit and determination but would ultimately fall to Axl through tapping out to the Brock Lock.

Axl wins via submission


Eddie Ryan vs PJ Black

The Tiger Eddie Ryan would gain his first win on 5 star beating Justin Gabriel. There wasn’t really much to this match apart from some high flying monevors from Pj Black.

Eddie Ryan won with celtic Cross


Moose vs rampage

Moose would come out only to be attacked my Rampage. They quickly brawled on the outside until going back in the ring where Rampage would hit 2 piledrivers. This would leave Moose unconscious leaving the referee to declare the match to be no contest. This was nice to continue their feud I suppose.

End in no contest 4.5/10

David mastiff and big grizzly vs The Masters of Cool (Carlito and Chris Masters)

The team of behemoths, David Mastiff And Big Grizzly controlled most of this bout until Chris Masters made the hot tag to Carlito. They would then ultimately win the match as Masters would spit apple in Big Grizzlys face setting him up for a backtracker from Carlito. It was good seeing the team of Carlito and Chris Masters, Masters still looking like masterpiece and Carlito still cool.

Masters of cool win via pin fall


Rey mysterio vs (C) Mark Haskins for the tap or snap championship

The best match of the night as Rey Mysterio seems to be in the shape of his life. A nice 15 minute match which allowed Mysterio to show his ariel offense and also allow him to play the underdog role against a bigger opponent. Mark Haskins putting on a good display also. After many failed attempts, Rey Mysterio would hit the 619 to a massive ovation before an interference from Rampage to cost him the match.

Rey wins via Dq


Nathan Cruz vs BT Gunn

Apparently the continuing of this feud was made because last time BT Gunner showed The professional Nathan Cruz’ behind on TV. If you are familiar BT Gunn from ICW or Defiant you know how good he is, along with foul mouthed. This was a really watered down version of him. He still has a fun match with the current New Generation Wrestling Champion. BT Gunner winning with a roll up after showing his bottom again.

BT gun wins with a roll up


John Morrison vs Jack hager

The crowd just wasn’t into it at all for some reason. In my opinion you could visibly see John Morrison get frustrated at times as the crowd chanted Go Back to TNA at him. It was nice to see before he went for the Starship of pain for the audience to get behind him on one side of the arena in which he looked happy for. The match was good but also had a screwy finish as Zack Gibson got involved costing John Morrison.

Also children chanting you can’t wrestle and boring is not a welcome sign.

Jack Hager wins to become new 5 Star Champion after Morrison taps from the Ankle Lock.


Overall it was a pretty average show, much more suited to a smaller venue. There wasnt enough people to fill the arena with sound, thus their wasn’t much atmosphere throughout. In my eyes, I think make it so kid orientated softens the product to much as the wrestlers did not not seem they were allowed to wrestle to their full potential. It was still fun saying, past Wwe stars like Rey Mysterio and Rvd however, and the excitement from the children for them both. I also think last year’s had much more talent as well, as it had Marty Scrull, AJ Styles, Nick Alis and many more.

Overall show: 5/10