Runeacape Classic is shutting down after 17 Years

My Memories of First Playing Runescape

17 years after releasing Runescape Classic, Jagex will shut down the original version on August 6th, 2018 due to Jagex focusing on their main platforms, Runescape and Old School Runescape. This comes because of the increasing number of bots on the servers and their inability to apply Internet safety and micro detection tools to it. This will give them more time to further improve Runescape and Old School Runescape, and let the original Runescape model lay to rest. He is some of my memories of my early days on Runescape.

Tutorial Island

Where it used to all begin. After designing your character, you would be placed to tutorial Island where you would learn to cook, fish, woodcut and all the combat skills by testing your powers on rats and chickens. If you were committed enough you get all your levels to three before going off to the big leagues, where you be called a noob because you were only level 3.

Running to get everywhere

Unlike the Runescape of today, there was no lodestone network so it took real effort to get around unless you had high magic to teleport places. One Small Favour was the longest quest ever as you couldn’t just teleport to the places you needed to go, you’d have to walk/run across the map.

The Quest Dragon Slater

Completing this quest made you feel like a legit hero, you’d worked hard to get to get to this point, as you had to have decent skills to kill a level 68 dragon. The hardest quest for free to play players, this was the pinnacle of free to play, as you would be able to wield rune after completion, still the highest armour for free to play.

The Wildernesses (Wildy)

This is not remembered fondly, having been PKed in here many times through promises of 1 Mill and better armour. You’d be lured in deep in the wilderness where a group of PKers would be waiting to bind you then bombard you with attacks. You’d also do this to your friends as well if you were cruel. It used to be the most dangerous place in the game but has been watered down now.

Selling your items in a bank

You could be standing for hours on end in a bank trying to flog and buy stuff. Using colours and flashes to make your writing stand out above the rest. Varrock Bank world one for free to play personally while world 2 for members was the place to be to get the items you needed. There was no grand exchange which makes it so much easier today. You’d also think you were rich when you made 1k after selling 10,000 feathers from killing chickens. I also mistakingly thought I had more money then I did, with the currency used.

Playing as a girl to get free stuff

Everyone has done it in one game or another just to fool someone into them giving them free stuff. Going to the makeover mage to transform yourself into a woman, trying to make her as attractive as possible so that a male player would take you under his wing and give you free stuff. It’s one of the weirdest things of the gaming world.

Killing Goblins and Cows with your Wooden Sheild and Bronze Dagger

If you didn’t have any friends who already played, the first item you would require would be a bronze dagger, the worst weapon ever made, along with the worst shield, the wooden shield. You’d go north from Lumbridge and start killing Goblins, it taking ages to kill them and struggling against them even though they’ve only got ten hitpoints. When you could finally kill them in one shot with a Rune Scimmy, you knew you had made it.

Let me know what memories of Runescape you have

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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

How Han became Han Solo

With an all-star cast, including Donald Glover from Community, Emilia Clarke who plays Kelesi in Game of Thrones, and rising star of Alden Ehrenreich, Solo: A Star Wars Story offers a thrilling adventure. Seeing it at midnight, here is what I thought of the film.


Han has a dream of owning his very own ship and is willing to steal anything to get it, costing him his first love, Kira. Three years later he finds his soon to be long-term companion Chewbacca who he helps escape from imprisonment so they can find a ship and return to Kira. However, they are recruited by a gang ran by Tobias Beckett, who becomes Han’s mentor and is a well-known smuggler, to help with requiring a highly valuable resource which will make them all rich. When the first attempt goes south, and they return empty-handed to the criminal overlord, Dryden Vos, they quickly create an idea to gather what he wants so Dryden does not kill them. The mission they go on is incredibly dangerous so Dryden sends his lieutenant to help them, Han’s first love Kira. For this mission, they also need a ship which they acquire from a gambler called Lando, Han Solo will later win his ship, the millennium falcon in a bet. They complete this dangerous mission, only for it to reveal that the so-called pirates are the good guys and will use the valuable resource for good. This gives Han a change of heart, deciding to help the pirates and turn on Dryden and Tobias, who double-crosses them. Kira then kills Dryden leaving Han Solo to pursue Tobias and the valuable recourse, only for it to be revealed Kira is in with Darth Maul. Han then kills Tobias and gives the resources to the pirates.

Review (Spoilers)

The Good

Solo: A Star Wars Story offers a great deal of action and introduces all the characters well to the audience and glimpse in how they become the people they do later in the Star Wars Universe. Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) is his arrogant self but he is likeability person because he ultimately has a good heart and him Chewbacca make a great partnership. It was good seeing how they met and how their bond builds between them throughout the film. They have various nice moments like Han letting Chewy help the other Wookies when they’re escaping the mine. Kira (Emilia Clarke) plays the temptress ultimately turning on Solo at the end of the film for her own gain and joining Darth Maul. I don’t think anyone wanted more Darth Maul but he was there. Mira is essentially playing the long game to being the head of an evil association which is headed by Darth Maul. The film is beautifully made and the score is well crafted also, an epic scene being when a giant monster is getting sucked into a massive hole in space. Dryden (Paul Bettany) and Tobias (Woody Harrelson) also play their roles well as they are talented actors.

The Bad

The film could have been much better if it was more of a stand-alone film rather than setting up for another film and it suffers being chronologically the first film to watch in Star Wars because of when it is set. I would’ve much preferred just an epic adventure Han Solo goes on having nothing to do with any of film. I also don’t think Lando (Donald Glover) was used to his full potential in the film, potentially just losing his ship and robot companion. He’s just an addicted gambler who loves capes. Although Donald Glover does play Lando incredibly well. I would’ve liked to see the film as more of a Firefly episode, where Han Solo is presented with a job and needs to get it done by any means necessary.


It is still better than some films in the Star Wars Collection, but it is nowhere near the best one, it’s just alright.


Let me know what you think in the comments

Armada by Ernest Cline – Book Review

Armada by Ernest Cline – Book Review

Ernest Cline’s other nerdy book that is not Ready Player One

 Synopsis of Armada

The novel follows an eighteen-year-old boy called Zack Lightman who is ranked in the top 10 of a video game called Armada, The Red Baron is ranked first. Zack is ranked 6th under the name of Red Baron. His father supposedly died straight after he was born, leaving Zack and his mother to fend for themselves. All his father has left behind is a conspiracy theory, a theory that the government is preparing people for an alien invasion through games such as Armada and films like Star Wars.

During a day at school, Zack sees an alien spaceship from the game Armada, not believing what he is seeing her runs home and further explores his father’s conspiracy stuff in the attic. He then brushes it off and continues to go about his life, playing video games with his two best friends and working at a local game store under a man called Rey. Rey gives him the latest console to further improve his skills on Armada.

Later that night him and his two best friends Cruz and Deihl, they get a serious brief before playing Armada together. A brief from the fictional character Admiral Vance, who describes the mission in detail as a once only mission to stop a disruptor destroying the earth. They ultimately fail this mission believing they will get another opportunity another time.

The next, however, while at school the EDA (Earth Defence Association) show up to take Zack away with him being ranked in the top 10 of Armada in the world by Ray. He is taken to a secret facility where all the other top players are gathered also in which it is revealed there will be an alien invasion in 24 hours by Admiral Vance who is actually real. Here, him and love interest, Lex, a top player in the other government designed game Terra Firma as they divulge the information being giving to them that they have been sublimely trained to fight an incoming alien invasion, against the so-called Europans. As they are talking, they base is attacked by the Europans causing them to sign up to the EDA and defend the base.

The base is defended relatively successfully, although Zack nearly destroys the base by not following orders to not follow a Europan drone. He is nearly sent home for his mistake but Vance decides to keep him as a favour to his father, who had saved Vance’s life. Vance then sends him to the moon base to join the other highly ranked Armada players.

Zack arrives on the moon and joins fellow top players, and is to report to the top player the Red Baron, who is actually his father. He and his father reunite and his father explains his theory of why the Europans are attacking earth, stating that is all a test by the Europans as they are letting Earth fight back and take their technology. This comes to be true as the Europans attack through their first wave wiping out half the earth until Zack father sacrifices himself to destroy an alien dreadnought. Realising it is a test Zack and his father stops the nuked (Icebreaker), the earth has planned to use on the Europans, Zacks dad dying in the process.

After stopping the nuke, an Icosahedron arises from the planet and identifies itself as an emissary of a machine that was created by a galactic community of civilizations called the Sodality. The whole invasion was a test to see how aggressive earth could be, and earth passed only just because they stopped the nuke. Zack accepts membership to the Sodality on earth behalf causing the Icosahedron to send help to earth to restore it and help the survivors. Zack later joins as an ambassador to learn the aliens’ true motives.


Similar to Ready Player One, Ernest Cline uses a lot of 80s references throughout his novel which creates nostalgia. The 80s being Cline’s favourite period. Zack is a likeable character as he is your typical gamer nerd whos dream comes true of being part of his favourite game comes to life. He becomes the hero of his own game, which any person would love to be. Although, obviously it is not as you want to be in every way as Zack experiences, such as you can actually die part.

The concept is also similar to Ender’s Game which Cline alludes to as they both share the idea of computer game having an alternative motive. In a way, it is as dark as Ender’s Game as the Icosahedron has destroyed half of the earth as a test. In Ender’s Game, Ender destroys nearly an entire civilisation as a test unknown to himself it wasn’t tested. Armada has a less serious tone but has a great deal of sacrifice through it, Milo and Shen, to gay lovers sacrificing themselves to save other, along with Zacks father Xavier.

Although Armada is a great book, I still think Ready Player One is better due to the anything can happen narrative and the open world it creates.


Leave a comment if you’ve read any of Ernest Cline’s books

Deadpool 2 Review

Deadpool 2 Review

Ryan Reynolds comes back for a more heartfelt violent sequel on par with the first one in my opinion. A more family-focused film as Deadpool discovers a new family.


Since the last film, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) has been killing bad guys left, right and centre. However, this leads to them coming to his apartment and killing his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), leaving him wallowing in pity. He seeks comfort in his closest friends, acquaintances, from the X-men, Colossus (Stefan Kapičić) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hilderbrand).

They enrol him as an x-men trainee, joining them on a mission to stop a mutant child from killing the people who own his orphanage. After Deadpool stops the child, who calls himself Firefist (Julian Dennison), the child reveals how abusive his orphanage is, leading to Deadpool killing some carers from the orphanage. This lands them both in a jail specifically assembled for containing mutants and abolishing their superpowers.

In this prison, Deadpool tells Firefist he needs to make friends with the biggest guy in there rather than sticking around with him. There is a larger holding cell for the biggest prisoner which is later revealed to be a former X-Men enemy. The prison is attacked by Cable (Josh Brolin), a soldier from the future, looking to kill Firefist. Deadpool stops him for now and escapes the prison in the process.

Throughout the film, Deadpool keeps entering Heaven to see his dead wife. After falling in a frozen lake after fighting with Cable, he goes to the spirit side again, where she tells him Firefist important to him. Deadpool deciding he needs to protect Firefist from Cable because of this.

With Cable still after Firefist, Deadpool holds auditions for a mutant team to help him acquire Firefist who is being transferred to another prison, along with the larger cellmate. He assembles the team called X-Force, consisting of Bedlam (Terry Crews), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgård), Peter (Rob Deleny) The Vanisher and Domino (Zazie Beetz). Bedlam controls electricity, Shatterstar an alien better than everyone else, Zeitgeist can spit acid, The Vanisher is invisible, Domino’s power is luck and Peter is just a normal guy up for the ride. They set out to catch the escort, however, only Domino and Deadpool make it, all the other dying in the process. Before Cable can kill Firefist he releases the biggest prisoner, Juggernaut who snaps Deadpool in half.

After releasing Juggernaut, Firefist and he go to the orphanage he was abused go kill the man who runs it. Cable comes to Deadpool in desperation revealing why he has to kill Firefist. As in the future, after Firefist kills the owner of the orphanage, he gets the lust for blood causing him to destroy the world. Along with Cables family. The funniest part of the film also happens at this point. Cable, Deadpool and Domino unite to go stop Juggernaut and Firefist. Cable agreeing to let Deadpool have 30 seconds with the kid to convince him not to kill anyone before Cable gets to kill Firefist. On the way, Deadpool asks for Colossus’s help after losing his friendship when he killed the people from the orphanage.

Cable, Deadpool and Domino arrive at the orphanage and begin a brawl with Juggernaut as Firefist goes after the owner. After pretty much getting destroyed, Colossus arrives and distracts juggernaut as Cable and Deadpool go after Firefist. They stop him from killing the owner as Deadpool takes a bullet for Firefist causing him to become good rather than evil.



Deadpool is smarky, 3rd wall breaking self the whole way through creating some funny moments in the process. He alludes to Cable being Thanos and compares the similarities of Frozen’s ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ and ‘Popa can you hear me?’. The post-credits are also fun to watch as he goes back to save his girlfriend, Peter, kills the Deadpool in the film Wolverine: Origins and kill Ryan Reynolds after he says Green Lantern will excel his career.

Minor Characters

Deadpool offers some hilarious moments, especially after Deadpool in ripped in half and is growing his legs back. Every character has their moments including the taxi driver, Dopinder (Karan Soni), who wants to be a superhero with his superpower of courage. Deadpool’s best friend Weasel (T.J. Miller) who again delivers some damning insults, like when Deadpool has baby legs, saying it’s like a woman giving birth from her bum and giving up halfway through. Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) is not in much as the first but is still foul-mouthed as ever. Peter is also the real MVP as he is just some guy who answered an ad in a paper.


They are loads of surprise cameo’s throughout also, including Bradd Pitt as the vanisher and Alan Tudyk as a redneck. There is also a host of X-Men cameos including Wolverine and most of the X-Men from the most recent franchise, as they try to stay away from the film. Juggernaut is completely CGI which is quite weird also.


I don’t think they’ll be a sequel of Deadpool specifically but they might be one of X-Force what would be highly entertaining.


Leave what you thought of the film below and how it compared to the first.

Childish Gambino – This is America. Showing the background problems of America

Childish Gambino – This Is America. Exploring America’s problems with his controversial video

Why People Beleive This Video to be Controversial

There is heavy violence during this video, at one point Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) gunning down a whole choir. Along with the violence portrayed in the video, it’s also controversial due to the message it is stating. That America doesn’t realise that their county is falling apart because of the distractions around them.

Why his Video is So Clever

Synopsis of the Music Video

Childish Gambino is seen dancing through a warehouse where he is occasionally joined by dancing school children. He kills a South African man along with a choir in the process. While he is dancing with them there are various events going on in the background, from people rioting to police brutality. The video ends as you see Donald Glover running away down a dark alleyway.

What does the beginning mean?

At the beginning of the song, you may dance along with the Childish Gambino seeing it as a new dance craze and as the song is very catchy. The way he moves is like a jim crow caricature which you would only realise on another viewing.

The introduction to violence

However, the dancing along then ceases completely, as you see him kill a man sitting down with a bag of his head on a chair. As you shocked Childish Gambino does not react and keeps on dancing. He also lays the gun as a cushion not giving any thought to his victim. The video causing joy and horror for the person watching.

Why Childish Gambino guns down a choir?

He later shoots an entire choir, only to keep on moving, supposedly in reference to the 2015 murder of nine churchgoers by Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina. Thus, the dance moves are just distraction to what’s really going on in the world. The gun he uses, sort of AK-47 kind of weapon, could be a signal to the rise of terror threats and the norm they have become.

Why he is dancing with children?

He dances with children after the devastating killings again like nothing is the matter. The children look happy and do not seem to care, this can be interpreted as children being desensitised to the events around them as they have experienced them so much. This is why they just dance. The children also may represent 40’s and 50s Harlem dancers which people would deem appropriate image for blacks at the time.

Why is he running?

Many have related this to the film Get Out, comparing this to the sunken place, a mental prison for black people.

What is happening in the background?

White Horse

At one a point, a white horse is ridden across the screen with a man covered from head to toe in all black. This seems to be a reference to the Bible and the white horse symbolising that death is coming. ‘A pale horse and the man that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him’. This alluding to the increasing media of police brutality.

Battered Cars

At the end of the music video, he dances like Michael Jackson does on top of a car. The cars are inexpensive and all have there hazard lights indicating a warning. The fact all the doors open may even symbolize all the people have been pulled over by police for no real reason. Others have claimed the cars age point to the stalled socioeconomic and political mobility” of black Americans. There was also similar cars in the 1922 Los Angeles riot.

People on their phones

You briefly see people on their phones, this due to the number of times you see video’s of police brutality on youtube, facebook etc.


The video is controversial but for a good reason, asking if you would survive in America being black. Childish Gambino is a genius. His video asking us not to simply forget about #blacklifesmatter, the killing of black people by white people, police brutality and riots. He is providing a commentary on what is going on in the world, and what is going on in the world behind us that we are missing.

Let me know what you think of the video below.

5 Countries I’d like to visit

The top five Countries I’d like to Visit Before I Die

I still have loads of countries I want to visit in my lifetime and here are the 5 on the top of my list.

  1. Lichtenstein

    A little-known country, Lichtenstein is a place I would like to go because of its fairytale landscape. The Schloss Vadus is the main attraction as it sits in a range of forest looking upon the capital of Lichtenstein, Vadus. Schloss Vadus is a castle where the Prince of Lichtenstein lives, so isn’t open to the public. However, hopefully, he’d invite me round for some sandwiches. Lichenstein is Europe least visited country but has a great neutral history, the last military action they saw was the Austria-Prussian war. During the Austrian-Prussian war, they sent 80 soldiers to guard the Tyrolean border and returned with 81 troops, as they recruited another. What a great story that is and more people should visit Lichtenstein, as it is picturesque quiet country. I may visit Lichenstein when I travel to Switzerland in July!

  2. Brazil

    Home to one of the wonders of the world, Christ the Redeemer, which looks over the busy city of Rio De Janiero, Brazil has a lot to offer. Brazil would be a great place to explore, with its carnival atmosphere and sunny weather, they also have a mountain called the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Unfortunately, however, it isn’t a giant loaf of sugar. Brazil is also home of beaches and samba football, which I would love to experience. Showing the Brazilians my silky skills with a ball at my feet. Although Brazil has a massive crime and kidnapping rate, I still believe it to be a place I would to experience.

  3. Myanmar

    Having discovered this country through a PlayStation 2 game, Syphon Filter: Omega Strain, I have always wanted to travel here. Burma main religion is Buddhism, they hold many grand temples, such as the Ananda Temple and Shwedagon Pagoda. These temples were built 1000 of years ago, thus there is a vast history behind them. I’d love to travel in a hot air balloon and really take in the beautiful culture they have on display. It is a beautiful country, however, I’m against the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslim’s, the Rohingya Muslim’s are unable to vote and have fewer rights than other natives there. Hope for Rohingya Muslim has not been realised by Aung San Suu Kyi becoming a chancellor, she has however ignored the subject. The Dali LLama calling on her to do more.

  4. Jordan

    With greats sights like Petra (an ancient rock-cut city in a deep valley) and Amman (ancient ruins), there is a lot of things to do in Jordan. Jordan is said to be the safest place in the Middle East because of all the heritages sights and its overall friendliness. There is also the Dead Sea, where you cannot swim in it because of its famous hypersaline water so you can float the day away. The country is also run by King Abuddulah II who made ISIS poo themselves when he declared them at war with ISIS after they had killed a Jordan pilot. Jordan is a good country all around and would love to visit some of there world heritage sites.

  5. Isreal

    Another Middle Eastern country I would like to visit is Isreal. The most religious place a Christian, Jew and Muslim can go to due to The Temple of the Mount in Jerusalem. Near Jerusalem, there is also Bethlehem, in which Jesus was born which attracts Christian pilgrimages, and is many Christmas carols. I would like to visit the most religious place in the world and feel the importance it would it release. I would also like to visit the Holy Lands to see why everyone is fighting over it. I might even try to push an equal two-state solution while I was there. Israel still holding more power than over Palestinians, leaving them with little rights and setting up illegal settlements.

My top 5 countries I’d like to visit, leave a comment if you would like to go to these places 🙂

Man Seeking Woman and The Last Girlfriend on Earth

Man Seeking Woman /Last Girlfriend on Earth Review

Simon Rich brings his comedic outlook on dealing with relationships, from being in one to find one. Simon Rich writing and creating relatable material, it is must read if you even ever had a crush on someone. Simon books The Last Girlfriend on Earth and other love stories, is split into three chapters, boy meets girl, boy meets girl and boy loses girl. The TV show, on the other hand, follows singleton Josh played by Jay Baruchel, who has just broken up with his longtime girlfriend Maggie. The first series explores Josh getting over Maggie, the second season focuses on him seeking one particular girl and the final third series is about the relationship he is in. Both book and tv shows are a must read and watch. The first season being by far the funniest and best.

The Last Girlfriend and Other Stories – Best of the Bunch

Occupy Jen’s Street

This short story tells the tale of Otto who leads a protest against a girl called Jen who he has courted for a while. She has got into a relationship and Otta does not believe this to be fair, so he sets up camp outside her dorm and starts a protest. Otto demands are:

  • Jen must dump her current boyfriend and enter a long-term relationship with him
  • She must instantly fall in love with him
  • Become attracted to him physically
  • A general reduction in student loans

He gathers a following over the next couple of weeks even getting on national TV, however, it is too no prevail. The morality of the tale being you can protest and change many things, but not someone falling in love with you.


This story is also used in the TV series, Series one, Episode 5, explaining why all the promoters get all the girls apparently. Zeus invites Cupid to Mount Olympus to question why everyone isn’t receiving love anymore, as only nightclub and vodka promoters along with bad people are getting love. This is due to Cupid hanging around in clubs rather than travelling the world. The tv show goes further than the story as Josh is set up with an attractive girl as Cupid feels bad about who he has been shooting arrows at.

The Last Girlfriend on Earth

After a viral epidemic hits the world, it leaves a shortage of girl and Leon is going out with one. She constantly being hit on by guys such as Bill Gates, Brad Pitt and Adam West! Leon’s girlfriend Kayla just brushes it off like everyone is not flirting with her while Leon sees that every guy is trying to get with her. This causing friction in their relationship.


Another story used in the TV series is the confidence story. The confidence story follows a night in between Jack and a girl he has been dating Meg. When asked by Meg to define what they are, he finally has the confidence to say that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Happy with his decision he goes in for a kiss only for her to freeze, then three sex aliens turn up behind him asking for him to have sex with him. The sex aliens have come to Jack as they have smelt the confidence on him. Jack ultimately rejects them as he not willing to cheat on his girlfriend, causing them to leave, although leaving there number. He shares this experience with his friend who the sex aliens had visited him 5 years ago when he first started going out with his girlfriend. This causes Jack to regret not having sex with them and fractically texts them to come back, even knowing they won’t comeback as they will not smell is desperation.

The Best Parts of Man Seeking Woman – TV Show

In Series one, episode 2, Man Seeking Woman takes the task of texting a girl after getting her number to a whole new level. Josh, his sister and his best friend, Mike (Eric Andre), prepare to send the one make or break text. They end up in a secret bunker environment with high ranking officials discussing how he should text this girl he met on the train. The statistics guy saying women love grammar and the use of emoji’s are up while Mike makes an impassioned speech about making her dick pic.

Series One, Episode 4, puts Josh in the position, everyone, has been in, the position of your friends setting you up with someone. Josh is invited to a dinner with his sister, her boyfriend and other couples. Noticing he is the only, singleton there until Maude arrives in which from the get-go, his sisters and other couples watch and wait to see if anything happens. After a while, they get bored off waiting for something to happen, and start shouting couple up to them in which they end running away from them together. The episode gets even funnier when Josh’s mam interrogates him over Maude when they are a thing. Going as far as using the internet to find out about Maude, asking if she knows the Stevenson’s just because she lives somewhere.

In his pursuit of Rosa (Rosa Salazar) his work friend who currently has a boyfriend, he decides to be a strong viable candidate for her if she does break up with her boyfriend. The media pursuing issues of him for running for Rosa boyfriend, which he denies although he clearly gaining favour by hanging around with her friends and going against some of her boyfriend’s policies such as not liking curry. More favour is gained as Rosa tells him how her boyfriend does not like trying new fancy places in which Josh shows at a really saying he believes boyfriends should take their girlfriends to fancy places. At this point, they are calling Rosa’s boyfriend to resign. His campaign ultimately fails as she is going out with Jesus Christ (Fred Armisen). Series 2, Episode 6

Another familiar situation people find themselves is when Josh’s new girlfriend Lucy (Kate Findlay) does not think Mike likes him in series 3, Episode 3. Josh invites them to hang out, the placing being an underground mine. Josh is however late, leaving Lucy and Mike alone in a mine together, with no mutual friend to make conversation between them. It gets worse when the mine explodes leaving them with no escape, the media sending in conversation starters for them. Mike is about to kill himself until Lucy begins to tell him revealing stories about Josh, such as him getting a boner during a class recital. They have a good time because of this but this leads to Mike becoming a whistleblower, revealing the all the embarrassing stories about Josh to the world.