The Debut of Jack Hager

Lucha Underground Season 4 Episode 2

Darkness and the Monster

On this episode of Lucha Underground, there was a surprise debut from former WWE star Jack Swagger who now goes by the name Jack Hager. Catrina also goes for the search for the gauntlets of the Gods along with one of the seven Ancient Aztec Medallions coming into play.

Quick Recap

The show kicked off with the trio champions defending their championships against a new makeshift team. Son of Havoc, The Mack and Killshot vs. Infamous Inc. The team of Famous Inc new recruits temporarily for some, Jack Hager of WWE fame, Sammy Guevara of PWG and Inside Pro and one of the best-named wrestlers Big Mad Steve. Each of Infamous Inc would show a little what they had to offer until finally they would ultimately lose causing Jack Hager to turn on his teammates after the match leaving them flat out on the mat.

Next came the return of the Aztec Medallions as El Dragon Azteca Jr. Would face of against Drago what proved to be a very high flying contest. The more important stuff would come after the match. Kobra Moon was jumped by Tara and Johnny Mundo in retaliation for Kobra Moon getting Reptile Tribe member Viobra to attack Johnny Mundo during Aztec Warfare last week. They would leave Kobra Moon looking for revenge.

The main event was Pentagon Dark vs. The Monster Mantanza Cueto. It was a hard-hitting match showing why Pentagon Dark is the New face of Lucha Underground. Mantanza Cueto manhandling Pentagon throughout but Pentagon Dark would still gain the win and cause Mantanza Cueto his first pinfall loss. Mantanza had changed since the last time these two faced off as was shown after the match between the interaction between him and Antonio. Mantanza cowering fear towards his new handler Antonio Cueto creating him to be vulnerable rather the destructive force he once was.

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Footballs Coming Home

Why it’s Englands Best Chance of Winning the World Cup 2018

All the fans are dreaming of World Cup glory after England annihilated Panama 6-1 and beat Tunisia 2-1 securing a place in the knockout stages. England just seems to be getting better every game as they grow in confidence and have looked the best they have in years at a major tournament. This year we could go all the way and here’s why it’s not delusional to think that.

A Proven Goalscorer in Harry Kane

He’s one of our own, Harry Kane, is on fire at the minute, scoring without even trying. He became only the 3rd player for England to score a hat trick at the World Cup against Panama, alongside Gary Lineker and Geoff Hurst. He hasn’t really done anything but score 5 goals in 2 games which is amazing, so just think when he is influencing games more and putting his mark on it, he’ll be unstoppable.

The Bigger Teams Are Not Performing

Arguably, England looks the best out of all the teams as teams such as Brazil, Germany and Spain have seemed to struggle. Germany only just beating Sweden and losing against Mexico. Brazil drawing against Switzerland shows it is possible to stop them and Spain have not been dominating games either.

The Youthful England Squad

Gareth Southgate previously worked with many of the talents in the England Squad at youth level is the under 21’s coach. The youth in the team can cause a great problem to other teams such as Germany who have mainly the same squad they won the World Cup with 4 years ago. Pace causes problems for teams which bolds well for England’s prospects.

England Possible Easier Run In

If we were to lose against Belguim, it could be a blessing in disguise as we would have an easier route to the final. An easier route in the sense we would avoid Germany or Brazil in the quarterfinals. If we were to avoid them both, England could build their confidence against weaker teams on the way to the final.

Set Piece Kings

So far England has dominated with there set-pieces, Kieran Trippier being devastating with his delivery. Against Panama and Tunisia set pieces have been key with strong headers like John Stones and Kane in the box. Kane being in the box rather than taking the corners is one of the best obvious decisions made by Southgate.


There is hope for England this year. There was no expectation before the World Cup but now there is great expectation for them to go all the way. It’s Coming Home!

The Return of Lucha Underground

Season 4 Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground is the Eastenders of the wrestling world as it mixes high unrealistic drama with wrestling. There are murder, magic and all other drama that always gets settled in the ring. This week Lucha Underground returned for its fourth season after the murder of Dario Cueto.

Quick Recap

Lucha Underground returned with a bang this week as new GM Antonio Cueto made his first official match. Aztec warfare. Aztec Warfare, involves 20 men for the Lucha Underground championship starting off with three men in the ring. The three men that started the fourth ever Aztec Warfare was Trio champions Killshot and The Mack, and with there new partner Son of Havoc. The only way to win Aztec warfare is to eliminate all 19 other opponents either through pinfall or submission, each entry coming on after a minute and there are no rules. As with previous Aztec warfares, Joey Ryan using this to his advantage as he would handcuff himself to ring ropes. Other highlights were Fenix pulling off some incredible aerial offence which words cannot do justice, Tommy Dreamer going through thumbtacks (it’s like the worst thing to see in person) and Pentagon Dark tearing through all his opponents. Pentagon Dark would go on to retain his championship eliminating 9 opponents breaking 2 arms in the process.

Just when Pentagon Dark thought it was all other, GM Antonio Ceuto would announce a big match for next week. Pentagon Dark vs. Mantanzo Ceuto. What a great match that will be!

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The South Korean One Direction?

BTS: A South Korean Boy Band Taking the World by Storm

BTS Continue to rise

BTS (Bangtan Boys) is making waves all other the world right now as they have become the first K-Pop band to top US album charts, knocking Post Malones Beerbongs & Bentleys off top. Since PSY, there are biggest musicians to come out of South Korea and are selling out arena’s around the world already, thus it is being called the Korean wave. They have toured around America and are planning on touring around the UK despite the band mostly singing in Korean. The BTS call there fans, the BTS army what seems to just keep growing and growing.

Who is BTS?

The band debuted in 2013 with the song ‘No more dream’ from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool. They have six studio albums in total, three in Korean and three in Japenese. The Korean released albums are Dark and Wild, Wings and Love Yourself: Tear. Love Yourself: Tear the album that has topped US charts with over 100,000 sales and getting into the top 10 of the UK charts. The band consists of seven members:

Jin – Vocalist

Suga – Rapper

J-Hope – Rapper

RM – Leader, Rapper

Jimin – Vocalist

V – Vocalist

Jungkook – Vocalist

Like One Direction was, they are known for their boyish good looks, ever-changing fashion sense and along with the singing songs about girls. None of the members has girlfriends which also helps the bands appeal. All the members have individuals personalities that set them apart from the rest, along with their looks, creating a member everyone can get behind.

BTS Members – A Little bit about each member

Jin, also known as the Pink Princess and Hand Kisses Guy. He also is a fan of Dad jokes.

Suga, also known as Swag Master and Motionless Min. He sleeps a lot and dyes his hair a lot.

J-Hope, also known as Hobi and The Sun. Can play the recorder with his nose.

RM (Rap Monster), also known as Rap on and God of Destruction. Has a IQ of 148

Jimin, also known as Chim Chim and Mochi. Can do the splits both ways.

V, also known as Gucci Prince and Blank Tae. Loves Gucci

Jungkook, also known as Triple Threat and Jeon Cena. The prankster of the band.

As you can tell with the little facts about them, they have a devote following in which fans what to know every little thing about them.

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Slam Dunk 2018

My Time At Slamdunk 2018

Leeds, 26th May 2018, Slam Dunk Festival

Having missed out on going to Slamdunk last year and missing out on bands such as Against Me, I was luckily enough to go this year and see some top bands. Here is how my day went and which bands I saw.

Four Year Strong

The first band I got to watch was Four Year Strong, who played all their favourites. It was nice way to introduce into my first Slamdunk. I sat for this, only to be looking at the people standing and thinking I want to be down there, as you could see all the people really getting into it.


The band I was most looking forward was as good as I expected it to be. Will Gould vocals were immense as he sang to the Yorkshire audience. ‘Suzanne’ and ‘Black Rain’ being my favourites. I wanted to hear his Meatloaf like vocals in person, as I’m a massive Metloaf fan, and you could really hear them when they sang ‘Suzanne’. Hopefully they come to Newcastle in the future so I can see them again.

Twin Atlantic

Having saw Twin Atlantic a couple of years ago, I definitely wanted to see them again. They were good here but the weather so hot, I felt like I was burning so didn’t watch them for too long. They played there new album mostly but I did get to here some of their older songs like ‘Free’ and ‘Beast of Yourself’. However ‘Crash land’ wasn’t played this time which I was sad about as last time I saw them that was played, and it was unreal.

Sleeping with Sirens

Kellie Quinns voice is something else. Having discovered him through Peirce the Veil, ‘King for a Day’, it was great to here his voice live. It’s so unique, he can hit any highnote imaginable. Sleeping with Sirens were great to see.

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes

The craziest band of the day, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes was insane. He came out in a big fur coat and paraded round the stage like he owned. The highlight was his last song, ‘I Hate You’ which the whole crowd sang together. Also for one of his songs he dedicated the girls and encouraged them to crowd surf, so there were bodies flying over me the whole time. There was also a massive circle of death which was fun, which he complained wasn’t big enough even though it was the size of the room.


Lynn Gunn offering her great vocals and drumming skills to get the crowd pumped up for Good Charlotte. PVRIS with their electropop feel electrofying the crowd.

Good Charlotte

I had the choice between watching these or JimmyEatWorld and I think I picked right. Good Charlotte reminding me of my childhood playing ‘The Anthem’ and ‘Girls Don’t Like Boys’ while streamers came down. It was a nice way to end the night.

It was a great day overall and Leeds was a nice city also. Would recommend to everyone to at least go once, as you’ll definitely get your moneys worth if these are your kind of bands. It’s a nice mini festival before you go to somewhere like Download or Reading and Leeds.

Let me know what you thought of Slamdunk if you were there also in the comments 🙂

Runeacape Classic is shutting down after 17 Years

My Memories of First Playing Runescape

17 years after releasing Runescape Classic, Jagex will shut down the original version on August 6th, 2018 due to Jagex focusing on their main platforms, Runescape and Old School Runescape. This comes because of the increasing number of bots on the servers and their inability to apply Internet safety and micro detection tools to it. This will give them more time to further improve Runescape and Old School Runescape, and let the original Runescape model lay to rest. He is some of my memories of my early days on Runescape.

Tutorial Island

Where it used to all begin. After designing your character, you would be placed to tutorial Island where you would learn to cook, fish, woodcut and all the combat skills by testing your powers on rats and chickens. If you were committed enough you get all your levels to three before going off to the big leagues, where you be called a noob because you were only level 3.

Running to get everywhere

Unlike the Runescape of today, there was no lodestone network so it took real effort to get around unless you had high magic to teleport places. One Small Favour was the longest quest ever as you couldn’t just teleport to the places you needed to go, you’d have to walk/run across the map.

The Quest Dragon Slater

Completing this quest made you feel like a legit hero, you’d worked hard to get to get to this point, as you had to have decent skills to kill a level 68 dragon. The hardest quest for free to play players, this was the pinnacle of free to play, as you would be able to wield rune after completion, still the highest armour for free to play.

The Wildernesses (Wildy)

This is not remembered fondly, having been PKed in here many times through promises of 1 Mill and better armour. You’d be lured in deep in the wilderness where a group of PKers would be waiting to bind you then bombard you with attacks. You’d also do this to your friends as well if you were cruel. It used to be the most dangerous place in the game but has been watered down now.

Selling your items in a bank

You could be standing for hours on end in a bank trying to flog and buy stuff. Using colours and flashes to make your writing stand out above the rest. Varrock Bank world one for free to play personally while world 2 for members was the place to be to get the items you needed. There was no grand exchange which makes it so much easier today. You’d also think you were rich when you made 1k after selling 10,000 feathers from killing chickens. I also mistakingly thought I had more money then I did, with the currency used.

Playing as a girl to get free stuff

Everyone has done it in one game or another just to fool someone into them giving them free stuff. Going to the makeover mage to transform yourself into a woman, trying to make her as attractive as possible so that a male player would take you under his wing and give you free stuff. It’s one of the weirdest things of the gaming world.

Killing Goblins and Cows with your Wooden Sheild and Bronze Dagger

If you didn’t have any friends who already played, the first item you would require would be a bronze dagger, the worst weapon ever made, along with the worst shield, the wooden shield. You’d go north from Lumbridge and start killing Goblins, it taking ages to kill them and struggling against them even though they’ve only got ten hitpoints. When you could finally kill them in one shot with a Rune Scimmy, you knew you had made it.

Let me know what memories of Runescape you have

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