Blaydon Race Please Sponsor Me

I’m doing the Blaydon Race

Here is a link to my donation page If this doesn’t work there is a sponsor button at the bottom of my page along with texting just a ¬£1 ūüôā

Why I am looking for Sponsorship?

I am a local runner looking to raise money for CashforKids. Cashforkids being a great charity improving communities¬†for children around the country. I have run many events over the North East including The Great North Run, The Great North 10k, The Sunderland 10K and various others. I do not normally ask for money as I normally raise it through my own funds. However, I am asking people to donate whatever they can for this great cause. Anything will be appreciated, any size donation. And if the ¬£100 target isn’t reached, I will make the amount up myself. To be fair, I like running anyways and wouldn’t ask for money for something I enjoy anyways but donations this time would be greatly appreciated as I may struggle to raise the funds myself.

Thanks, any amount is welcome.

What is the Blaydon Race?

The Blaydon Race is a 5.6 mile athletics race from Newcastle upon Tyne to Blaydon, in England, that is steeped in local tradition. It takes place on June 9th every year starting on Collingwood Street in Newcastle, heading west along Scotswood Road and finishing in Blaydon.

Here is a link to the charity I am supporting

Thanks, everyone for their generosity.

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I’m fundraising for Cash for Kids & I’d love your support! Text CFKJ50 ¬£1 to 70070 to sponsor me today. Thanks.

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The Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle

The Friday Show – ft Craig Hill, Damian Clark, Zoe, Louise Young and host Susan Morrison

March 23rd The Stand, Newcastle

After researching the comedian John Robertson and his dark room, after previously seeing him at Runefest, I decided if he had any dates in Newcastle coming up, in which he did. However, it was not until next month, so that gave me a chance to go and test the place out before going to see him. Thus, I and my girlfriend attended a stand-up comedy show for the first time in Newcastle at The Stand Newcastle Club experiencing comedians I had not heard of before. Hosted by the foul-mouthed Glaswegian Susan Morrison, coming out to Kim Carnes ‘Bette Davis Eyes’, here is a look at how the night went.


The first act introduced by Susan was Nicola Mantalious Lovett. Having not seen her before, I initially did not get her act as she was acting like she had not prepared anything. However, I realised this was the character she was appearing as growing into her role as she portrayed a girl who loved game shows such as countdown. She talked about her favourite part of game shoes while being rude to the audience is a funny manner, outsmarting a man who thought he would be good on the show countdown. The shortest of the acts, this was a good way to start the night.

Louise Young

Next was my favourite act of the night, Louise Young. She had quite controversial humour saying the Middle Eastern crisis can be sorted with everyone justing lessing off. Her being part Turkish and girlfriend being Iranian. She quickly fired jokes off referring to life which was really entertaining. Lousie mentioning being a Turkish Geordie and being a lesbian throughout her act with hilarious effect.

Damian Clark

Damian Clark referred to the most recent Geordie tragedy of Ant crashing his car while drink-driving, talking about the people he crashed into thinking they would be on Saturday night takeaway. He used a lot of energy throughout his act ending with him singing and dancing songs from a man and woman’s side of a breakup. An example being the man singing ‘You’re always on my mind’ by Elvis while the girl would sing ‘All the Single Ladies’ by Beyonce.

Craig Hill

The headline act Craig Hill offered an insight into his life of being a ‘poof’, as he came out singing and dancing, flirting with the male members of the audience. His first words being ”If you haven’t guessed I’m a poof”. He would continue flirting with the male members of the audience, kneeling down on his knees after a man telling him his name was Neil. He drew some really laugh out laughs and knee slaps through is camp charm, accents and whit.


Something new to me and was thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend anyone going to a stand-up comedy club near them as it has a nice atmosphere and was truly funny. The crowd reaction throughout also being a highlight. The front row getting the worst of it, a group of young lads being called Take That, a petite woman getting mocked for her size as Zoe got mini hands out and Damian Clark calling a lad Fonzie with his constant thumbs up.


Running with Life Series #1 Day Oneish

In this series, I will be writing about how I will be getting myself back into my prime fitness level, through running and other exercises.

I went for my first real run since competing in the Stirling Marathon in May 2017 today, and it showed how much I had dropped of in running. I ran 3 miles in 24 minutes which isn’t bad really but, back when I was younger and ran more often, I was doing 3 miles in 21 minutes. My pace dropping to 8 miles per hour hurting as I used to be in the lower 7s at one point. Obviously. as I get older, I will lose pace, however, I still have time to prolong that pace.

After New Years, I plan to cut down my drinking amount, eat healthier where I can and start going to the gym again (Along with get a 6 pack). I have also signed up to the Race at your Pace challenge, to do the minimum amount of 25 miles over the January period because I love a free medal and t shirt like every runner. With the¬†use of¬†the Nike app to record my runs to see where I need to improve¬† and Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes as entertaining music so I do not get bored. I am also going to go back to reading Charles Bronson’s Solitary Fitness, as he focuses on staying fit without fancy gym equipment, when I cannot get to¬† gym.

Hopefully, they will be a lot more posts in this running with life series as I continue to go running and improve my fitness.