Why you should be looking forward to the Re-mastered version of The Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of Collosus preview

Following the hugely successful remaster of Crash Bandicoot in 2017, Sony are set to release another huge return in the form of the Shadow of the Colossus having wowed so many people with its stunning graphics and unique game play 12 years ago. If you had ever played The Shadow of the Colossus created by Team Ico for the Playstation 2 or 3, you know how insanely great this game actually is, it even having a starring role in the film Reign Over Me. Many calling it the best game they have played. However, if you have not came into contact with this game, it is a must play experience, if you enjoyed The Last Guardian, this is a game for you.

The action-adventure games follows the protagonist Wander, and his trusty assistant, his horse Argo, as they must defeat 16 Colossi in aim to resurrect a girl named Mono of the fantasy land called the Forbidden Land. All 16 Colossi, are spread all over this marvelously created, aesthetically pleasing world and all possess various weaknesses the player must discover with your swords reflecting light which reveals a sigil. This game is solely based on boss battles essentially, so this is why each battle has being created with phenomenal detail and the Colossi are as big as you think they would be next to a person. A criticism towards The Shadow of the Colossus, would be its frame rate when battling a Colossi as it can blur and become slow. But this is what the PS4 will fix, with it being a far superior machine compared to the PS2, therefore the game will run so smoothly.

The Shadow of the Colossus is a masterpiece of gaming. the graphics when it was on the Playstation 2 being outstanding, they can only improve being brought on to a enhanced console. The only way this game could be better is, is if more Colossi were introduced!


Star wars Battlefront 2 Do loot boxes ruin the game?

2A5DB16D-A5C1-4775-8CF0-E4F5D1ADA35ETheir is two ways to advance in Star Wars Battlefront 2, through hard work and persistence or by buying loot crates and hope you get lucky. This system is flawed in so many ways, allowing people to buy their way to victory essentially. Complaints about gambling have also been made towards this game, as even you do buy loot crates, you are not guaranteed to get better weapons.

The game is still a great game overall, however, as the gameplay is better than the first, especially Starfighters and they have produced a campaign in which the first one lacked. Overall, the loot boxes do dampen the game but not enough to ruin it, it annoying at time, during when you’re online and someone with much better weapons and upgrades keeps killing you. This will either inspire you do the same and buy your way to top, but not many people like spending real life money games or just through hard work and hoping your lucky with a loot crate. The second way being the more preferred way for most people, if you are willing to put the time in effort in, instead of buying loot boxes.

Various other games use the loot box system, notably the new Call of Duty World War 2, COD using it in a more effective way, primarily loot boxes sharing temporary boosts and cosmetic items. I think Star Wars Battlefront 2 would’ve benefited from this system as well rather than loot boxes being a way to advance in the game. Seemingly, for Star Wars Battlefront 2, loot boxes in the game is just to generate more money than to enhance the experience for the player.