Mom and Dad Film Review

Mom and Dad Film Review

Nicolas Cage with another meltdown, this one while he sings the hokey cokey!

Everyone loves a good Nicolas Cage freak out and he has not seemed to have one in a while. So it’s a welcome return to see him freak out in Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad is comedy horror in which parents begin to start trying to kill their children. With this weird and wacky premise, Cage is allowed to go fully crazy, as it is needed for the film.

The film begins showing the Ryan family, the father Brent (Nicholas Cage), the mother Kendall (Selma Blair), daughter Carly (Anne Winters) and son Josh (Zachary Arthur) as a family who has grown apart. The family growing apart over the years as Carly has grown up and her parents are going through a midlife crisis. Carly is dropped off at school while Josh is left at home with the nanny, while Brent goes to work and Kendall goes to an exercise class. An unexplained static starts transmitting through TV screens and radios, and this is what causes the parents to go crazy, as the nanny kills her daughter with a meat masher. The films spiral out of control at this point as Kendell and Brent return to try murder Carly and Ryan.

Mom and Dad is great comedy film offering something different in a comedic way. Like, Brent’s Dad trying to kill Brent was a funny highlight along with the ending. The ending having the children talk to their parents who they have tied up, and the mam saying how much she loves them only for Brent to exclaim but sometimes I want to… then it cuts out. Well worth a watch and shows Nicolas Cage to be a good actor in a good movie.



The Girl With All The Gifts Review

The girl with all the gifts Film Review

28 Days meets Resident Evil 4 in this survival horror

Starring Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine and Glen Close alongside newcomer Sennia Nanua, The Girl With All The Gifts offers a survival horror similar to 28 Days Later.  On a low budget, The Girl With All The Gifts creates an uncertain world in which a child has all the power in it.

The film is centred around a gifted child Melanie (Sennia Nanua), who is a highly intelligent child, but also shows signs of wonderment. She cannot live a normal childhood due to having contracted a virus (a mutation of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis) that makes her into a what they refer to as ‘hungries’. Melonie is different to the ‘hungries’ as she can still learn and think while the rest of the ‘hungries’ are mindless zombies. Melonie, along with the other children who avoid becoming the mindless ‘hungries’, are nurtured and kept in a high military facility until when it is attacked by ‘hungries’. This leads to Melanie escaping with her favourite teacher Helen Justineau (Gemma Arterton), Sgt.  Eddie Parks (Paddy Considine) and his fellow army members, along with Dr. Caroline Caldwell (Glen Close) who is looking to cure the virus through experimenting on Melonie. This leads to a moral dilemma throughout, of worth it is killing Melonie to help the rest of the world.

An underrated and less known film of 2017, but it was still an intriguing watch, and it was nice to see Paddy Considine in a serious role. Gemma Arterton has come along with since St. Trinian’s and continues to be one of Britain’s finest actors. The only criticism would be the ending because of the choices that are made for Gemma’s character and how she just accepts them. Sennia puts in a great performance throughout also.



Dave Made a Maze Review

Dave Made a Maze: Film Review

Quirky out of this world comedy. Where’s that beard at? The beards on the face

Dave(Nick Thune)is a slacker that start projects but never completes them. So to his girlfriend’s surprise, Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhan)she returns from her weekend away to discover he has built a maze out of cardboard boxes. After initially disregarding the maze as one of Dave’s art projects, Annie soon realizes this is more than just one of Dave’s art projects he will not finish. Dave has actually made his own fantasy labyrinth which he has now become trapped in. Annie, Dave’s closes friend Gordon (Adam Busch) and a camera crew set off to find and save Dave in this magical world he has created.

This niche little unknown comedy offers a lot of creativity throughout. The whole concept being a unique idea as Dave is trapped in a cardboard maze with boobytraps, minotaurs and a clitoral shaped hole in the wall. The clitoral shaped hole taking Dave’s arm. Although this is a very comedic film, it also inherits the theme of escapism. Dave building this elaborate maze to escape from the outside world as he still borrows money from his parents and has a low paying job. In the end of the film, his girlfriend Annie helps overcome his escapism as she helps him complete the maze, making it something he has actually finished.

No wonder this film is rated 80% on rotten tomatoes as it offers something completely different to anything you have seen before. The film also winning accolades at three film festivals. This is a well acted and standalone film everyone should go out their way to see.


The Black Panther Review

The Black Panther Review: A Great Stand Alone Film in the MCU

Starring an all star cast, The Black Panther delivers on all levels. One of the best entries to the marvel universe yet, and arguably the best origin film they have made.

After the events of Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa father dying, it is up to T’Challa to step up to his throne in the fictional African land of Wakanda. However, with being king, a lot of challenges come before him. Physical challenges in Erik “Killmonger” Stevens who is looking to avenge his father and mental challenges in what does the country of Wakanda owe the world. The film presenting Wakanda as a futuristic African nation hiding itself from the rest of the world ignoring certain issues of the rest of the world such as poverty and oppression of black people. It is a visually stunning film but also thought provoking


The all star cast is headed by Chadwick Boseman playing The Black Panther, T’Challa, who brilliantly portrays the struggle of becoming a king. After showing a glimpse of what he is capable if Civil War, Marvel did the right thing placing the spotlight on him this time as he shun in the solo role. He also gained a lot of help from supporting actors such as Black Mirror stars Letitia Wright and Daniel Kaluuya. Letitia playing T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, who is a tech savvy sixteen year old who designs new technology for the country. While Daniel plays T’Challa’s best friend, W’Kabi, who gets blinded by revenge of the man who killed father, Ulysses Klaue, causing him to choose the wrong choices. Ulysses Klaue played by Andy Serkis, also adds a create character due to the madness of him. His best and funniest scene coming when he makes it rain in a casino after he uses his modified arm to shoot The Black Panther. The greater evil, Erik ”Killmonger Stevens, played by Michael B Jordan, creates a villain with a destructive ideology which goes against the traditions of the Wakandan people. Their is also great performances by Danai Gurira as Okoye, known from The Walking Dead who plays Michonne. She plays a similar role as Michonne but with Okoye having more of a heart. Martin Freeman and Lupita Nyong’o also put in solid performances.

This was a great way to introduce The Black Panther to the audience properly and I’m glad the decided to give him his own film. It is really worth watching as offers more than just good vs evil scenario



Accident Man Review

A Hardhitting Comic Brought to Life

English Hardman Scott Adkins plays an assassin, Mike Fallon, who is hellbent on revenge after his ex-girlfriend is murdered.

Learning his ex girlfriend was killed while carrying his baby, Mike Fallon does everything in his path to find out who done it and why, becoming a stone cold killer. Mike Fallon is an assassin, who possesses all the tools in doing so. He also specialises in making assassinations look like accidents confusing the police and exciting his clients, hence the name accident man. As he makes his assassinations look like accidents, his fellow assassins, who all share the same pub, all have a different style when it comes to assassinating someone. Carnage Cill who specialises in incapacitating his kills with his axe, Mick and Mac ex special forces, Jane the Ripper who seduces her men then kills them and Poison Pete who simply poisons his kills. All of his fellow assassins will come to stand in his way as he learns who killed his ex girlfriend.

The film has excellent fighting sequences throughout as Mike tears throw his opponents starting with a bar brawl to introduce the audience to the film. The film is just on the pedal from then on, and never gives up. Scott Adkin playing the perfect hard man but also adding humour to the role with his comedic delivery. The film does not deviate from the comic making it a really good film to watch.



The Maze Runner Review

The Maze Runner: Death Cure Review

Having read the Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner before the films started coming out, I’ve always looked forward to the films. To see if the films would match up to how good the books were. I believe the first film, The Maze Runner, did the book justice but the second one, Scorch Trials, fell off the wagon with how slow it was. Although the second one wasn’t that good, I still had high expectations for the end of this trilogy. Having now watched The Death Cure, it was as good as the first one although it strayed away from the book in a lot of places, although it did have aspects of the book. One thing that bugged me was how Gally survived despite Mino throwing a spear through him in the first film. However, The Death Cure was a nice enough finish to the franchise but I still think they could’ve done a lot more with the source material they had.

The film does produce some quality moments to end the franchise, such as Newts emotional death scene, Newt played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who will be remembered from Love Actually, skipping through the airport security. Throughout the franchise he becomes a loved character due to his devotion to Thomas and how he acts like a mentor to him, so it’s a sad moment to see him go. The film kills him in a slightly different way, as Thomas shoots Newt as an act of mercy towards him as he has succumb to the flare virus. In contrast to this scene, their is a cool awesome moment in which Lawrence, played by Walton Goggins’, a leader of the people outside the wall who aren’t immune to the virus, leads an attack on the wall. Having played his small bit role in the former hit show Community to perfection, Walter again delivers with his brief moments on screen as he has the unreal moment of breaking down the walls entrance using himself as a sacrifice. Dylan O’Brien also puts in an intense performance as the main protagonist Thomas, choosing to leave his near death scene in the final cut. However, what spoils the film for me is the inconsistencies to the book, but most people can look over them if they have not read the books.

Even though it does not stay true to the book, it was still an enjoyable film well worth watching.

Score: 6/10


Predestination (2014) and All You Zombies (1958) – Time Travelling Done Right

After watching the great film what is Predestination about time travelling paradoxes, I decided to read the short story that inspired it, All You Zombies by Robert A. Heinlein. After reading it, I can see why it was made into a movie through it’s twist and unpredictability.

All You Zombies – Robert A. Heinlein

Having previously wrote By His Bootstraps, Heinlein again writes a time travelling paradox tale. In this tale, he tells the story about a man who creates his own existence and what he does to keep his own existence going, thus creating himself to be essentially immortal in the process. However, in a sad twist, it shows how immortality brings loneliness, as she is only wanted by him/her self. The girl Jane, who you find out will become The bartender, falls in love with herself but cannot act on it as she falls in love with herself from a different period so they can never be together. ‘ It’s a shock to have it proved to you that you can’t resist seducing yourself’. The book begins with the man who calls himself the the unmarried woman, telling the bartender about her origin, and how he can write from a female’s insight for his magazine, the story ending with how he was born a girl being the reason. During, the story she also declares she would kill the man who left her pregnant causing her to become a man, lose her job ambitions and believes this man to have snatched her baby away from her. The bartender then replies, he can show him this man and takes her through time to face this man, who seduced her and left her without warning. He also tells her that her name used to be Jane before she was a man. While she is in this period, he snatches her baby from the other period, and puts her on the orphanage step. He then returns to where he had took this woman and he has fallen in love with himself, Jane. However, they cannot be together and the bartender takes her away after he has assured his own existence, and leaves her with the time travelling agency he works for. The bartender then returns home to think about the life he has created for himself. ‘The Snake That Eats Its Own Tail, Forever and Ever. I know where I came from—but where did all you zombies come from?’, thus that what his life is, the snake that eats it’s own tale. So much is packed into a short story. The title referring to the mindless job he has to do just be immortal.

Predestination 2014

Image result

The film expands on this idea’s and dramatises it more, through the use of the fizzle bomber, thus Jane/the bartender and John are also a terrorist they have to stop. The producers wanting to stick to the source material as closely as they could. Ethan Hawke playing the older versions of himself, while Sarah Snook puts in a great performance of her unmarried woman self as a woman transformed into a man. The use of the terrorist helps show why the person does not notice herself as she has her face completely reconstructed after the fizzle bomber disfigures his face. The agent also becomes the fizzle bomber in order to save countless lives rather than cause deaths of countless lives. The fizzle bomber also gives himself a choice to end it all by not killing him, however he chooses to kill him thus continuing the paradox forever. Along with this, there is more focus on the time travel company they work for. As it established at the end, the owner of the time travelling agency Mr. Robertson played by Noah Taylor, orchestrated the whole thing so he could create the perfect agent for his time travelling needs. Going into this film without knowing the major twist will lead you having to watch this film again and again just to make sure you’re understanding it right.

It is super confusing to explain, but this book and film are a must watch, and is something that will get your brain thinking throughout.