The Nun (2018) Review

Jump Scares Galore – The Nun Movie Review


The Vatican calls on Father Burke to investigate a suspected suicide in a cloistered Abbey in Romania. With the help of Sister Irene, a sister who is on way to becoming a nun, and Frenchie, a local who found the body, they uncover a dark secret surrounding the Abbey.


The latest instalment in the Conjuring Universe offers another frightening movie, it uses its usual misdirection and slow camera work to give the audience unexpected scares which are hard to do. The film also alludes to previous films in the conjuring universe, as it is the beginning of the conjuring universe as it is set the earliest. Many have said the best scare is shown on the trailer, but I would argue and say this another big scare, along with many others throughout. The Nun/Valak hides in the dark mostly, however, when she does appear she leaves the audience in awe of her demon-like features.

It is overall a freaky film, creating Nuns to be supernatural and mysterious, and subverts the image of Nuns. It has similar features to the exorcist, another religious horror film, as it shows the nun appearing then disappearing in an instance of seeing her. It is not quite as scary, as I suspect the exorcist was during its initial release but The Nun will still give you trouble sleeping.



WolfCop Series So Far

Everything You Want in a Horror Comedy Movie – WolfCop Review

Move over Robocop, WolfCop is in town. WolfCop stars Leo Farfard as Sergeant Lou who ultimately becomes a Wolf who is also a cop. Wolfcop goes on to protect the small town of Woodhaven from the occult, such as shapeshifters and evil robotic men.


Wolfcop (2014)

The first instalment of the WolfCop franchise shows how alcoholic and bad policeman Lou becomes the WolfCop. His friend, Willy Higgins phones about occult activity happening behind his gun shop. Lou goes investigates and on the nighttime he blacks out and can not remember what he found in the woods.

His senses have increased massively, however, being able to smell stuff from miles away. It is only when he goes back to his friend Willy that he realises what has happened to him. The night before, while drinking at his local bar, Lou transforms into the toilet and ends up killing three men trying to kill him. There is a lot of skin pulling of and claws through the stomach, it is quite gory. Willy catches him after this by using several tranquiliser darts on him. Lou then realises he transforms into Lycan at night.

Willy and Lou agree to contain him in a cell the next night so he does not go on a rampage. However, this plan fails as Lou infiltrates a drug den, pimps out his car to WolfCop status, stops a robbery and makes wolflove with the local bartender, Jessica. Yeah, he has sex as a wolf. After Wolflove, it is revealed that Jessica is actually a reptilian shapeshifter, along with his best friend Lou and they need wolf blood to continue there shapeshifting ways.

They go to perform the ritual in the woods but Lou is saved by his cop partner Sergeant Tina. WolfCop realises that alcohol makes him stronger and necks a cold one to increase his power and stops the occult killing him for his blood.

Another WolfCop (2018)

WolfCop battles Swallows, a man who wants to create more shapeshifters through the selling of his energy drink, ChickenMilk.

WolfCop is embracing himself as being a WolfCop, cracking down on criminals in Woodhaven. Confiscating an occult members van while as WolfCop, where he finds a box with the real Willy Higgins inside. Willy explaining how he was probed and he kind of enjoyed it.

Further occult activity happens in the strip bar called Fuck Bar, where a robot man kills most of the people inside after someone tells him to give a hand to the strippers. He ends up ripping off the guys hand and throwing it at the strippers. WolfCop shows up and shows him what for but not without sustaining injuries to himself. Willy takes him to his sister, who also believes in the occult. She ends up healing his wounds and showing him he does not a full moon to turn into a wolf, he can use moondust. She knows this because she turns into a wolf also and there is another love-making scene, however, it is Lou making love to the wolfwoman this time.

Swallows is holding a hockey game where he will unleash his army of alien shapeshifters. WolfCop steals the goalies kit, while Willy poses as a referee and Tina as a janitor and infiltrate the plan. WolfCop ends up killing every bad guy in sight, with a little help of sniffing moondust of a scythe and some moonshine. However, Swallows ultimately gets away setting up for a third instalment.


A fun two films that do not take itself to seriously and has some genuine laugh out loud moments. Willy Higgins who is played by Jonathon Cherry is hilarious throughout helping WolfCop to be his most mischievous. He also played the stoner guy in Final Destination 2. He smokes weed with the shapeshifting alien in his body and ruins a romantic moment with sergeant Tina which is pretty funny. There are also great performances from Amy Matysio, Sarah Lind and Sara Miller. Amy Matysio playing the badass cop buddy, Sarah as the temptress barmaid and Sara as heroin in the second film. The soundtrack is also pretty good, Laurence Gowan’s ‘Strange Animal is played during the second Wolf sex scene.

Overall it is just one of them crazy concepts that has to be seen, like who thought yeah let’s make this guy not just a cop but a WolfCop. But it works quite well whoever thought of it. Well worth going out your way to watch for a fun couple of hours.


Origin by Dan Brown Book Review

The Questions of ‘Where do we come from?’ and ‘Where are we going?’


Dan Brown delves into these age-old questions, with his main protagonist Robert Langdon as he sets out to release futurists Edmond Kirsh’s presentation to the world. Edmond is about to reveal to what he believes to be the answers to these questions until he is killed by a religious zealot. This leaves Robert and the help of the soon to be the princess, Ambra Vidal, to recover the information lost with Edmond’s death.

Where do we come from?

Dan Brown answers this question through the deceased Edmond Kirsh and pursuing of the failed Miller-Urey experiment. The failed Miler-Urey experiment tried to create the same conditions the earth had to show abiogenesis, abiogenesis is when life arises from non-living matter. Edmond modifies this failed experiment to work showing the world could have been created by natural causes.

This idea would quash the idea of creationism, through science especially entropy. Entropy meaning a lack of order and unpredictability, thus suggesting God is not the all mighty watchmaker he is portrayed to be. However, it could be argued that God created entropy and give men the tools to create these variables. Christians, Muslims refuting as the argument as they say ‘Scientists can’t explain the origin of life yet, therefore it must have been God, and specifically, the version of God I believe in‘, as there is not any hard evidence for the creation with science.

The tastiest of all arguments also comes into play here, the peanut butter argument. The peanut butter argument stating peanut butter does not spontaneously appear in a jar, therefore disproving abiogenesis. Here are the main points of the arguement:

  • Evolution teaches that matter and energy occasionally combine to form life.
  • If we examine a jar of peanut butter, it contains matter and is exposed to energy (heat and light).
  • We don’t see life form inside a peanut butter jar.
  • Collectively, people perform this experiment over a billion times per year for a century and no new life has ever evolved.

Although tasty, plenty of people do not take this argument seriously and refute it instantly.

Where are we going?

There is a major A.I. in play throughout the novel in the form of Winston. Winston was created by Edmond to aid him in his everyday life and helps Robert and Ambra uncover Edmond’s presentation. It is found out that Winston fans the flames in the novel, causing the death of Edmond so his presentation would be viewed more than it would have been if he was alive.

In his presentation, it is predicted that in 50 years, both men and technology will merge eliminating the need for religion. Technolgy is forever advancing and outdoing the last piece of technology. An example of this being the iPhone which is forever thinking of new ways to improve and offer something it did not have before. Technolgy will come to rule showing religion to be weak in the process.

On the other side, even with religion forever advancing, people will also believe in God. As arguably Religion and technology or merging also.


Even if you do not agree with what he is saying, Dan Brown writes another thrilling book with another unique concept which attacks religion. The book offering an answer to a questions everybody would like to know and lets you ponder if you actually agree with what he is writing.

Teen Titan’s Go! To The Movies Review

All Superheroes really want is their own Superhero Movie

Having watched the Teen Titans on Cartoon Network while growing up, I could not wait for this film to come out. It has had great review and holds a 89% on Rotten Tomatoes which well deserved to its humour and the overall funniness of the film. Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast boy, provide a quirky tale of Robin wanted his own film like the other major superheroes have, such as Batman and Superman. Robin is willing to do anything to get it, with or without the help of his friends. Things become if more complicated with arch-rival of Slade joining the equation.


An amazing film which deserves all the praise it is getting with some catchy music numbers, especially the Upbeat Song. An 80s sounding song with synphy vibes which is super upbeat sang by Michael Bolten, well worth a listen.

Other laugh out loud moments include Stan Lee cameos, first realising it’s a DC film, so being dissappointed he appeared in the film, only later to appear again just because he loves a cameo. Voice acted by the usual suspects such as Tara Strong as Raven, Greg Cipes as Beast Boy, Scott Menville as Dick Grayson, Hynden Walch as Starfire and Khary Payton as Cyborg. Greg Davis also voices balloon man, along with Nicolas Cage finally being superman and Jimmy Kimmel as Batman.

This is such an enjoyable film that everyone should go out and see.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism Book Review

What would you do if your Best Friend’s was Possesed by a Demon?

On my search for a book similar to Ready Player One, I was recommended this book due to its 80s nostalgia. Set in 1988, the 80s nostalgia hits hard as E. T. is in the cinemas and perms are still in fashion. Every chapter is also the name of an 80s song, such as 666 by Iron Maiden. The author Grady Hendrix creates a coming of age tale with a hint of horror.


The story begins with Abby reminding her classmates to come to her E. T. themed ice skating birthday party. However, only one girl shows up called Gretchen who has never even saw E. T.. After the initial rejection of Gretchen, Abby becomes to see Gretchen as a friend. From the moment they go ice skating together they promise to be best friends for life.

They go through the years at school, their friendship growing throughout, and making other friends along the way. Everything is going well, they are trying new things and coasting through school until Gretchen has a bad trip from some LSD.

Their friendship is then tested from onwards from that weird night as Gretchin changes, she is not herself anymore and is causing chaos for herself, friends and family. Only Abby can see that she is possesed by a demon, leaving it up to Abby to perform an exorcism on her friend.


It’s a nice tale of friendship rather than a cold hearted book about the devil. For most of the book, I thought she wasn’t actually possessed and it was just a metaphor for Gretchin going through perberty. It was a nice read however as I did get through it quite fast. Overall the power of the 80s triumphed as Abby chants 80s references to expel the demon.

What would I do if a demon possesed my friend?

I think it would be like something of repossessed if my friend was taking over by a demon. Like mean Gene would be there, along with the Jesse Ventura providing commentary while I do an exorcism.

Repossessed Film Trailer

The First Purge Film Review

How the Purge Began – Would a Purge Work

The fourth instalment of the Purge Franchise shows how The Purge was introduced to America through the arrival of the new President and his official’s ideas to combat crime and population. The idea is there is one official night of the year where this no laws. The film shows the first purge and the controversial success of the experiment due to outside interference. The experiment takes place in a poor community in Staten Island due to the greater chance of people turning on each other for $5000 for just participation in the Purge. Bonuses being on offer if you participate and kill in the Purge. The film revolves around local residents of Staten Island, a drug lord called Dimitri (Y’lan Noel), his ex Nya(Lex Scott Davis) and her brother Isaiah (Joivan Wade).


The NFFA (The New Founding Father of America) have taken over America and set out to test out a new experiment on the people of Staten Island. Staten Island has high employment and crime is at all time high as the place is essentially run by drug lord Dimitri. Persistent protest cannot stop the first Purge taken place, despite all the protests and there begins a 12 hour period where there are no laws. The NFFA watching all of it through droids and broadcasting it around the world. The NFFA willing this experiment to work to implement it on a greater scale to cause unemployment to drop along with crime.

Review – Would a Purge Actually work?

I really like the concept of the Purge as overpopulation is becoming a fear around the world. It resembles Dan Brown’s book Inferno and Marvels Avengers Infinity War in which Thanos wipes out half the earth. It posts the question of Would this actually work? as it shows a slightly dystopian world in which people can release their frustrations freely for one night only. In hindsight, The Purge seems like a great idea, however, it would go on to collapse on itself because of the overall need to kill people. If people did go out and kill people, it would be rival gangs and elderly people. After that I don’t believe the world would turn on each other and kill one another, it would just be a great deal of looting if anything. Rick and Morty also suggest how the concept is just for the poor to kill each other while the rich make money off it as suggested in The Purge: Anarchy as the main character makes money off selling home defence systems.

The film overall is probably the best in the franchise and I like the whole black vs. The white throughout. Dimitri killing loads of white blonde people in the dark, the KKK vs. black gangs and the leader resembling Hitler through the way he is dressed. Its a great film with lots of action in it and continues the Purge being a great film to watch.

Let me know what you thought of the film and would a purge work

Ender’s Game Review

The Book vs. The Film

Ender’s Game was written by Orson Scott Card published on the 15th January 1985, while the film adaptation was released in 2013. They follow the main protagonist Ender, his family, brother Peter and sister Valentine and his trials in military school. Children are trained from an early age to protect the earth, as, over the last couple of decades, Earth has been fighting off an alien invasion. Ender quickly is seen as the warrior who can change the war into Earths favour as he has the balance of empathy and brutality his brother and sister did not have. His trials consist of isolation and persecution throughout, along with the pressure of being the best earth has to offer.

The Book – Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

The book focuses a lot more on the family than film does, as Peter and Valentine have a big side story playout throughout the novel. As the novel takes a time frame of a couple of years, Peter and Valentine begin to infiltrate the media through there writing, both using pseudonyms as they are too young to be taking seriously. Valentine writes as Demontheus and Peter writes as Locke. Peter’s main goal in doing this is so he can come into power later on in life which he does as Ender and Valentine inhabit another planet.

Before Ender goes on to live his life on another planet with his sister Valentine, he is thoroughly tested and manipulated by the I.F. (international fleet). He is putting into isolating circumstances and with the odds against him. Once in essesstially military school, he tested every day with mock battles in which he commands a team in zero gravity. He changes the game and easily becomes the best soldier in there. Because of his brilliance, he is sent to command school in which the intensity is increased due to the last man to kill one of the aliens’ fleets Major Rakham, begins to train Ender with mock simulations. He bats it out the park every time leading to his final battle simulation. Again he completes it with the whole world watching. This is where the twist comes in as the mock simulations have actually been real and he has annihilated an entire species. It also comes to light that Ender has killed to people leaving Ender regretting what he has done.

The Film – Ender’s Game by Gavin Hood

The film stars Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggan, and similar to the book follows his life through military school showing his simulations and mock battles. The film focuses more on just Ender’s life and the people he gathers as his team for fighting the alien. Petra played by Hailee Steinfeld gaining a greater role in the film as she plays Ender’s friend and love interest. In the book, she is just his friend and only teams up with for a short while. Valentine played by Abigal Breslin role is decreased, along with Peters, although Valentine is seen more than Peter. Valentine plays the voice of reason to Ender as she does in the novel, but the emotional connection they have is not portrayed that well. She doesn’t seem as important to ender as she does in the book.

The ending also differs, after Ender realises he has destroyed a whole species, he flies to one of the planets he has destroyed and finds the queen who is weak. She gives him an egg in which he hides from everyone. Ender plays a computer game throughout and this is what leads him to find the queen. In the book, he only interacts with the queen through thought, as he goes onto writing about their species in a book he calls ‘The Voice for the Dead’.

Which one is Better?

The original novel offers more than the film with its vivid descriptions and enhanced backstories. The novel can stand alone, as it begins the Ender series. The film is good with its great cast that includes Harrison Ford, however, it just doesn’t offer the same imagery as the book.

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