Venom 2018 Film Review

Venom, Worth Giving a Chance And a Watch

Tom Hardy brings Venom to life as he portrays loser Eddie Brock in this stand-alone Sony Marvel film.


Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) genius inventor and leader of the Life Foundation has scoured the galaxy to find an alien life that will increase life expectancy. Carlton Drake’s gets what he is looking for when his astronauts return with symbiotes from another planet. One symbiote attaching itself to one of the dying astronauts then taking over anyone it needs in its path to getting to the HQ of the Life Foundation. The remaining symbiotes are broad to the Life Foundations lab to be tested.

Eddie Brock is a news reporter who questions the elites and unravels their secret through his reporting. He is sent to a news piece on the Life Foundation. Before he conducts his interview with Carlton Drake, he finds a secret document on his girlfriend’s computer, Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) what reveals that Carlton Drake is testing and killing people with his experiments. Eddie reveals this information where he is quickly hushed and escorted out the building. He loses his job, his girlfriend and his apartment. He now at the lowest of the low, until one of Carlton Drakes scientist comes to find him and he gets caught in something bigger than him and will need a little help from his new friend Venom.


It has been bashed by critics saying it is dull but I thought it was quite entertaining with its slow build and provided some greatly entertaining moments when Venom and Eddie Brock merge together. Tom Hardy plays both Venom and Eddie Brock, putting in a great performance using two very distinctive voices for both. His interactions with himself are the major highlights of the film, along with the fight and chase scenes.

Carlton Drake/Riot acts as a God-like villain, due to him trying to control life through fusing the symbiotes with humans and how he is killing people through his experiments. Riz Ahmed tries to bring out this God-like character out, even quoting the Bible at some stage, when referencing the Story of Can and Abel. He and Riot fuse together in a goal to preserve humanity.

There is also a quick cameo from She-Venom which is quite hype and I like how Venom looks like he does in the comics. He is massive.

Hopefully, this does spawn more movies and Hardy is not wasted as Venom. The post credit scene revealing the upcoming spiderman into the spider verse film. Venom is fun and did not feel like the two hours it was. Stan Lee cameo isn’t as good as it is in Teen Titan’s Go To The Movie’s but it loves a cameo.


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