Mortal Engines – Darkling Plain Review

The End of the Mortal Engine Series

The final book in Phillip Reeves’ Mortal Engine series ends with his final book in the quartet. The story ties up the loose ends of the last book, Infernal Devices, where Hester had left with Strike as Tom had taken their daughter, while Stalker Fang had been picked up by Fishcake.


Following the events of Infernal Devices, Tom and his daughter Wren, are travelling the world in their airship the Jenny Haiver, only to run into what Tom believes to be an old friend from London. Tom also discovers he is dying after Pennyroyal shot him in Predator’s Gold. They follow her and find who turns out to be Clydie Potts, after they bump into a german trancionist, called Wolf who takes them to the ruins of London from the first book, Mortal Engines. They discover that people survived the weapon MEDUSA and now are building a new flying city.

While Wren and her father are exploring and travelling, Wren’s lover Theo has been living in Africa. He has been receiving letters from Wren and begins to pursue her after his plan to escort Oenone Zero goes wrong. With the help of Hester and Shrike, they rescue Zero and plan to reunite her with husband general zero.

General Zero has taken over since she presumed the Stalker Fang to be dead after being ripped apart by Shrike, however, Stalker Fang is on her way to be re-resurrected by Fishcake. With the help of Fishcake, and later Dr Popjoy Stalker Fang is resurrected to her full ability. She begins using the notes she gained from the Tin book to build an out of this world weapon. A satellite weapon called the ODIN. She begins using it on both traction and non-traction cities causing confusion amongst the armies. Her final plan is to shoot the mountains, causing lava to flatten the whole earth, killing everyone in the process.


The final instalment follows the formula as the previous books with a slow start but becomes a page-turner after it really kicks in.

The villains’ motivation stems from the idea of starting the world again, a world before cities and moving cities believing the world has been killing itself over the years. She ends up being killed by Pennyroyal who is a loveable character since his first appearance in Predators Gold. Even though he is a liar and a cheat, Pennyroyal has a strong chance character and development of character. He goes from snooty rich guy to hero who does not lie to make money anymore. He is the one who kills Stalker Fang physically as Tom kills her mentally.

The ending offers a dark end to a love story Hester and Tom reunite only to be left to die by Fishcake, after Hester left him to die in Brighton. Hester kills herself after Tom slowly dies each other’s arms. Shrike waits and watches their bodies decompose over a great deal of time goes by. Shrike is then found and tells the tales of his adventures with Tom and Hester to the new generation of people.

Overall is a great end to the quartet bringing an end to the moving city series which is soon to be a feature film franchise.

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