The Nun (2018) Review

Jump Scares Galore – The Nun Movie Review


The Vatican calls on Father Burke to investigate a suspected suicide in a cloistered Abbey in Romania. With the help of Sister Irene, a sister who is on way to becoming a nun, and Frenchie, a local who found the body, they uncover a dark secret surrounding the Abbey.


The latest instalment in the Conjuring Universe offers another frightening movie, it uses its usual misdirection and slow camera work to give the audience unexpected scares which are hard to do. The film also alludes to previous films in the conjuring universe, as it is the beginning of the conjuring universe as it is set the earliest. Many have said the best scare is shown on the trailer, but I would argue and say this another big scare, along with many others throughout. The Nun/Valak hides in the dark mostly, however, when she does appear she leaves the audience in awe of her demon-like features.

It is overall a freaky film, creating Nuns to be supernatural and mysterious, and subverts the image of Nuns. It has similar features to the exorcist, another religious horror film, as it shows the nun appearing then disappearing in an instance of seeing her. It is not quite as scary, as I suspect the exorcist was during its initial release but The Nun will still give you trouble sleeping.



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