WolfCop Series So Far

Everything You Want in a Horror Comedy Movie – WolfCop Review

Move over Robocop, WolfCop is in town. WolfCop stars Leo Farfard as Sergeant Lou who ultimately becomes a Wolf who is also a cop. Wolfcop goes on to protect the small town of Woodhaven from the occult, such as shapeshifters and evil robotic men.


Wolfcop (2014)

The first instalment of the WolfCop franchise shows how alcoholic and bad policeman Lou becomes the WolfCop. His friend, Willy Higgins phones about occult activity happening behind his gun shop. Lou goes investigates and on the nighttime he blacks out and can not remember what he found in the woods.

His senses have increased massively, however, being able to smell stuff from miles away. It is only when he goes back to his friend Willy that he realises what has happened to him. The night before, while drinking at his local bar, Lou transforms into the toilet and ends up killing three men trying to kill him. There is a lot of skin pulling of and claws through the stomach, it is quite gory. Willy catches him after this by using several tranquiliser darts on him. Lou then realises he transforms into Lycan at night.

Willy and Lou agree to contain him in a cell the next night so he does not go on a rampage. However, this plan fails as Lou infiltrates a drug den, pimps out his car to WolfCop status, stops a robbery and makes wolflove with the local bartender, Jessica. Yeah, he has sex as a wolf. After Wolflove, it is revealed that Jessica is actually a reptilian shapeshifter, along with his best friend Lou and they need wolf blood to continue there shapeshifting ways.

They go to perform the ritual in the woods but Lou is saved by his cop partner Sergeant Tina. WolfCop realises that alcohol makes him stronger and necks a cold one to increase his power and stops the occult killing him for his blood.

Another WolfCop (2018)

WolfCop battles Swallows, a man who wants to create more shapeshifters through the selling of his energy drink, ChickenMilk.

WolfCop is embracing himself as being a WolfCop, cracking down on criminals in Woodhaven. Confiscating an occult members van while as WolfCop, where he finds a box with the real Willy Higgins inside. Willy explaining how he was probed and he kind of enjoyed it.

Further occult activity happens in the strip bar called Fuck Bar, where a robot man kills most of the people inside after someone tells him to give a hand to the strippers. He ends up ripping off the guys hand and throwing it at the strippers. WolfCop shows up and shows him what for but not without sustaining injuries to himself. Willy takes him to his sister, who also believes in the occult. She ends up healing his wounds and showing him he does not a full moon to turn into a wolf, he can use moondust. She knows this because she turns into a wolf also and there is another love-making scene, however, it is Lou making love to the wolfwoman this time.

Swallows is holding a hockey game where he will unleash his army of alien shapeshifters. WolfCop steals the goalies kit, while Willy poses as a referee and Tina as a janitor and infiltrate the plan. WolfCop ends up killing every bad guy in sight, with a little help of sniffing moondust of a scythe and some moonshine. However, Swallows ultimately gets away setting up for a third instalment.


A fun two films that do not take itself to seriously and has some genuine laugh out loud moments. Willy Higgins who is played by Jonathon Cherry is hilarious throughout helping WolfCop to be his most mischievous. He also played the stoner guy in Final Destination 2. He smokes weed with the shapeshifting alien in his body and ruins a romantic moment with sergeant Tina which is pretty funny. There are also great performances from Amy Matysio, Sarah Lind and Sara Miller. Amy Matysio playing the badass cop buddy, Sarah as the temptress barmaid and Sara as heroin in the second film. The soundtrack is also pretty good, Laurence Gowan’s ‘Strange Animal is played during the second Wolf sex scene.

Overall it is just one of them crazy concepts that has to be seen, like who thought yeah let’s make this guy not just a cop but a WolfCop. But it works quite well whoever thought of it. Well worth going out your way to watch for a fun couple of hours.



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