Teen Titan’s Go! To The Movies Review

All Superheroes really want is their own Superhero Movie

Having watched the Teen Titans on Cartoon Network while growing up, I could not wait for this film to come out. It has had great review and holds a 89% on Rotten Tomatoes which well deserved to its humour and the overall funniness of the film. Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast boy, provide a quirky tale of Robin wanted his own film like the other major superheroes have, such as Batman and Superman. Robin is willing to do anything to get it, with or without the help of his friends. Things become if more complicated with arch-rival of Slade joining the equation.


An amazing film which deserves all the praise it is getting with some catchy music numbers, especially the Upbeat Song. An 80s sounding song with synphy vibes which is super upbeat sang by Michael Bolten, well worth a listen.

Other laugh out loud moments include Stan Lee cameos, first realising it’s a DC film, so being dissappointed he appeared in the film, only later to appear again just because he loves a cameo. Voice acted by the usual suspects such as Tara Strong as Raven, Greg Cipes as Beast Boy, Scott Menville as Dick Grayson, Hynden Walch as Starfire and Khary Payton as Cyborg. Greg Davis also voices balloon man, along with Nicolas Cage finally being superman and Jimmy Kimmel as Batman.

This is such an enjoyable film that everyone should go out and see.


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