My Best Friend’s Exorcism Book Review

What would you do if your Best Friend’s was Possesed by a Demon?

On my search for a book similar to Ready Player One, I was recommended this book due to its 80s nostalgia. Set in 1988, the 80s nostalgia hits hard as E. T. is in the cinemas and perms are still in fashion. Every chapter is also the name of an 80s song, such as 666 by Iron Maiden. The author Grady Hendrix creates a coming of age tale with a hint of horror.


The story begins with Abby reminding her classmates to come to her E. T. themed ice skating birthday party. However, only one girl shows up called Gretchen who has never even saw E. T.. After the initial rejection of Gretchen, Abby becomes to see Gretchen as a friend. From the moment they go ice skating together they promise to be best friends for life.

They go through the years at school, their friendship growing throughout, and making other friends along the way. Everything is going well, they are trying new things and coasting through school until Gretchen has a bad trip from some LSD.

Their friendship is then tested from onwards from that weird night as Gretchin changes, she is not herself anymore and is causing chaos for herself, friends and family. Only Abby can see that she is possesed by a demon, leaving it up to Abby to perform an exorcism on her friend.


It’s a nice tale of friendship rather than a cold hearted book about the devil. For most of the book, I thought she wasn’t actually possessed and it was just a metaphor for Gretchin going through perberty. It was a nice read however as I did get through it quite fast. Overall the power of the 80s triumphed as Abby chants 80s references to expel the demon.

What would I do if a demon possesed my friend?

I think it would be like something of repossessed if my friend was taking over by a demon. Like mean Gene would be there, along with the Jesse Ventura providing commentary while I do an exorcism.

Repossessed Film Trailer


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