The First Purge Film Review

How the Purge Began – Would a Purge Work

The fourth instalment of the Purge Franchise shows how The Purge was introduced to America through the arrival of the new President and his official’s ideas to combat crime and population. The idea is there is one official night of the year where this no laws. The film shows the first purge and the controversial success of the experiment due to outside interference. The experiment takes place in a poor community in Staten Island due to the greater chance of people turning on each other for $5000 for just participation in the Purge. Bonuses being on offer if you participate and kill in the Purge. The film revolves around local residents of Staten Island, a drug lord called Dimitri (Y’lan Noel), his ex Nya(Lex Scott Davis) and her brother Isaiah (Joivan Wade).


The NFFA (The New Founding Father of America) have taken over America and set out to test out a new experiment on the people of Staten Island. Staten Island has high employment and crime is at all time high as the place is essentially run by drug lord Dimitri. Persistent protest cannot stop the first Purge taken place, despite all the protests and there begins a 12 hour period where there are no laws. The NFFA watching all of it through droids and broadcasting it around the world. The NFFA willing this experiment to work to implement it on a greater scale to cause unemployment to drop along with crime.

Review – Would a Purge Actually work?

I really like the concept of the Purge as overpopulation is becoming a fear around the world. It resembles Dan Brown’s book Inferno and Marvels Avengers Infinity War in which Thanos wipes out half the earth. It posts the question of Would this actually work? as it shows a slightly dystopian world in which people can release their frustrations freely for one night only. In hindsight, The Purge seems like a great idea, however, it would go on to collapse on itself because of the overall need to kill people. If people did go out and kill people, it would be rival gangs and elderly people. After that I don’t believe the world would turn on each other and kill one another, it would just be a great deal of looting if anything. Rick and Morty also suggest how the concept is just for the poor to kill each other while the rich make money off it as suggested in The Purge: Anarchy as the main character makes money off selling home defence systems.

The film overall is probably the best in the franchise and I like the whole black vs. The white throughout. Dimitri killing loads of white blonde people in the dark, the KKK vs. black gangs and the leader resembling Hitler through the way he is dressed. Its a great film with lots of action in it and continues the Purge being a great film to watch.

Let me know what you thought of the film and would a purge work


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