The Debut of Jack Hager

Lucha Underground Season 4 Episode 2

Darkness and the Monster

On this episode of Lucha Underground, there was a surprise debut from former WWE star Jack Swagger who now goes by the name Jack Hager. Catrina also goes for the search for the gauntlets of the Gods along with one of the seven Ancient Aztec Medallions coming into play.

Quick Recap

The show kicked off with the trio champions defending their championships against a new makeshift team. Son of Havoc, The Mack and Killshot vs. Infamous Inc. The team of Famous Inc new recruits temporarily for some, Jack Hager of WWE fame, Sammy Guevara of PWG and Inside Pro and one of the best-named wrestlers Big Mad Steve. Each of Infamous Inc would show a little what they had to offer until finally they would ultimately lose causing Jack Hager to turn on his teammates after the match leaving them flat out on the mat.

Next came the return of the Aztec Medallions as El Dragon Azteca Jr. Would face of against Drago what proved to be a very high flying contest. The more important stuff would come after the match. Kobra Moon was jumped by Tara and Johnny Mundo in retaliation for Kobra Moon getting Reptile Tribe member Viobra to attack Johnny Mundo during Aztec Warfare last week. They would leave Kobra Moon looking for revenge.

The main event was Pentagon Dark vs. The Monster Mantanza Cueto. It was a hard-hitting match showing why Pentagon Dark is the New face of Lucha Underground. Mantanza Cueto manhandling Pentagon throughout but Pentagon Dark would still gain the win and cause Mantanza Cueto his first pinfall loss. Mantanza had changed since the last time these two faced off as was shown after the match between the interaction between him and Antonio. Mantanza cowering fear towards his new handler Antonio Cueto creating him to be vulnerable rather the destructive force he once was.

Previous week The Return of Lucha Underground


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