Footballs Coming Home

Why it’s Englands Best Chance of Winning the World Cup 2018

All the fans are dreaming of World Cup glory after England annihilated Panama 6-1 and beat Tunisia 2-1 securing a place in the knockout stages. England just seems to be getting better every game as they grow in confidence and have looked the best they have in years at a major tournament. This year we could go all the way and here’s why it’s not delusional to think that.

A Proven Goalscorer in Harry Kane

He’s one of our own, Harry Kane, is on fire at the minute, scoring without even trying. He became only the 3rd player for England to score a hat trick at the World Cup against Panama, alongside Gary Lineker and Geoff Hurst. He hasn’t really done anything but score 5 goals in 2 games which is amazing, so just think when he is influencing games more and putting his mark on it, he’ll be unstoppable.

The Bigger Teams Are Not Performing

Arguably, England looks the best out of all the teams as teams such as Brazil, Germany and Spain have seemed to struggle. Germany only just beating Sweden and losing against Mexico. Brazil drawing against Switzerland shows it is possible to stop them and Spain have not been dominating games either.

The Youthful England Squad

Gareth Southgate previously worked with many of the talents in the England Squad at youth level is the under 21’s coach. The youth in the team can cause a great problem to other teams such as Germany who have mainly the same squad they won the World Cup with 4 years ago. Pace causes problems for teams which bolds well for England’s prospects.

England Possible Easier Run In

If we were to lose against Belguim, it could be a blessing in disguise as we would have an easier route to the final. An easier route in the sense we would avoid Germany or Brazil in the quarterfinals. If we were to avoid them both, England could build their confidence against weaker teams on the way to the final.

Set Piece Kings

So far England has dominated with there set-pieces, Kieran Trippier being devastating with his delivery. Against Panama and Tunisia set pieces have been key with strong headers like John Stones and Kane in the box. Kane being in the box rather than taking the corners is one of the best obvious decisions made by Southgate.


There is hope for England this year. There was no expectation before the World Cup but now there is great expectation for them to go all the way. It’s Coming Home!


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