Slam Dunk 2018

My Time At Slamdunk 2018

Leeds, 26th May 2018, Slam Dunk Festival

Having missed out on going to Slamdunk last year and missing out on bands such as Against Me, I was luckily enough to go this year and see some top bands. Here is how my day went and which bands I saw.

Four Year Strong

The first band I got to watch was Four Year Strong, who played all their favourites. It was nice way to introduce into my first Slamdunk. I sat for this, only to be looking at the people standing and thinking I want to be down there, as you could see all the people really getting into it.


The band I was most looking forward was as good as I expected it to be. Will Gould vocals were immense as he sang to the Yorkshire audience. ‘Suzanne’ and ‘Black Rain’ being my favourites. I wanted to hear his Meatloaf like vocals in person, as I’m a massive Metloaf fan, and you could really hear them when they sang ‘Suzanne’. Hopefully they come to Newcastle in the future so I can see them again.

Twin Atlantic

Having saw Twin Atlantic a couple of years ago, I definitely wanted to see them again. They were good here but the weather so hot, I felt like I was burning so didn’t watch them for too long. They played there new album mostly but I did get to here some of their older songs like ‘Free’ and ‘Beast of Yourself’. However ‘Crash land’ wasn’t played this time which I was sad about as last time I saw them that was played, and it was unreal.

Sleeping with Sirens

Kellie Quinns voice is something else. Having discovered him through Peirce the Veil, ‘King for a Day’, it was great to here his voice live. It’s so unique, he can hit any highnote imaginable. Sleeping with Sirens were great to see.

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes

The craziest band of the day, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes was insane. He came out in a big fur coat and paraded round the stage like he owned. The highlight was his last song, ‘I Hate You’ which the whole crowd sang together. Also for one of his songs he dedicated the girls and encouraged them to crowd surf, so there were bodies flying over me the whole time. There was also a massive circle of death which was fun, which he complained wasn’t big enough even though it was the size of the room.


Lynn Gunn offering her great vocals and drumming skills to get the crowd pumped up for Good Charlotte. PVRIS with their electropop feel electrofying the crowd.

Good Charlotte

I had the choice between watching these or JimmyEatWorld and I think I picked right. Good Charlotte reminding me of my childhood playing ‘The Anthem’ and ‘Girls Don’t Like Boys’ while streamers came down. It was a nice way to end the night.

It was a great day overall and Leeds was a nice city also. Would recommend to everyone to at least go once, as you’ll definitely get your moneys worth if these are your kind of bands. It’s a nice mini festival before you go to somewhere like Download or Reading and Leeds.

Let me know what you thought of Slamdunk if you were there also in the comments 🙂


11 thoughts on “Slam Dunk 2018

      • He absolutely is, as soon as he comes anywhere near me I buy a ticket! 😂 I can’t believe how cheap Slam Dunk is with that line-up, gutted I had never been before!
        Yeah it killed me inside to miss Jimmy & Reel Big Fish but Good Charlotte was nostalgia central! X

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah that was my first slam dunk to! I missed last year so promised myself I’d go this year.
        You definitely going next year then ha?
        Yeah Frank Carter was a highlight of mine, I hate you to finish man so good
        I wish I had saw Save Ferris andother bands like that though, there is so many tough choices
        I’ve saw Reel Big Fish already so I was lucky in that respect. So much nostalgia, really good way to finish the day!


      • Oh definitely, without a doubt wouldn’t miss it now!
        Juggernaut to start too, I do prefer their Blossom album so was glad they played lots of it!
        It’s so hard to pick isn’t it, I was happy to let the other people with us make decisions so that I didn’t have to 😂
        I’ve made it a mission to see Reel Big Fish, I’m hoping they go next year!
        I’ve booked to go see Good Charlotte at Ally Pally in February next year so that’s how much they won me over!


      • Yeah same I’m looking to go somewhere like Download now as well next year.
        Yeah it’s the best album by them. I liked when they played Wildflowers though. Not sure if did this where you saw him but he got all the girls to crowd surf so there was just girls flying everywhere ha.
        Haha thats probably the best way to do it!
        You should there really good live! Saw them a couple of years ago now. Hopefully you succeed in your mission ha
        Ally Pally? Four Year Strong made me like them even more, along with Creeper and Sleeping with Sirens


      • Download is the absolute dream, I’m just not sure I can handle it in my old age though!
        Yeah he does that at every show, smaller venues he lets us ladies get up on the stage too 😄
        Yeah Ally Pally, Alexandra Palace 😊
        I promise Reel Big Fish are on my to do list!
        I was really impressed with Four Year Strong! Didn’t get to catch Creeper or Sleeping with Sirens! I did love Counterparts, although I only knew two of their songs and ended up mainly watching the mad crowd 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha you’re never too old to go to Download! Unless your like 70 which I don’t think you are ha
        Really?! Yeah it was carnage when he done it at Slam Dunk. Unlucky I wouldn’t be able to get on stage with him then ha
        Never heard of it 🙂 there really good, have a really big set as well. I got free tickets to see them as well
        Yeah I’d listened them quite a lot going into it, so I was really looking forward to seeing them.
        That’s part of the atmosphere, watching a crazy crowd, hehe mosh pits and circle of deaths. Don’t know how people can go in them ha


      • I feel 70 sometimes 😂 Still got 43 years yet though!
        You could maybe put on a skirt and get away with it?!
        No I stay well away from them if possible, my face is ugly enough as it is without the help of a fist in my face!


      • You’re only a couple of years older than me! If your old it means I’m getting old so that’s not true
        Hmm maybe not sure I’ve got the legs for it. I’d be too scared nobody would push me on and I’d fall to the floor
        I bet you’ve got a lovely face 🙂 I know what you mean though. I was in the crowd when Frank Carter was making a circle of death and my drink went all over and it wasn’t cheap!


      • I don’t think anybody would notice your legs! Ha that’s always my problem I’m very athletically challenged so can’t get up on the stage without help, and I know for sure I’d just face plant the floor getting down!
        Nooo I’d be mortified too at £5 a pint!

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