Deadpool 2 Review

Deadpool 2 Review

Ryan Reynolds comes back for a more heartfelt violent sequel on par with the first one in my opinion. A more family-focused film as Deadpool discovers a new family.


Since the last film, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) has been killing bad guys left, right and centre. However, this leads to them coming to his apartment and killing his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), leaving him wallowing in pity. He seeks comfort in his closest friends, acquaintances, from the X-men, Colossus (Stefan Kapičić) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hilderbrand).

They enrol him as an x-men trainee, joining them on a mission to stop a mutant child from killing the people who own his orphanage. After Deadpool stops the child, who calls himself Firefist (Julian Dennison), the child reveals how abusive his orphanage is, leading to Deadpool killing some carers from the orphanage. This lands them both in a jail specifically assembled for containing mutants and abolishing their superpowers.

In this prison, Deadpool tells Firefist he needs to make friends with the biggest guy in there rather than sticking around with him. There is a larger holding cell for the biggest prisoner which is later revealed to be a former X-Men enemy. The prison is attacked by Cable (Josh Brolin), a soldier from the future, looking to kill Firefist. Deadpool stops him for now and escapes the prison in the process.

Throughout the film, Deadpool keeps entering Heaven to see his dead wife. After falling in a frozen lake after fighting with Cable, he goes to the spirit side again, where she tells him Firefist important to him. Deadpool deciding he needs to protect Firefist from Cable because of this.

With Cable still after Firefist, Deadpool holds auditions for a mutant team to help him acquire Firefist who is being transferred to another prison, along with the larger cellmate. He assembles the team called X-Force, consisting of Bedlam (Terry Crews), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgård), Peter (Rob Deleny) The Vanisher and Domino (Zazie Beetz). Bedlam controls electricity, Shatterstar an alien better than everyone else, Zeitgeist can spit acid, The Vanisher is invisible, Domino’s power is luck and Peter is just a normal guy up for the ride. They set out to catch the escort, however, only Domino and Deadpool make it, all the other dying in the process. Before Cable can kill Firefist he releases the biggest prisoner, Juggernaut who snaps Deadpool in half.

After releasing Juggernaut, Firefist and he go to the orphanage he was abused go kill the man who runs it. Cable comes to Deadpool in desperation revealing why he has to kill Firefist. As in the future, after Firefist kills the owner of the orphanage, he gets the lust for blood causing him to destroy the world. Along with Cables family. The funniest part of the film also happens at this point. Cable, Deadpool and Domino unite to go stop Juggernaut and Firefist. Cable agreeing to let Deadpool have 30 seconds with the kid to convince him not to kill anyone before Cable gets to kill Firefist. On the way, Deadpool asks for Colossus’s help after losing his friendship when he killed the people from the orphanage.

Cable, Deadpool and Domino arrive at the orphanage and begin a brawl with Juggernaut as Firefist goes after the owner. After pretty much getting destroyed, Colossus arrives and distracts juggernaut as Cable and Deadpool go after Firefist. They stop him from killing the owner as Deadpool takes a bullet for Firefist causing him to become good rather than evil.



Deadpool is smarky, 3rd wall breaking self the whole way through creating some funny moments in the process. He alludes to Cable being Thanos and compares the similarities of Frozen’s ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ and ‘Popa can you hear me?’. The post-credits are also fun to watch as he goes back to save his girlfriend, Peter, kills the Deadpool in the film Wolverine: Origins and kill Ryan Reynolds after he says Green Lantern will excel his career.

Minor Characters

Deadpool offers some hilarious moments, especially after Deadpool in ripped in half and is growing his legs back. Every character has their moments including the taxi driver, Dopinder (Karan Soni), who wants to be a superhero with his superpower of courage. Deadpool’s best friend Weasel (T.J. Miller) who again delivers some damning insults, like when Deadpool has baby legs, saying it’s like a woman giving birth from her bum and giving up halfway through. Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) is not in much as the first but is still foul-mouthed as ever. Peter is also the real MVP as he is just some guy who answered an ad in a paper.


They are loads of surprise cameo’s throughout also, including Bradd Pitt as the vanisher and Alan Tudyk as a redneck. There is also a host of X-Men cameos including Wolverine and most of the X-Men from the most recent franchise, as they try to stay away from the film. Juggernaut is completely CGI which is quite weird also.


I don’t think they’ll be a sequel of Deadpool specifically but they might be one of X-Force what would be highly entertaining.


Leave what you thought of the film below and how it compared to the first.


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