Blaydon Race Please Sponsor Me

I’m doing the Blaydon Race

Here is a link to my donation page If this doesn’t work there is a sponsor button at the bottom of my page along with texting just a ¬£1 ūüôā

Why I am looking for Sponsorship?

I am a local runner looking to raise money for CashforKids. Cashforkids being a great charity improving communities¬†for children around the country. I have run many events over the North East including The Great North Run, The Great North 10k, The Sunderland 10K and various others. I do not normally ask for money as I normally raise it through my own funds. However, I am asking people to donate whatever they can for this great cause. Anything will be appreciated, any size donation. And if the ¬£100 target isn’t reached, I will make the amount up myself. To be fair, I like running anyways and wouldn’t ask for money for something I enjoy anyways but donations this time would be greatly appreciated as I may struggle to raise the funds myself.

Thanks, any amount is welcome.

What is the Blaydon Race?

The Blaydon Race is a 5.6 mile athletics race from Newcastle upon Tyne to Blaydon, in England, that is steeped in local tradition. It takes place on June 9th every year starting on Collingwood Street in Newcastle, heading west along Scotswood Road and finishing in Blaydon.

Here is a link to the charity I am supporting

Thanks, everyone for their generosity.

To my Twitter donation

You can also text:

I’m fundraising for Cash for Kids & I’d love your support! Text CFKJ50 ¬£1 to 70070 to sponsor me today. Thanks.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


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