The Debt Collector Film Review

The Debt Collector Review

Another hard-hitting film from Scott Adkins


French (Scott Adkins) a classically trained martial artist who is low on cash as his gym is failing. In order to gain more cash so he can pay his rent again, he takes the job as a debt collector. However, as he realises quite quickly, this isn’t the normal debt collector job. He and his partner Sue (Louis Mandylor) will have to break bones and beat up anyone who gets in there way.


After recently watching Accident Man also starring Scott Adkins, The Debt Collector offers another hardman Scott Adkins performance in which he just mostly goes around laying the smackdown on people. The moral message is strong in The Debt Collector though, as French struggles to know what if he is doing is right, and who are the truly bad people. Sue has been a debt collector for many years, and it has taken its toll on him, making him heartless. The people who cannot afford to pay their debt or the people ordering their debts to be collected. French and Sue show good on-screen chemistry as they have various back and forths throughout, which adds some humour to the film. French also has a great offence fighting various bodyguards including with two massive black bodyguards who threw him around like a rag doll while Sue deals with the less dangerous money side of it all. When Sue and French to come together to fight, it offers a nice visual as they destroy their opponents. The films end with a double-crossing and a lot of bloodshed with the two protagonists left to die as they choose the morally right action to do. The film is great action movie overall, as Scott Adkins has found his niche in this kind of films acting as a hard hitter.


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