That Time I Went To Amsterdam

My Day In Amsterdam

February 24th

I spent several hours in Amsterdam after travelling from Newcastle to Amsterdam on the Ferry. It was a great day out but really cold as I went during the cold time of February.

Freezing in the Ice Bar

The ice bar was the only event I booked when going to Amsterdam as it seems like something everyone should experience at least once. It was enjoyable for like a minute as even with the massive coats and gloves you are given, it’s still uncomfortably cold. I like the concept of it as a cold drink with the boys would be great there, but I quickly necked my orange juice and got out of there.

Ripleys Believe It or Not museum – I believe everything

Having read many annuals of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, I thought it would be a good idea to explore their official store. It had loads of interesting items at the entrance such as the world tallest man mannequin in which you could compare your height next to him and a three-legged footballer mannequin. It was pricey to actually explore the whole place but the entrance was enough in all fairness.

Learning in The Sex Museum

Amsterdam’s world-famous Sex museum was pretty interesting with its breaking the innocence approach. There were men flashing their bits at you, walking through a recreation of the red light district and a massive penis seat. The worst room for the eyes was the black room what had warning signings outside saying not for the faint-hearted. The room was filled with every taboo about sex, including weeing on someone for their pleasure. It is not somewhere you could go with your mam.

Unexpected findings in the Jeff Koons Exhibit

Knowing nothing about Jeff Koons, I went to a church displaying his artwork. In the Nieuwe Kerk it had Jeff Koons most famous art piece the blue crystal ball which was displayed in front of the Perugino Madonna and Child with Four Saints. The blue crystal ball would reflect the whole church along with the artwork which was mesmerising.

The Red Light District

There was also a cheeky walk through the red light district, only realising halfway down the street.


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