Ready Player One Film Review

Ready Player One Film Review

Proving books are still better


The film centres around Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), a teenager leaving in Columbus 2045. He is on the quest to find the three keys left behind by Oasis created James Halliday (Mark Rylance) who had died 5 years prior to releasing a hidden Easter Egg in the Oasis. The Oasis is a massive MMORPG in which the whole world is essentially playing due to freedom it gives a person in the game. In the Oasis Wade goes as Percival, as his best friend goes as Aech and his love interest, a famous gunter goes as Art3mis (Olivia Cooke). They are later joined by Daito and Sho to create the high 5.  Although the Oasis is free for everyone and allows them to do anything they want, an evil corporation called IOI wants to stop this. This evil corporation is run by Nolan Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn) who wants to create an interface for the Oasis covered in advertisements. Thus, Wade Watts and the rest of the high-five, have to find the keys and Egg before IOI to stop them becoming controllers of the Oasis.


Having read the book first, I still came in with high hopes for the film adaption and they did not disappoint to a certain extent. Speilberg creating a world with the popular pop culture of today as they are cameos from Master chief and there is a Minecraft planet. The film is also acted great by the relatively new acts involved such as Tye Sheridan. The visual effects are stunning as Art3mis looks like an alien version of Ruby Rose along with Aech’s character looking like an war cyborg. Spielberg had to change a lot from the book as he couldn’t possibly create some of the worlds mentioned in the novel. He does replace them with highly creative scenes, like the shinning scene in homage to Kubrick.

Comparing the book to the film

Obviously, Speilberg could not create everything in the book and he could not also create the slow burn feel the book had. The first two ways the keys are found being completely different to the film, along with I-Rok (TJ Miller) playing an overpowered henchman for IOI. In the book, I-Rok just plays an annoyance and a grass. Although Og Morrow (Simon Pegg) still plays a huge role in the film, as he still helps the Hi five along the way, his character is still diminished. In a cynical view, it misses out Daito being killed in real life, leaving his little brother to fend for himself, but obviously, it’s left out for PG reasons. The Hi 5 are also brought together so quickly with them all being friends from the get-go. The book was great because of the nerdy references it made I don’t think Spielberg made it that nerdy.


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