Pale Waves – All The Things I Never Said

Pale Waves Debut EP

Pale Waves with that 1975 vibe in their debut EP


This band has been called one of the artist to watch this year, and they have now released their first album, after having hit singles such as There’s a Honey and Television Romance. Television Romance was also directed by Matt Healy, which Pale Waves has a very similar sound too. They have also been called the female 1975, although do not let you think they’re a £1 version of The 1975. All The Things I Haven’t Said topping the UK Physical Sale Charts and UK Vinyl Charts since it’s release. It is a perfect album for students hopelessly in love with someone and likes them from afar. My Obsession describing have a friend who you’re obsessed with, wish they could be something more and you risk losing them, although you cannot stop thinking those lovely yet torturing thoughts about them. The whole album is electric.

Single to Listen to: New Year’s Eve

This single truly shows the aesthetics of the band with its indie pop sound and Heather Baron-Gracie’s vocals as she sings about finding someone she adores on New Year’s Eve and questions if he actually likes her. New Year’s Eve is filled with late night drives, beautiful strangers, goosebumps and moments that just seem to take people’s breathes away and that what Heather is trying to convey. New Year’s Eve is a really catchy song with that synth and awesome tune. I think the future holds a lot for this band, as the indie fans will get strongly behind them.



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