I Kill Giants Film Review

I Kill Giants Film Review


I Kill Giants follows a girl called Barbara (Maddison Wolfe) who has trouble fitting in at school and at home because she believes she is a giant slayer. She is convinced giants are real and she is the only one who can stop the giants destroying her town. Her sister, Karen (Imogen Poots) and school shrink, Mrs. Molle (Zoe Saldana) are worried her fantasies of giant slaying are seeping into her real life.


This is a great film which looks at what children can create in their minds to cope with the tragedies around them. In the end of the film, you find out why she has created these giants and why she cannot go up stairs. It is a good film well acted with the talent that is involved in it. Madsion Wolfe playing the strange outsider, dungeons and dragons liker well. The visual of the giants are also good reminding me of the colossi from The Shadow of Collusus.



2 thoughts on “I Kill Giants Film Review

  1. This is a tough one. First thing that came to my mind is Spaceport Cantina, but there are other strong contenders too, like Blurr”s bar, Maccadam”s Old Oil House, originally in Iacon city, Cybertron, now located in Metroplex”s city mode. Think about it, bar with giant robots located inside even bigger giant robot.

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