One Punch Man Review

Why you should watch One Punch Man

A Superhero who needs a challenge


This amine TV show follows Satinma, a super hero who can destroy enemies with just one punch, making him the least flashy Superhero ever. He has no great backstory either, as he gained his one punch ability through doing a 100 push ups, sits ups and squats, along with 10km run a day. With his great power, he becomes bored off fighting villians as he essentially to powerful for them, causing him to go through a self imposed exerstiential crisis.


The episodes are clever as they don’t followSatima, but the heroes who do have backstories and want to be considered a great hero. Satima takes on an apprentice, Gemos, a cyborg looking to become a greater Superhero and looking to kill the people who murdered his family. Genos can’t understand how Satima gained his powers from merely doing his daily exercise routine but becomes his apprentice none the less. Another Superhero followed father than, One Punch Man is Mumen Rider, who is your average guy looking to become a Superhero. He’s like the people’s Superhero as he is all about heart. As proved when the city is held captive and the city wills him to stop the evil villians, only for Satima to defeat it with one punch instead, after the Mumen Rider had taken multiple beatings. Mumen Rider is more heroic than Satima but no where near as powerful.


This is different to all the Superhero films and TV shows today, as it parodys the Superhero through Satima and the other superheroes featured. It questions what it is to be a superhero and skips the idea of Joseph Campbells hero journey. It is a unique take on the super hero genre. Beginning as a webcomic, this japenese anime has become increasingly popular.



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