Mortal Engines: Predators Gold Book Review

Mortal Engines Predators Gold Book Review

The 2nd instalment of the mortal Engines series, offering revenge, love and redemption


The second book in the Mortal Engines quadiolgy from Phillip Reeve explores the frozen wasteland inhabited by suspected ghosts and vampires. Tom and Hester stumble across the town of Anchorage and help unravel the mysteries of this little known town after they discover this frozen city through a famous author and adventurer, similar to Lockheart in Harry Potter. The adventurer Nimrod Pennyroyal, goes on to tell them about America in which he promises there is a place for cities to settle down as it still has grass and green trees. Thus, Tom, Hester set off to find America, along with the city of Anchorage in a quest for a better life. Obviously, it is not that easy as the ruler of Anchorage, Freya has a crush on Tom causing trouble between him and Hester. They is also the the rise of the anti-traction league the Green Storm after Tom and Hester apparently stole the Jenny Hanvier. The novels unravels more as they try make their way to America as Anchorage is hounded by Wolverinehampton and the massive traction city of Arkangel due to Hester selfish actions.


I think it took a bit longer to get into this book then the first one, but after that it was a really exciting read with all the action going on. If Peter Jackson was to further adapt films from this book quarlet, he would have fun making this one with the icy and under words they are set in. I can’t wait to read the next book Infernal Devices.



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