The Wrestlefriend Podcast Review

Why you should listen to The Wrestlefreind Podcast?

Its like talking about wrestling down the pub with your mates

After meeting Dave at North Wrestling Tapped! in January in which he told me to follow his podcast, I did follow but never ended up watching it until a couple of weeks ago. The Wrestlefriend Podcast is a Geordies look at wrestling. Basically, it is Dave and one or two Geordie guys talking about wrestling together and anything else that comes into their head. They seem to try to attend any wrestling show they can find and report the action and give their opinion on it, making light jokes about it. It’s like blokes in the pub about wrestling really, which is why it is so good.

An example being a little-known wrestling event in Newcastle that featured WWE’s Gangrel called First Class Wrestling, showing their love for wrestling… and drinking. At the same North Wrestling show where I met him, on his podcast he does not remember most of the action because he was so drunk, like most of the other people in attendance. However, he does remember a guy losing his glasses which was truly hilarious, it is the things like that you cannot experience if you do not go to the show, so it’s good for it to be told to the fans not in attendance. They have also attended Defiant Wrestling shows in Newcastle.

They also go through other major wrestling shows, such as WWE, NJPW and NXT. Giving their insight and being brutally honest in the process, saying they should get rid of Survivor Series which a bold statement to make. At points I would say they need to be more marky, just to make sure their wrestling knowledge is right when talking about it, along with Podcasts out faster if they can, but they are busy people. But apart from that, it is highly entertaining hearing them talk about wrestling and what they have been up to in the last week not wrestling related. Somehow of going onto the subject of bum juice.

The podcast is like when I reviewed Nobodieswatching wrestling but with Geordies and not in drag, thoroughly enjoyable. It is great for any wrestling fans around Newcastle who might not know about the wrestling that goes on around Newcastle. Wrestling is getting really big in Newcastle and this podcast can help with getting to know what’s coming around.


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