Mom and Dad Film Review

Mom and Dad Film Review

Nicolas Cage with another meltdown, this one while he sings the hokey cokey!

Everyone loves a good Nicolas Cage freak out and he has not seemed to have one in a while. So it’s a welcome return to see him freak out in Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad is comedy horror in which parents begin to start trying to kill their children. With this weird and wacky premise, Cage is allowed to go fully crazy, as it is needed for the film.

The film begins showing the Ryan family, the father Brent (Nicholas Cage), the mother Kendall (Selma Blair), daughter Carly (Anne Winters) and son Josh (Zachary Arthur) as a family who has grown apart. The family growing apart over the years as Carly has grown up and her parents are going through a midlife crisis. Carly is dropped off at school while Josh is left at home with the nanny, while Brent goes to work and Kendall goes to an exercise class. An unexplained static starts transmitting through TV screens and radios, and this is what causes the parents to go crazy, as the nanny kills her daughter with a meat masher. The films spiral out of control at this point as Kendell and Brent return to try murder Carly and Ryan.

Mom and DadĀ isĀ great comedy film offering something different in a comedic way. Like, Brent’s Dad trying to kill Brent was a funny highlight along with the ending. The ending having the children talk to their parents who they have tied up, and the mam saying how much she loves them only for Brent to exclaim but sometimes I want to… then it cuts out. Well worth a watch and shows Nicolas Cage to be a good actor in a good movie.



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