Dave Made a Maze Review

Dave Made a Maze: Film Review

Quirky out of this world comedy. Where’s that beard at? The beards on the face

Dave(Nick Thune)is a slacker that start projects but never completes them. So to his girlfriend’s surprise, Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhan)she returns from her weekend away to discover he has built a maze out of cardboard boxes. After initially disregarding the maze as one of Dave’s art projects, Annie soon realizes this is more than just one of Dave’s art projects he will not finish. Dave has actually made his own fantasy labyrinth which he has now become trapped in. Annie, Dave’s closes friend Gordon (Adam Busch) and a camera crew set off to find and save Dave in this magical world he has created.

This niche little unknown comedy offers a lot of creativity throughout. The whole concept being a unique idea as Dave is trapped in a cardboard maze with boobytraps, minotaurs and a clitoral shaped hole in the wall. The clitoral shaped hole taking Dave’s arm. Although this is a very comedic film, it also inherits the theme of escapism. Dave building this elaborate maze to escape from the outside world as he still borrows money from his parents and has a low paying job. In the end of the film, his girlfriend Annie helps overcome his escapism as she helps him complete the maze, making it something he has actually finished.

No wonder this film is rated 80% on rotten tomatoes as it offers something completely different to anything you have seen before. The film also winning accolades at three film festivals. This is a well acted and standalone film everyone should go out their way to see.


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