Ready Player One Book Review

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – Book Review

Nostalgia for all them 80’s kids

Having received this book as a birthday present from my girlfriend, I could not put this book down and ready it’s 367 pages in a week. Knowing the film, directed by Steven Spielberg was coming out shortly as well, I thought it would be best to read this book first by Ernest Cline. This book offers a lot a nostalgia for nerds and geeks through its ongoing pop culture references. From film references such as Ladyhawke and Fantastic Voyage to game references like Galaga and Dungeons and Dragons. This book is a perfect book for people who see themselves as more as a nerdy character. The book does also offer a lot for the casual reader as it still has the story arc of good vs evil and romance.

The novel centres around a death of a famous multimillionaire, James Hall day, who has created a massive MMORPG called the Oasis. The Oasis is like a mixture of WOW, EVE Online, Runescape and other massively popular MMORPG’s. Due to his death and have no relatives to leave his fortune to. He instead creates an Easter Egg in the Oasis. To get to the Easter Egg, 3 keys are needed and can only be found by people with an expanded knowledge of him and his life. This includes his favourite video games and films, which doesn’t make it easy. The main character Wade, or as his game character is called Percival, inhabits on this quest with an aim to create a better life for himself. However, it is not as easy as that, as his fellow Gunters (people who dedicate their life’s to search for the egg) and the evil corporation of IOI are also after it.

Ready Player One is a great read with many outstanding battles. Ernest Cline lending from some of the more known fantasy worlds, along with creating his own to create a vast world inside a console. His writing easy to read and flows throughout when describing the world around Jade. Well worth a read. It’s easy to get hooked on this book like it would be a game, and I also can’t wait to how the film adapts this highly entertaining book.



6 thoughts on “Ready Player One Book Review

  1. I read this books recently and the best part of it was definitely all the pop culture references. I especially appreciated the Ladyhawke references because no one seems to know what Ladyhawke is? It was nice to realize that there are other nerds out there who remember that masterpiece.
    Great review!

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