5 star Wrestling

5 Star Wrestling Review

February 9th – Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

5 Star Wrestling returned to the Metro Radio Arena live Newcastle this week featuring stars John Morris on and Rvd. The preshow also involved Love Islands Adam Maxted win tag team gold with his partner. Here is a run down of the main show action.

Rob van dam vs Zack Gibson

The first match of the night had the legend Rvd against Zack Gibson. Rvd did his usual moves including a rolling thunder, spinning wheel kicks and a spinning leg drop to his opponent on the barricade. Rvd looked impressive as Zack played the dastardly heel throughout. Finally ending with Zack getting dispualified for not releasing a hold when Rvd had made it to the ropes.

Rvd wins via Dq


Flash Morgan Webster vs Joey Axl

Flash Morgan Webster introduced Primate to his mod cast before it was interrupted by Joey Axl. This would lead to a match between the Flash and Joey. Flash would show grit and determination but would ultimately fall to Axl through tapping out to the Brock Lock.

Axl wins via submission


Eddie Ryan vs PJ Black

The Tiger Eddie Ryan would gain his first win on 5 star beating Justin Gabriel. There wasn’t really much to this match apart from some high flying monevors from Pj Black.

Eddie Ryan won with celtic Cross


Moose vs rampage

Moose would come out only to be attacked my Rampage. They quickly brawled on the outside until going back in the ring where Rampage would hit 2 piledrivers. This would leave Moose unconscious leaving the referee to declare the match to be no contest. This was nice to continue their feud I suppose.

End in no contest 4.5/10

David mastiff and big grizzly vs The Masters of Cool (Carlito and Chris Masters)

The team of behemoths, David Mastiff And Big Grizzly controlled most of this bout until Chris Masters made the hot tag to Carlito. They would then ultimately win the match as Masters would spit apple in Big Grizzlys face setting him up for a backtracker from Carlito. It was good seeing the team of Carlito and Chris Masters, Masters still looking like masterpiece and Carlito still cool.

Masters of cool win via pin fall


Rey mysterio vs (C) Mark Haskins for the tap or snap championship

The best match of the night as Rey Mysterio seems to be in the shape of his life. A nice 15 minute match which allowed Mysterio to show his ariel offense and also allow him to play the underdog role against a bigger opponent. Mark Haskins putting on a good display also. After many failed attempts, Rey Mysterio would hit the 619 to a massive ovation before an interference from Rampage to cost him the match.

Rey wins via Dq


Nathan Cruz vs BT Gunn

Apparently the continuing of this feud was made because last time BT Gunner showed The professional Nathan Cruz’ behind on TV. If you are familiar BT Gunn from ICW or Defiant you know how good he is, along with foul mouthed. This was a really watered down version of him. He still has a fun match with the current New Generation Wrestling Champion. BT Gunner winning with a roll up after showing his bottom again.

BT gun wins with a roll up


John Morrison vs Jack hager

The crowd just wasn’t into it at all for some reason. In my opinion you could visibly see John Morrison get frustrated at times as the crowd chanted Go Back to TNA at him. It was nice to see before he went for the Starship of pain for the audience to get behind him on one side of the arena in which he looked happy for. The match was good but also had a screwy finish as Zack Gibson got involved costing John Morrison.

Also children chanting you can’t wrestle and boring is not a welcome sign.

Jack Hager wins to become new 5 Star Champion after Morrison taps from the Ankle Lock.


Overall it was a pretty average show, much more suited to a smaller venue. There wasnt enough people to fill the arena with sound, thus their wasn’t much atmosphere throughout. In my eyes, I think make it so kid orientated softens the product to much as the wrestlers did not not seem they were allowed to wrestle to their full potential. It was still fun saying, past Wwe stars like Rey Mysterio and Rvd however, and the excitement from the children for them both. I also think last year’s had much more talent as well, as it had Marty Scrull, AJ Styles, Nick Alis and many more.

Overall show: 5/10


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