Accident Man Review

A Hardhitting Comic Brought to Life

English Hardman Scott Adkins plays an assassin, Mike Fallon, who is hellbent on revenge after his ex-girlfriend is murdered.

Learning his ex girlfriend was killed while carrying his baby, Mike Fallon does everything in his path to find out who done it and why, becoming a stone cold killer. Mike Fallon is an assassin, who possesses all the tools in doing so. He also specialises in making assassinations look like accidents confusing the police and exciting his clients, hence the name accident man. As he makes his assassinations look like accidents, his fellow assassins, who all share the same pub, all have a different style when it comes to assassinating someone. Carnage Cill who specialises in incapacitating his kills with his axe, Mick and Mac ex special forces, Jane the Ripper who seduces her men then kills them and Poison Pete who simply poisons his kills. All of his fellow assassins will come to stand in his way as he learns who killed his ex girlfriend.

The film has excellent fighting sequences throughout as Mike tears throw his opponents starting with a bar brawl to introduce the audience to the film. The film is just on the pedal from then on, and never gives up. Scott Adkin playing the perfect hard man but also adding humour to the role with his comedic delivery. The film does not deviate from the comic making it a really good film to watch.



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