The Maze Runner Review

The Maze Runner: Death Cure Review

Having read the Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner before the films started coming out, I’ve always looked forward to the films. To see if the films would match up to how good the books were. I believe the first film, The Maze Runner, did the book justice but the second one, Scorch Trials, fell off the wagon with how slow it was. Although the second one wasn’t that good, I still had high expectations for the end of this trilogy. Having now watched The Death Cure, it was as good as the first one although it strayed away from the book in a lot of places, although it did have aspects of the book. One thing that bugged me was how Gally survived despite Mino throwing a spear through him in the first film. However, The Death Cure was a nice enough finish to the franchise but I still think they could’ve done a lot more with the source material they had.

The film does produce some quality moments to end the franchise, such as Newts emotional death scene, Newt played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who will be remembered from Love Actually, skipping through the airport security. Throughout the franchise he becomes a loved character due to his devotion to Thomas and how he acts like a mentor to him, so it’s a sad moment to see him go. The film kills him in a slightly different way, as Thomas shoots Newt as an act of mercy towards him as he has succumb to the flare virus. In contrast to this scene, their is a cool awesome moment in which Lawrence, played by Walton Goggins’, a leader of the people outside the wall who aren’t immune to the virus, leads an attack on the wall. Having played his small bit role in the former hit show Community to perfection, Walter again delivers with his brief moments on screen as he has the unreal moment of breaking down the walls entrance using himself as a sacrifice. Dylan O’Brien also puts in an intense performance as the main protagonist Thomas, choosing to leave his near death scene in the final cut. However, what spoils the film for me is the inconsistencies to the book, but most people can look over them if they have not read the books.

Even though it does not stay true to the book, it was still an enjoyable film well worth watching.

Score: 6/10


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