Nobodies Watching Wrestling: Looking at Wrestling Through A Queer Lens

Nobodies watching Wrestling channel Review

Stumbling across this accidentally after binge watching what culture wrestling videos, Nobodies watching Wrestling offers a unique way to look at wrestling. Hosted by two drag queens, Lady Bearica Andrews and Ariel Italic, along with their friend DJ Accident Report, they offer their view of the monthly wrestling PPV’s going through outfits and who looked sexy and who did not, sometimes even talking about the actual wrestling. The Brooklyn trio talking about Vince McMahon wanting to get fucked by a big sweaty man to Finn Balor’s semi chub. Lady Bearica is hilarious, constantly having everyone in stitches, with her random dirty comments. Ariel Italic is the bitchiest out of all them, commenting about Will Ospreay being the gayest wrestler who is not gay. DJ Accident Report seems like he has the knowledge of wrestling between the 3 and most focused on wrestling, often getting them back on topic with his wrestling facts. Although DJ accident report has the most knowledge, I think if you do not take wrestling too seriously, this is the youtube channel for you as it does not offer a in depth match analysis but rather a hilarious outtake on wrestling, including Sasha Bank weave watch. Summing up the show with one segment, is when they are talking about Braun Strowman rubbing his testicles on the top rope before matches with his velvet pubes.


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