Northumbria Wrestling

Northumbria Pro Wrestling Society Presents Survival review

Thought I’d go see some local wrestling and support the local athletes, trying to first make a name for themselves around the North East. Different to the focused wrestling matches, smaller promotions focus on the comedic and family value and didn’t disappoint in that retrospect. It’s always good to see local wrestlers perform.

Amir Jordan vs. Joseph Briggs

The first match of the night, enjoyed your nans favourite wrestler, Amir Jordan beating Joseph Briggs. Amir being the more popular having wrestled in North Wrestling also and you see many supporters wearing his chicken cottage t shirts. Amir Jordan playing to the crowd as his bollywood entrance always leaves him knackered.

MarvellAss vs. Lewis Ryan and Zeo Knox

MarvelAss came out as heels but quickly became fan favourites as they tore in to the crowd. Especially one man who would continue to heckle throughout, calling him ITV Jeremy kyles finest, telling him can’t read or write and mocking his incoherent chants. The match itself featured the big guy and small guy dynamic in a comedic way along with discontent between the other team Lewis Ryan and Zeo Knox. They would still win though after Zeo Knox steals the pin from Ryan.

Martin Kirby vs. Primate vs. Connor Renshaw

The most wrestling based match of the night, had the most popular wrestling of the night Martin Kirby who has featured for Defiant Wrestling and a lot of other North Eastern promotions. Primate the local favourite being Geordie would win the match after spearing both competitors.

Liam Slater vs. Kip Sabian

The most fun and what the hell going on maths of the night. Starting of with Liam Slater wrestling an invisible man while Kip Sabian sat in the crowd. Kip Sabian would then go out and try convince the heckling member of the crowd why he should cheer him, kip now being a good guy rather than the heel with the use of his ring tape. With the referee losing all control, Amir would emerge from the crowd and take control leading to Kip winning. Slater would then turn on Amir.

HT Drake vs. Mihal – Best two out of three falls

Playing the you people card, Mihal riled the crowd up and used heelish tactics throughout the match. Including pretending he was injured to gain a roll up victory for the first fall. Another local favourite Drake would take control by making him tap out before getting the victory after his pin for the win was interrupted by Lewis Ryan causing a DQ. A fun way to kill time on a Saturday, an enjoyable night.


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