Jumanji Review: All about that smoulder

Jumanji:Welcome to the Jungle Review

Surprisingly just as good as the original, but is different in its own unique way. Realising that board games aren’t as popular as they used to be, Jumanji evolves and creates a RPG video game version of Jumanji, still with the banging of the Jumanji music for good manner.

Jack Black putting a phenomenal performance as a teenage girl trapped in a middle aged mans body. His voice having feminine straits throughout and the scene where he is learning how to go the toilet as a man being extremely enjoyable. Jack Black just seems to get better with age, adding great energy to all his performances. He’s hilarious throughout, with let go girls and teaching someone how to flirt with someone.

As with any film with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in, he delivers on a whole different level adding the comedic intensity with his smoulder. Smoulder intensity being one of his strengths on his character page. The Rock also adding hard hitting action but sadly no Rock Bottom or People’s elbow, but still it’s a electrifying performance. The Rock also gets bigger every movie, it’s insane. Again him and Kevin Hart put a good duo performance, like they did with Central Intelligence.

Talking about Kevin Hart, he puts his usual performance in off his exaggerated expressions and loud nature. Doing what he does best. Kevin Hart playing the high school footballer trapped in a weaker body but gains the smart he doesn’t have outside the game. He also plays a 5th wheel, as the film progresses. Karen Gillan adding her beauty and great acting, playing a shy girl at school who turns this fearless girl. along with Nick Jonas adding a great performance since his Disney days. Bobby Cannavale playing the main villain in a comedic role, like he did in the film Spy, however he’s a lot more evil in this, with creepy insects crawling out his ears.

A great film to watch with great character development with all characters learning about themselves during the game. Different to the original in a lot of ways, but it’s a really entertaining watch.



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