Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review – All you want in a Star Wars film Short Review No Spoilers

Well worth going to the midnight launch for, just like Rouge One and The Force Awakens were. Again, Disney delivers on all levels bring the past and present together through Luke Skywalker and Leia and another cameo appearance I won’t spoil. One of the best Star Wars film of franchise truly portraying the conflict of good and evil, light and dark, through Kylo Ren and Rey, and the philosophy of utilitarianism through the characters of Leia and Poe. It makes for a compelling chapter in the series as choices are made and characters are developed. Kylo Ren being the standout character showing the struggles inside someone and how he has became to become so evil, along with it exploring Reys past. Adam Driver’s performance should also be praised, just for the talent he displays through his character, offering darkness when it is needed. Balancing out this darkness is the other major protagonist General Hux who plays comedic role of sorts as it a Disney film. Luke Skywalker also bringing out major chuckles as well. The only criticism I could make is the role of Supreme Leader Snoke who I thought would be a major player throughout, along with captain Phasma. The film itself was thoroughly enjoying from start to finish however, even though their is not any major lightsaber fights, apart from one epic scene involving Rey and Kylo.

Again I cannot wait for the next Star Wars film as they seem to be hitting out the par every time.


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