Black Mirror – Trailer Analysis NO SPOILERS

90FC6513-B328-4EB8-AD3F-35CF7DC7AA8AWith the release of the fourth season of critically acclaimed Black Mirror fast approaching with a release date on the 27th December, several trailers have been released in anticipation. As always Charlie Brooker, Charlie tackles technology and challenges the idea of spectacle around black screens I.E laptops, phones and TVs. Here is a look through the new series starting with Arkangel.


Directed by Jodie Foster, arkangel focuses on technology that protects children from indecency. The trailer intending the dangers of  children being left alone and the lengths a parent will go to protect their child as is shown in the trailer. After the child is lost for a period of time, she is found, but it continues for the mam to worry about her children’s safety. Seemingly cause her to inject an chip, maybe, in her daughter which ultimately gives the mother control. Charlie Brooker asking the questions of How do you be a responsible mother in a world dictated by technology.


The second trailer opens with a detective suggestion that memories are subjective. The detective uses the memories to solve cases. This suggests the dangers of going into peoples memories as you may not also find what you are looking for or what you want to find. Memories being subjective intends no memory can be taking literally as memories are just what people interpret them as, and people can get memories wrong. In this episode I can foreshadow the detective failing to solve her case as the memory she is told is wrong due to it’s subjectivity. In comparison to the first series episode of ‘The Entire History of You’, they are memories rather than recording so again cannot be took to be objective.

Hang the DJ

From first viewing the most obvious outcome of Hang the DJ is the influence of Tinder and how the dating scene is advancing because of such apps. Black Mirror taking this a step further however, as is in the trailer, the couples using an app which tells them how long they will be together. Charlie stating this is most comedic of the new series, and involves a lot of sex, just like Tinder does. It seems like a commentary on finding your soul mate and not wasting time with the wrong person, swiping left as you do not see them as desirable. A theory for this episode, is the couple who see they only have 12 hours to be together, are soulmates, and they only have 12 hours as they die together then, which would be something Black Mirror would do.

Metal Head

Easily the hardest trailer to understand what is going on. Nothing really being giving away except its in black and white which is an interesting visual move. Charlie their is an important reason also for doing this, suggesting one person is on the good side and another on the bad with no in between. In the trailer, their seems to have been murder which suggests the woman in the trailer has murdered them and she is now on the run. Maybe the reason she murdered them not being as black and white as the people after her are making out.

U.S.S. Callister

Many would believe this to be a Star Trek spoofs as the trailer suggests, however, they will be a darker meaning this space opera. Arguably this episode could be heading in VR direction with the rise of the PlayStation VR. The captain being the hero in this game he is playing but in actual life, he is far from the adored character everyone loves. A more far fetched idea being the woman displayed is his mother who is trying to bring him back to reality. This portraying similar essence to a Red Dwarf episode in which they break out of their perceived reality.

Black Museum

Their is a great deal of previous Black Mirror episodes referenced in this trailer, including; a display of the artist from national anthem hanging himself, the gunman from white bear, Victoria from white bear and Cooper getting electrocuted in play test. Thus, this suggesting this is a museum of black mirror.

This is just my interpretations of the episodes so when it comes out that I was no where near right that’s fine.

Cannot wait till Season 4!











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