The first Defiant Wrestling PPV – Austin Aries stars

For the first time, the wrestling show formerly known as WCPW, Defiant came to Newcastle and displayed many great highlights, including the first appearance of Austin Aries since leaving WWE. Here’s an overview of the nights even starting with the dark match.

Dark match

Security vs Alex Gracie

Surprisingly the security squad won this match. They actually put up a half decent fight until Gracie brought out the nun chucks and absolutely destroyed one of the members with it as he hit him in the head. Also one of the members I met in RISE last week, said he was not sure if he was going to make the show as he’s a teacher also what’s a fun fact. It was nice little filler to get the crowd ready.

First up on the main show was a promo by Stu Bennet about Defiant Wrestling until he called the reigning champion out Marty Schurl so he could present him with the new Defiant World Championship Belt. All was going well, Wade Barret even mentioning he had a huge python when the greatest man to ever live arrived, Austin Aries, to announce himself into the company. Running down the WWE in saying he wants to work for a company who actually cares about their talents. He would go further on to talk about taking the championship of Marty Schurl in which Marty replied with he had to earn his opportunity. The segment ended with Marty and Aries getting in each others faces with the chant of let them fight as Stu Bennet stopped them. Solid first segment.

The first match of the night came from the tag teams of SCC Ashley Dunn and Kelly Six and the former Prestige members BT Gunn and joe Coffey. Both tag teams showing technical prowess in a bid to get the better of each other. BT Gunn and Joe Coffey looking particular more happy as they’ve now left the prestige. They would go on to retain their tag team championships as Joe Coffey hit a springboard cross body of the top rope. They would then give SCC a respectful handshake what I could not complain about as they had some outstanding sequence amongst them.

David Starr vs Mike Bailey

Most near falls I’ve ever seen in a match was next would as David Star and Mike Bailey would comedically trade near falls. Bailey taking everything Starr throw at him after landing on his knee on the hardest part of the ring. Bailey would go onto win with a shooting star knee, what a finisher that was – Bailey going 2-0 up in their first to three series. these guys not being capable of putting a bad match on.


After Bailey had shown heart to get his second win over Starr, Pastor William eaver brought out Liam Slater who he planned to fully convert. However, Prince Ameen would interrupt and call it a rerun of his storyline with Gabriel Kidd, Ameen the master and Kidd the slave. He would then Bring out Gabriel ending in Kidd v Pastor with Liam as guest referee. I Would’ve like the pastor to get more time on the mic as he has a very intriguing character similar to Bray Wyatt’s but more realistic. I also like his taunt of the crucifix which is eerily weird. Kidd would dominate the match and pin the Pastor for the 1,2,3, until Liam stops at 2. This leading to a clothesline from The Pastor and leading to the Quick 3 Count from Liam. Hoping to recruit more followers, The Pastor would try convert Ameen in which he got the middle fingers inside. Liam would then attack truly turning him heel.

Jurn Simmons vs Drake

Simmons Finished with a pile driver. Wasn’t much to this match. No build up or anything just filler. The crowd didn’t seem that into it.

Jimmy Havoc c primate hardcore match

Straight in the crowd for a beer. A sit down and a beer. Drink then slap. Slaps pint out his hand. Gets a stapler out. Staples balls. Duplex through a chair. Baking trays out. Gets the bat out and there in the crowd. Primate jumps off the stand. Primate wins with powerbpmb through two chairs and a pear through the table. Yeah this match was just wild from start to finish. Love a hardcore match

Veda Scott v Kay Lee Ray

No particular thrills from this match. Kay Lee Ray wins.

El Ligero vs Travis banks

Great match between the two as El Ligero does not know how to put a bad match on. Surprised with Travis Banks winning as it seemingly looks like he is leaving the company with him becoming busier as he has recently became progress champion.

Joe Hendry vs Marty Scurll vs Martin Kirby

I’m going to talk more about what happened after the match then the match itself. The match being solid with the talent involved, ending with Marty Scurl tapping Joe Hendry out with the Chicken Wing. Quickly after the match Chris Ridgeway and Mark Haskin’s well known on the independent  circuit, would attack Martin Kirby. Aries would then come out wielding a steal chair in hand and fend this new invaders off. However, Aries then turned on Kirby, attacking him from behind. They would continue their assault on Kirby until the cavalry arrived in the form of Stu Bennet, Jimmy Havoc and The Primate. The faces would chase them out the arena leaving them to celebrate in the ring with Stu promising their to be repercussions for their actions.

Overall Defiant wrestling put on a good first showing and was enjoyable mostly. Moose not turning up was a weird one but it felt like he was there as this one guy kept on chatting moose by himself. Still a fairly good first showing though.


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