World Cup Draw Reaction – England to sail through the Group Stages….Hopefully

A46F31C2-23B2-4C82-A88F-838B4BCB1D35Avoided Germany and Brazil which is always good. Belgium are still a big hitter though who should not be taking lightly. Hopefully playing a team that has the outside chance to potentially win the tournament will help the England team focus and show a strong performance during the group stages. Belgium having great players such as Eden Harzard, Kevin De Bruyne and Romelo Lukaku which premier league views should know.  Knowing they have to beat Belgium to top the group as Belgium have shown a lot of firepower during qualifying in which England will have to overcome to top the group. A bonus also being that we will Belgium last in which we may have already qualified by this point.

Tunisia being England’s opening game in which they should comfortably win. Hopefully setting England up on a successful tournament as Tunisia have only won once in their World Cup history. They have no standout players that should be able to hurt England and England should outplay them easily. Their major star being a former Sunderland player Sunderland who Sunderland fans were not over thrilled wit as he was in their relegation squad. Fair play to Tunisia making it to the World Cup though.

England’s group being completed with Panama who should also not cause to much problems meaning it will go on head to head between Belgium and England. This being Panama’s first World Cup. Panama’s players being majorly in their 30s in which a young England generation players should cause a lot of problems for. Overall this is a good draw for England. Even they were to come second in the group, they should be able to beat Poland, Senegal, Poland or Columbia, Poland being the toughest competition out of these three teams.

Other thoughts on the draw are that group B is the toughest group with Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Iran. Southgate couldn’t have really asked for a better draw with the players he has at his disposal. Again though after the group stages and second round though it’s going rock be hard. We’d still need to beat Germany at some stage, along with Brazil proablly. So a quarter final finish is looking the most likely, however you never know, an upset could be on the cards.



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