The Final Girls, Bette Davis Eyes and Camp Bloodbath


The Final Girls, Bette Davis Eyes and Camp Bloodbath

Haven’t heard of the classic Bette Davis Eyes sang by Kim Carnes on her album Gypsy Honeymoon, until being introduced to it by girlfriend a few weeks back, I have become obsessed with that song. After listening to various covers by Brandon Flowers and Kylie Minogue, I still couldn’t tell you the words apart from ‘She’s got Bette Davis Eyes’, but it so catchy. The angelic way the synth glides throughout the background and controls the song making it a mainstay in the mind. Due to this obsession with the song, I came across the film The Final Girls which plays this great song and creates an emotional death scene which whets my appetite, which led me to watch this little-known film.

The Final Girls was a sweet surprise, having not known anything about this film. The only recognizable actors being Malin Åkerman from Rock of Ages, Adam DeVine from various films such as Pitch Perfect and Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Dairies. However, the less notable actors such as the main character Taissa Farmiga still provide strong performances making The Final Girls a joy to watch. Taissa giving a performance that will make the pro’s blush.

The Final Girls begins with the main characters of Max Cartwright (Taissa Farmiga) and Amanda Cartwright (Malin Åkerman), mother and daughter in the car together as Amanda as just had an audition. Max complaining that her mother will be forever known as the actress who starred in the cult-classic horror movie Camp Bloodbath and Camp Bloodbath 2: Cruel Summer. Nancy responding to her daughter by brushing it off and playing her favorite song Bette Davis Eyes in which Nancy sings, as Max reluctantly does as well with her before embracing the song completely. They end up crashing as a car comes out the blue leading to the death of Nancy. This isn’t the only time this song is played, however.

The song again is played when Amanda, now portraying herself as Nancy, is sacrificing herself so Max can be the final girl. This is a lot that becomes before this obviously. The film restarts as Max and her friends are attending a double screening of her dead mother films three years after the anniversary of her death in the car crash. The cinema then catches alight as Max enter the screen to escape the fire. However, rather than just being behind the screen, they are now stuck in the film Camp Bloodbath where her mam is alive but as Nancy, the camp leader. Nancy playing the naïve girl in the film. Not to spoil it too much but Max and her friends, along with the characters originally in the film, are being killed by a former campmate who was bullied called Billy Murphy. The original film ending when Bill Murphy is killed by the only non-virgin in the film. Due to Max and her friends though, the script changes as Max and company are now involved in the film also. So the only way they can end the film is to have one final girl who is a virgin to kill Bill Murphy.

As Max and Nancy are the only virgins left at camp, they have to choose between them who is the final girl to survive and end this nightmare. Still sharing that motherly bond, Nancy chooses to sacrifice herself. Max trying to stop her by telling her who she is really is, Amanda Cartwright and that her favorite song is Bette Davis Eyes. This is when the music kicks in, Max laying there after being stabbed by Bill Murphy and Nancy walks out and essentially strips to Bette Davis Eyes creating an emotional scene.

Thus, having discovered Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes, led me to really enjoyable watch of The Final Girls in which I’d recommend people to watch. As its one of them really good films that could gain a cult following if more people knew about it. Some hopefully this will expose people to it and it is Harlow gold.


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