Quick Justice League Review

img_1758First of all, I do not think it was bad as everyone has made it out to be. I still thoroughly enjoyed it, even though the narrative was quite thin. I think the critics have ruined this movie, and does not give DC the credit it deserves for trying to compete with the well established Marvel Universe.

The Marvel Universe setting the bar for hero films and superheroes fighting along side each other, The Justice League tries to rival the avengers. Batman having to assemble a team to fight Steppenwolf who is trying to conquer earth through gathering the three mother boxes held by humans, Amazonians and Alantians so he can ultimately destroy earth.

Although the characters are not as well introduced as in the Marvel Universe, as they had their own films, before they were united together, the characters also hold depth to them. Aquaman played by Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones,  being my favourite character. Now that I think about it, he only has about 10-15 lines, but he’s just an overall cool guy in the way he delivers them, and he looks bad ass as well. Flash, played by  reverts to a comedic role throughout like he adds in the TV series, but not to much so he isn’t a variable threat. Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot continues to impress, along with Ben Afleck as Batman who plays a stern role. Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, would be the weakest of all the characters but in hindsight, with his own standalone film coming up, he will hopefully being introduced better through that. He did get his catchphrase ‘Boo-Yah’ in it however. The only thing I can say about Superman, played by Henry Cavell, who everyone knew would be returning from the dead, would be he looked really weird as they had to CGI his moustache out as he could not shave as he was currently filming a film where he modelling a moustache in. Because of this other film commitment, they have made his upper lip look overly smooth.

Overall, The Justice League is a sound film, with some great character chemistry and well, not the best superhero film you’ll see, it’s still worth a watch. I think DC films need to stop being compared to Marvel films to give them better chance of rivalling them.




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