Jason Lancaster: Album Review


Jason Lancaster – All the Things that Lead us Home review

Jason Lancaster returns under the name of LNCSTR with a new worship album

Three years after releasing his debut solo album, As You Are, Jason Lancaster finally returns with is second album All the Things That Lead Us Home. His new album focusing heavily on religious overtones throughout as it resembles a worship album. Arguably, its the first pop-punk worship album of its kind, leading the way for religion and pop punk to be connected more often. Still holding true to his sound, Lancaster continues to produce stunning adaptations of worship songs such as Reason to Sing and No Longer Slaves. His song of Reason to Sing, being comparable to his earlier songs of What If I Don’t from his Go Radio days, with its slow build and smashing of high notes, holding them for just the right amount of time. Although the album has a heavenly religious feel to the album, which potentially might put people off this album, Jason Lancaster still produces a great album for everyone to listen to with his well known raspy vocals and the emotional performances. Well worth a listen, the best Christian rock sound your ears will hear. His music actually feels Godly which creates easily uplifting listening for everyone.


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