The Perks of Being a Wallflower Review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Book and Film Review

Book Synopsis

The book written by Stephen Chbosky follows 15 year old protagonist Charlie who has trouble socially, due to a troubled past that is revealed throughout the novel. He is writing letters to an unknown recipient, talking about his life in freshman year in high-school. He deals with unrequited love, sexuality, drug use, and mental health throughout his first year at high school. Unrequited love for his senior friend Sam, along with sexuality in the form of Sam’s step brother Patrick, who is going out with Brad, a closeted homosexual on the football team. Charlie also has his first encounter with drug use as he trips on LSD to be cool and mental health through the effects of his best middle friend committing suicide and his aunt dying in a car crash.

Film Synopsis

The film adaptation starring as Logan Lerman as Charlie, Ezra Miller as Patrick and Emma Watson as Sam, follows closely to the book as is also directed by Stephen Chbosky. The only major differences are Charlie teacher has a bigger role in the film. As in the book, he is mentioned as is supportive towards Charlie, but it never talks about his teaching style. Having Paul Rudd play the teacher though, obviously, the teacher was going to have a bigger role. Charlie’s sister being abused by boyfriend doesn’t play as a major point, although it is shown in the film. In a way, a major change is the tunnel scene where Sam stands up, as the song they are listening to is changed from Fleetwood Macs Landslide to David Bowie’s Hero creating a whole new meaning to the word infinite. The film also had Imagine Dragons Its time which was awesome.


Both book and film are worth visiting as they deal with social issues everybody goes through during their adolescents. The book and film holding that nostalgic feeling but also that cringe-worthy moment of when you were younger. An example being, when Charlie is dared to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. Charlie sitting with his girlfriend Mary Elizabeth, played by Mae Whitman, chooses not to kiss her and kisses Sam instead causing everyone to resent him. It shows the perils of being a wallflower as he lying to himself in when he said yes to going out with Mary Elizabeth. Later, when he reveals his true feelings to Sam as she is leaving, she berates him for not acting earlier. The Perks of Being a Wallflower are being very good at observing things in a social situation, taking everything in the conversations around during you, allowing you to be able to judge things more rationally. Thus linking in with Carl Jung‘s theory of introversion/extraversion. Charlie portraying introversion as Patrick shows extraversion in dealing with life. Overall this book is good coming of age book, like the book The Wanderers by Richard Price dealing with taboo subjects and dealing with the trials you face when growing up.

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Ready Player One Book Review

Warcross by Marie Lui Book Review

Quick Rewiew – Warcross

Still hunting for something as good as Ready Player One to read, I was recommended Warcross. Warcross creates a world similar To Ready Player One, a virtual reality where people can escape their lives in a world where they can do anything. Marie Lui has recently released the sequel to Warcross, Wildcard after ending Warcross with unsolved questions.


Emika Chan is a former criminal who lives up in a beat up apartment in New York City where she can hardly afford her rent every month. Her job is one of a bounty hunter, where she tracks and catches people who have been betting illegally on Warcross games over the dark web. Warcross is a virtual game watched by millions made by Henka. Warcross consists of two teams trying to steal each others amulet. It’s like catch the flag but with power ups and creative landscapes.

With bounty money stuttering, Emika takes her chance while spectating a Warcross game amd steals a powerful power up from the game. However, she is exposed to the world as she is becomes no longer a spectator but a part of the games for a brief second. After this moment her life is not the same again.


I enjoyed this book and liked the twist at the end. The ending setting up an extreme view held by Henka, who wants to control the world stopping violence completely. He holds a God-Complex throughout the book as he has made this virtual world tocescape the trauma of losing his brother. With his new tech, he can stop people thinking and doing violent actions, so he is policing the world. He decides what is good and what is bad. Emika has the moral dilemma of joining Henka in controlling the world through these means or stopping him, after she has unknowingly helped him to control the world.

A great book to read, and I will probably buy the sequel at some point. As they are so many possibilities Marie Lui can go from her cliffhanger ending.


The Hate U Give Film Review

Tackling Issues of Racism and Police Brutality in America


Adapted from Angie Thomas book of the same name, The Hate U Give (THUG) brings police brutality to the forefront and how it affects everyone. Angie Thomas writing her book after the real-life shooting of Oscar Grant. The film portrays a young African American girl Starr witnessing her childhood friend Khahil get murdered wrongfully by a policeman after pulling them over after a party. Starr has to decide either stand up and tell the world what happened or sit in silence and let this situation keeping on repeating itself. Particular in 2018 media has been dominated by people condoning police brutality and the mistreatment of black people. Childish Gambino’s This is America, the film BlacKKKlansman showing how there are still white supremacists in the world and Nike supporting Colin Kaepernick, the American footballer player, who took a knee in a protest to the harsh treatment to black people in America.


A young Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg), and her two brothers are getting told what they should do if a policeman confronts them by there father (Russel Hornsby). He tells them that they should comply and put their hands face down and let the people search them and cooperate as much as possible.

An older Starr, who lives in a poor neighbourhood ran by a drug lord called King (Anthony Mackie) attends a white-dominated school so she can avoid the violence of going to school in her poor area. In this school, she hangs around with people who act ‘black’ as she tries not to act ‘black’ as she does not want to be known as a ghetto girl. Outside of school, she tries to not bring any of the way how she acts in her school to her neighbourhood. She avoids seeing her boyfriend Chris after school or letting him come to her house as she fears he will not like what he sees. Instead, she hangs around with her half-sister who takes her to a party.

At this party, Starr is just about to leave when she sees her former crush and childhood friend Khahil (Algee Smith) who she talks to until a gunshot is heard. They run to his car and drive away to get to safety. Khahil stops the car on the way to taking Starr home, where they reminisce about their childhood together and share a kiss, only for Starr to say she has a boyfriend. He goes to take her home when they are pulled over by a policeman, Starr continuously reverts to what her dad told her to do, telling Khahil to do the same. However, Khabib is more relaxed and goes to grab his hairbrush. The police think Khahil is pulling a gun out and fires 3 shots at him killing him in the process while Starr sits in the driver’s seat.

Review – Analysis

The Hate U Give is a great film through its great acting and its real hard-hitting storyline currently ravaging a nation.

A particular scene I would like to point out is when Starr is talking to her policeman uncle Carlos (Common) about what a policeman sees. Carlos goes through what a policeman says and does when confronting an assailant. He says how without a thought, he will kill a black person if they go to grab something, while he would hesitate before shooting a white person in the same situation. It suggests police of America see colour and black as violence. They are scared of black people and see them as dangerous with no real reason. Of course, black people can be dangerous but no more threatening than anyone else in the world.

Media also plays a part in the film as Starr stops her dad getting wrongly arrested through her recording the police manhandling her father. Every time Starr talks to the media, they also focus more on that Khahil was selling drugs rather than the policeman shooting a civilian without being provoked. The media also provoking sympathy towards the cop who shot Khabib creating him in a better light and making out he is the victim in all of it.

African Americans fear cops which is not right as Starrs father teachers them what to do if a policeman pulls them over like it is expected to happen. Again, when talking to Carlos, Carlos suggests he sees a black man with a girl, he sees them planning against him, the girl is a hooker or the car is stolen. Fear is what drives both sides causing a never-ending cycle of cops killing innocent African Americans.

The film ends after the cop who kills Khahil is not taking to trial after Starr gives her statement to the court, they protest in the street. It intends that most of the policeman who kill African-Americans unlawfully go unpunished or do not get enough time. Also that the protests of Black people do not mean anything as they will just be broken up by the police through over the top force. After the protest, Starr saves her younger brother from getting killed as the police point their guns at him after he points his at King, who is about to shoot his dad. The police and the community then work together to improve the community, the police arresting the drug lord after people have giving their testimonies on him.

The film made me thank God I do not live in the USA.

Leave a comment if you have read the book and what you think of it

Venom 2018 Film Review

Venom, Worth Giving a Chance And a Watch

Tom Hardy brings Venom to life as he portrays loser Eddie Brock in this stand-alone Sony Marvel film.


Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) genius inventor and leader of the Life Foundation has scoured the galaxy to find an alien life that will increase life expectancy. Carlton Drake’s gets what he is looking for when his astronauts return with symbiotes from another planet. One symbiote attaching itself to one of the dying astronauts then taking over anyone it needs in its path to getting to the HQ of the Life Foundation. The remaining symbiotes are broad to the Life Foundations lab to be tested.

Eddie Brock is a news reporter who questions the elites and unravels their secret through his reporting. He is sent to a news piece on the Life Foundation. Before he conducts his interview with Carlton Drake, he finds a secret document on his girlfriend’s computer, Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) what reveals that Carlton Drake is testing and killing people with his experiments. Eddie reveals this information where he is quickly hushed and escorted out the building. He loses his job, his girlfriend and his apartment. He now at the lowest of the low, until one of Carlton Drakes scientist comes to find him and he gets caught in something bigger than him and will need a little help from his new friend Venom.


It has been bashed by critics saying it is dull but I thought it was quite entertaining with its slow build and provided some greatly entertaining moments when Venom and Eddie Brock merge together. Tom Hardy plays both Venom and Eddie Brock, putting in a great performance using two very distinctive voices for both. His interactions with himself are the major highlights of the film, along with the fight and chase scenes.

Carlton Drake/Riot acts as a God-like villain, due to him trying to control life through fusing the symbiotes with humans and how he is killing people through his experiments. Riz Ahmed tries to bring out this God-like character out, even quoting the Bible at some stage, when referencing the Story of Can and Abel. He and Riot fuse together in a goal to preserve humanity.

There is also a quick cameo from She-Venom which is quite hype and I like how Venom looks like he does in the comics. He is massive.

Hopefully, this does spawn more movies and Hardy is not wasted as Venom. The post credit scene revealing the upcoming spiderman into the spider verse film. Venom is fun and did not feel like the two hours it was. Stan Lee cameo isn’t as good as it is in Teen Titan’s Go To The Movie’s but it loves a cameo.

Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers Today

Gone are the household names of Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker and The Rock entertaining the wrestling world with their signature moves. They have moved on, The Rock has become a movie star, Hulk Hogan has long gone and The Undertaker has a similar schedule to Santa.

There is now a new breed of wrestlers tearing it up all around the globe. Although many will be not be known to the casual wrestling fan, to the hardcore fans, these are the guys trying to put wrestling back on the map and make it cool. Here are 10 wrestlers changing the wrestling landscape.

10. Will Ospreay

No major titles to his name, but Will Ospreay has redefined with his style of wrestling. His match with Richochet at NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Day 2 causing huge controversy in the wrestling world due to the wrestling on show. Some saying it was an over-choreographed spotfest (flippy stuff) and unrealistic while others called it the best match they have ever watched. Whatever is thought, Will Ospreay brought this style to a mainstream audience.

He has continued impressing the globe ever since this performance, competing all around the world for promotions such as NJPW, WOS, Defiant, ROH and many others.

9. Charlotte Flair

Major Titles: 2

The daughter of one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace the ring, Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair has continued his legacy in being the best pure women athlete on the planet. Voted PWI rookie of the year in 2014, she has only got better, reaching the heights of PWI women of the year in 2016.

She has helped what women wrestling is today in WWE with her athletic performances and competing in the first-ever woman’s Hell in a Cell Match. There are no more bra and panties match and three-minute matches (toilet breaks), as Charlotte has helped women’s wrestling rival the men with show-stealing matches alongside her three other horsewomen, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch. Women’s wrestling future is bright in WWE.

8. The Young Bucks

Two talented brothers, Nick and Matt Jackson make the due of the Young Bucks, the most over tag team in the world. Helping bring independent into the mainstream with their fun high flying matches and their nostalgia factor. Their gimmick essentially being the 90s wrestling scene viewed from a kids point of view, an example of this is how they use an insane amount of Superkicks as a homage to Shawn Michaels.

They rival the Hardy Boyz as one of the most decorated tag teams racking up tag teams title reigns wherever they go, including the PWG, ROH and IWGP tag team championships. They are also marketing machine, showing why they do not need to join the WWE.

7. Cody Rhodes

The grandson of a plumber, Cody Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes son has changed the world of independent wrestling forever with his All In PPV selling out a 10,000 arena. All In a PPV outside the mainstream promotions feature all independent wrestlers sold out in under an hour. Thanks to Cody Rhodes, former WWE regular, and his vision.

Cody has become a mainstay on the independents, wrestling all over the world alongside his wife, Brandi Rhodes after he left the WWE. He has improved his mic skills, learning from his late great father Dusty Rhodes and also is a passionate performer also.

6. Roman Reigns

Major Titles: 4

Headlining over three consecutive Wrestlemanias and Vince McMahon’s heir to John Cena’s throne. Roman Reigns, of the famous Anoa’i family, which includes The Rock and Rikishi, has become one of the biggest stars of wrestling today. The Big Dog, has completed many great wrestling scalps in his short career, defeating John Cena, Triple H and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33.

A controversial figure in the wrestling world, loved by children and the casual fan, while hated by hardcore fans, Roman gets a massive reaction wherever he goes.

5. John Cena

Major Titles: 16

The most decorated wrestler on this list with currently 16 major titles and countless other title reigns. John Cena has come nearest to reaching the heights of his predecessors, The Rock and Hulk Hogan with his mainstream appeal. His career is slowly winding down as he has been the franchise player for the WWE for the past decade earning ever major accolade there is.

He has won sixteen world titles, two Royal Rumbles, a Money in the Bank and headlined countless Wrestlemanias. John Cena deserves all the respect, as he has put in his heart and soul into the business, even though he garners a mixed reaction from the fans.

4. Seth Rollins

Major Titles: 2

Either as a cocky heel or a babyface, Seth Rollins always provides an epic in the ring with stamina and a surprisingly powerful arsenal for a smaller performer. He has improved so much since coming to the WWE from ROH, and he was already great at ROH. He was the inaugural NXT champion and the architect of highly popular stable The Shield with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. He would later betray them and complete the heist of the century cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania 31 pinning former partner Roman Reigns.

3. Okada

Major Titles: 4

The Rainmaker, The Ace of Japan, Okada has taken overĀ  Hiroki Tanahashi, as possibly the best Japanese wrestler ever. He is overall the smoothest wrestler in business making wrestling looking effortless with every move he does. He adjusts his moves to control the audience and create drama and suspense whether it be a ten-minute match to an hour long iron match with Kenny Omega. He can tell a different story with any opponent he faces creating all of his matches to have an uniqueness to them. His gimmick of being the best wrestler and knowing it, creating a great heel character which fans could hate but appreciate. He is a product of Brett Hart and Ric Flair with the way he wrestles and his charisma he ensues.

2. Kenny Omega

Major Titles: 1

Kenny Omega has put on countless 5-star matches and mastered the art of storytelling in the ring. If Okada is Bret Hart, Omega is Shawn Michaels with his heart, passion and reckless abandon between the ropes. His suicide dive to the outside of the ring is a work of art. Omega and Okada earning a 7-star rating out of 5 I might add, from Dave Meltzer for their match at the NJPW Dominion in 2018.

Kenny Omega has made wrestling cool again, leading the Bullet Club to new heights. Just like NWO t-shirts, it is hard not to watch wrestling or walk around without seeing someone wearing a bullet club t-shirt. He appeals to the gamers with his video games reference also, with his finishing move, the One-Winged-Angel and even wrestled an entertaining match with a 9-year-old girl.

1, AJ Styles

Major Titles: 7

First conquering TNA, then NJPW and now the WWE, AJ Styles is arguably the best wrestler in the world, who only seems to be getting better with age. Holding the top titles of each promotion, his in-ring skills cannot be matched and seems incapable of putting on a bad match. He makes anyone who is across from him look like a million bucks with his expert selling and his breathtaking arsenal of moves from the Pele kick to the calf crusher.

He has faced the best wrestlers in the world, win or lose, including Brock Lesnar, Nakamura, Okada, John Cena, Kurt Angle and many more. AJ is the peoples champion earning over twenty championships over his career, throughout all the promotions he has wrestled in, going from indy darling to international superstar.

AJ Styles is thoroughly phenomenal!

Mortal Engines – Darkling Plain Review

The End of the Mortal Engine Series

The final book in Phillip Reeves’ Mortal Engine series ends with his final book in the quartet. The story ties up the loose ends of the last book, Infernal Devices, where Hester had left with Strike as Tom had taken their daughter, while Stalker Fang had been picked up by Fishcake.


Following the events of Infernal Devices, Tom and his daughter Wren, are travelling the world in their airship the Jenny Haiver, only to run into what Tom believes to be an old friend from London. Tom also discovers he is dying after Pennyroyal shot him in Predator’s Gold. They follow her and find who turns out to be Clydie Potts, after they bump into a german trancionist, called Wolf who takes them to the ruins of London from the first book, Mortal Engines. They discover that people survived the weapon MEDUSA and now are building a new flying city.

While Wren and her father are exploring and travelling, Wren’s lover Theo has been living in Africa. He has been receiving letters from Wren and begins to pursue her after his plan to escort Oenone Zero goes wrong. With the help of Hester and Shrike, they rescue Zero and plan to reunite her with husband general zero.

General Zero has taken over since she presumed the Stalker Fang to be dead after being ripped apart by Shrike, however, Stalker Fang is on her way to be re-resurrected by Fishcake. With the help of Fishcake, and later Dr Popjoy Stalker Fang is resurrected to her full ability. She begins using the notes she gained from the Tin book to build an out of this world weapon. A satellite weapon called the ODIN. She begins using it on both traction and non-traction cities causing confusion amongst the armies. Her final plan is to shoot the mountains, causing lava to flatten the whole earth, killing everyone in the process.


The final instalment follows the formula as the previous books with a slow start but becomes a page-turner after it really kicks in.

The villains’ motivation stems from the idea of starting the world again, a world before cities and moving cities believing the world has been killing itself over the years. She ends up being killed by Pennyroyal who is a loveable character since his first appearance in Predators Gold. Even though he is a liar and a cheat, Pennyroyal has a strong chance character and development of character. He goes from snooty rich guy to hero who does not lie to make money anymore. He is the one who kills Stalker Fang physically as Tom kills her mentally.

The ending offers a dark end to a love story Hester and Tom reunite only to be left to die by Fishcake, after Hester left him to die in Brighton. Hester kills herself after Tom slowly dies each other’s arms. Shrike waits and watches their bodies decompose over a great deal of time goes by. Shrike is then found and tells the tales of his adventures with Tom and Hester to the new generation of people.

Overall is a great end to the quartet bringing an end to the moving city series which is soon to be a feature film franchise.

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Mortal Engines

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Infernal DevicesĀ 

The Nun (2018) Review

Jump Scares Galore – The Nun Movie Review


The Vatican calls on Father Burke to investigate a suspected suicide in a cloistered Abbey in Romania. With the help of Sister Irene, a sister who is on way to becoming a nun, and Frenchie, a local who found the body, they uncover a dark secret surrounding the Abbey.


The latest instalment in the Conjuring Universe offers another frightening movie, it uses its usual misdirection and slow camera work to give the audience unexpected scares which are hard to do. The film also alludes to previous films in the conjuring universe, as it is the beginning of the conjuring universe as it is set the earliest. Many have said the best scare is shown on the trailer, but I would argue and say this another big scare, along with many others throughout. The Nun/Valak hides in the dark mostly, however, when she does appear she leaves the audience in awe of her demon-like features.

It is overall a freaky film, creating Nuns to be supernatural and mysterious, and subverts the image of Nuns. It has similar features to the exorcist, another religious horror film, as it shows the nun appearing then disappearing in an instance of seeing her. It is not quite as scary, as I suspect the exorcist was during its initial release but The Nun will still give you trouble sleeping.


WolfCop Series So Far

Everything You Want in a Horror Comedy Movie – WolfCop Review

Move over Robocop, WolfCop is in town. WolfCop stars Leo Farfard as Sergeant Lou who ultimately becomes a Wolf who is also a cop. Wolfcop goes on to protect the small town of Woodhaven from the occult, such as shapeshifters and evil robotic men.


Wolfcop (2014)

The first instalment of the WolfCop franchise shows how alcoholic and bad policeman Lou becomes the WolfCop. His friend, Willy Higgins phones about occult activity happening behind his gun shop. Lou goes investigates and on the nighttime he blacks out and can not remember what he found in the woods.

His senses have increased massively, however, being able to smell stuff from miles away. It is only when he goes back to his friend Willy that he realises what has happened to him. The night before, while drinking at his local bar, Lou transforms into the toilet and ends up killing three men trying to kill him. There is a lot of skin pulling of and claws through the stomach, it is quite gory. Willy catches him after this by using several tranquiliser darts on him. Lou then realises he transforms into Lycan at night.

Willy and Lou agree to contain him in a cell the next night so he does not go on a rampage. However, this plan fails as Lou infiltrates a drug den, pimps out his car to WolfCop status, stops a robbery and makes wolflove with the local bartender, Jessica. Yeah, he has sex as a wolf. After Wolflove, it is revealed that Jessica is actually a reptilian shapeshifter, along with his best friend Lou and they need wolf blood to continue there shapeshifting ways.

They go to perform the ritual in the woods but Lou is saved by his cop partner Sergeant Tina. WolfCop realises that alcohol makes him stronger and necks a cold one to increase his power and stops the occult killing him for his blood.

Another WolfCop (2018)

WolfCop battles Swallows, a man who wants to create more shapeshifters through the selling of his energy drink, ChickenMilk.

WolfCop is embracing himself as being a WolfCop, cracking down on criminals in Woodhaven. Confiscating an occult members van while as WolfCop, where he finds a box with the real Willy Higgins inside. Willy explaining how he was probed and he kind of enjoyed it.

Further occult activity happens in the strip bar called Fuck Bar, where a robot man kills most of the people inside after someone tells him to give a hand to the strippers. He ends up ripping off the guys hand and throwing it at the strippers. WolfCop shows up and shows him what for but not without sustaining injuries to himself. Willy takes him to his sister, who also believes in the occult. She ends up healing his wounds and showing him he does not a full moon to turn into a wolf, he can use moondust. She knows this because she turns into a wolf also and there is another love-making scene, however, it is Lou making love to the wolfwoman this time.

Swallows is holding a hockey game where he will unleash his army of alien shapeshifters. WolfCop steals the goalies kit, while Willy poses as a referee and Tina as a janitor and infiltrate the plan. WolfCop ends up killing every bad guy in sight, with a little help of sniffing moondust of a scythe and some moonshine. However, Swallows ultimately gets away setting up for a third instalment.


A fun two films that do not take itself to seriously and has some genuine laugh out loud moments. Willy Higgins who is played by Jonathon Cherry is hilarious throughout helping WolfCop to be his most mischievous. He also played the stoner guy in Final Destination 2. He smokes weed with the shapeshifting alien in his body and ruins a romantic moment with sergeant Tina which is pretty funny. There are also great performances from Amy Matysio, Sarah Lind and Sara Miller. Amy Matysio playing the badass cop buddy, Sarah as the temptress barmaid and Sara as heroin in the second film. The soundtrack is also pretty good, Laurence Gowan’s ‘Strange Animal is played during the second Wolf sex scene.

Overall it is just one of them crazy concepts that has to be seen, like who thought yeah let’s make this guy not just a cop but a WolfCop. But it works quite well whoever thought of it. Well worth going out your way to watch for a fun couple of hours.