Who is King Charles and Why is he so Good?

Who Is King Charles?

King Charles, the singer not the British Monarch, is a glam folk singer from London England. His real name is Charles Costa. He plays a wide range of instruments, including the guitar, cello, and piano. He gained some recognition when he won the International Songwriting Competition in 2009 which was judged by Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Loretta Lynn and Jerry Lee Lewis. After winning this competition he was signed by Universal Republic/Island. He also holds a close relation with Mumford and Sons opening for them on various tours and duetting on The Brightest Lights together

Why you should listen to him?

His first album Loveblood is poetry in song

Having discovered King Charles through Youtube, after he was advertised on an advert before a video I was watching. I was instantly hooked to his song Bam Bam. Bam Bam introducing me to his unique sound, with its fast pace and his unusual look. King Charles attire being smart, his hair tall and having genuinely that whole gentlemen look to him. Intrigued by this eccentric individual I would go on to listen to his LoveBlood album, every song creative and catchy. His album producing romantic and catchy music as he walks through the trials of love. Ivory Road describing his love for a lady. A lyric being ”you are the oxygen in my blood”, showing off his songwriting skills. Lady Percy built to make people smile with its steel drums and the energy this song resonates. He also has darker songs on his album, however, Polar Bears using drums in a warish kind of way, along with the cello. The moral of the song has a slightly dark meaning, don’t be blinded by looks, ”a snake that will lead you to the apple of sin” as said in his mini rap. I was lucky to see this life and it was amazing, just have a man standing to bang on a drum in a violent way, a stunning visual. His whole album is in incredible from top to bottom.

His second Album Gamble For a Rose

Creating art

Love and romance are again his inspiration for his second album, however it more downbeat than his first album. It offers more somber songs such as Gamble Rose for a Rose and Coco Chitty. King Charles sang previously on his LoveBlood album, he uses his vocals to create a new meaning to the song with the grief he provokes. It is still a brilliant album, however, as it is still excellently written and clearly has a strong influence from Mumford and Sons. Bright Thing is my favorite of the album because of the way he sings ”love like lightening”, sounding like Wolf Alice’s Silk when she says ”shades of black and white”. It’s infectious and ultimately cheesy.


I believe King Charles is underrated and he should be producing music far more often then he has been over the years. He is overdue a third album and is one of my favorite artists.


Mortal Engines: Predators Gold Book Review

Mortal Engines Predators Gold Book Review

The 2nd instalment of the mortal Engines series, offering revenge, love and redemption


The second book in the Mortal Engines quadiolgy from Phillip Reeve explores the frozen wasteland inhabited by suspected ghosts and vampires. Tom and Hester stumble across the town of Anchorage and help unravel the mysteries of this little known town after they discover this frozen city through a famous author and adventurer, similar to Lockheart in Harry Potter. The adventurer Nimrod Pennyroyal, goes on to tell them about America in which he promises there is a place for cities to settle down as it still has grass and green trees. Thus, Tom, Hester set off to find America, along with the city of Anchorage in a quest for a better life. Obviously, it is not that easy as the ruler of Anchorage, Freya has a crush on Tom causing trouble between him and Hester. They is also the the rise of the anti-traction league the Green Storm after Tom and Hester apparently stole the Jenny Hanvier. The novels unravels more as they try make their way to America as Anchorage is hounded by Wolverinehampton and the massive traction city of Arkangel due to Hester selfish actions.


I think it took a bit longer to get into this book then the first one, but after that it was a really exciting read with all the action going on. If Peter Jackson was to further adapt films from this book quarlet, he would have fun making this one with the icy and under words they are set in. I can’t wait to read the next book Infernal Devices.



The Wrestlefriend Podcast Review

Why you should listen to The Wrestlefreind Podcast?

Its like talking about wrestling down the pub with your mates

After meeting Dave at North Wrestling Tapped! in January in which he told me to follow his podcast, I did follow but never ended up watching it until a couple of weeks ago. The Wrestlefriend Podcast is a Geordies look at wrestling. Basically, it is Dave and one or two Geordie guys talking about wrestling together and anything else that comes into their head. They seem to try to attend any wrestling show they can find and report the action and give their opinion on it, making light jokes about it. It’s like blokes in the pub about wrestling really, which is why it is so good.

An example being a little-known wrestling event in Newcastle that featured WWE’s Gangrel called First Class Wrestling, showing their love for wrestling… and drinking. At the same North Wrestling show where I met him, on his podcast he does not remember most of the action because he was so drunk, like most of the other people in attendance. However, he does remember a guy losing his glasses which was truly hilarious, it is the things like that you cannot experience if you do not go to the show, so it’s good for it to be told to the fans not in attendance. They have also attended Defiant Wrestling shows in Newcastle.

They also go through other major wrestling shows, such as WWE, NJPW and NXT. Giving their insight and being brutally honest in the process, saying they should get rid of Survivor Series which a bold statement to make. At points I would say they need to be more marky, just to make sure their wrestling knowledge is right when talking about it, along with Podcasts out faster if they can, but they are busy people. But apart from that, it is highly entertaining hearing them talk about wrestling and what they have been up to in the last week not wrestling related. Somehow of going onto the subject of bum juice.

The podcast is like when I reviewed Nobodieswatching wrestling but with Geordies and not in drag, thoroughly enjoyable. It is great for any wrestling fans around Newcastle who might not know about the wrestling that goes on around Newcastle. Wrestling is getting really big in Newcastle and this podcast can help with getting to know what’s coming around.


WWE Fastlane Predictions 2018

WWE Fastlane 2018: Preview and Predictions

Smackdowns last PPV before Wrestlemania looks set to decide who will be going into the event as champion as all titles are on the line. Here are my predictions for the event.

Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Carmella and Natalya

A match thrown together at the last minute with no really context behind it, apart from Naomi and Natalya having more friends. The faces will get the win, giving them more momentum going into Wrestlemania as the WWE keep forgetting Carmella is Mrs. Money in the Bank.

Winner: Becky Lynch and Naomi

Shinsuke Nakurmara vs Rusev (with Aiden English)

Another match quickly thrown together. Nakurmara just needed something to do so has been giving a match with Rusev, seemingly over what day it is, Rusev or Nakurmara day. When we all know it is Rusev day. However, Shinsuke will get the win with him likely to be facing AJ Styles at Wrestlemania.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakurmara

Bobby Roode (C) vs Randy Orton – US Championship

What should really be a dream match has not been built well, feuding over Roode having been rated higher than Orton on the Smackdown ratings. I still think the match will be better than expected however, as Roode looks like a future world champion. Having him face Randy Orton on his way. I think Smackdown will follow Raw in having a triple threat match at Wrestlemania for their secondary belt. As Jinder Mahal looks set to get involved in some way.

Winner: Bobby Roode

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) (C) vs The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and/or Xavier Woods) – Tag Team Championships

With these teams incapable of putting on a match, this looks like a match of the night candidate. Their hell in a cell match being a highlight of their rivalry. I think both teams deserve the to head into Wrestlemania as tag team champions so it’s hard to choose a winner. I think the Usos will win though.

Winner: The Usos

Charlotte Flair (C) vs Ruby Riot (with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan) – Women’s Championship

If given enough time, I also think this could be a show stealer with Ruby Riot never really being given the chance to show how good a wrestler she is. Flair looks set to come out on top however, heading into Wrestlemania to possibly face Asuka which would be an unreal match.

Winner: Charlotte Flair Retains

AJ Styles (C) vs John Cena vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin – WWE Championship

Having had a preview on Smackdown, this match to be a hectic match with the talent involved. AJ Styles looks set to retain and go on and compete in a dream match with Shinsuke Nakurmara. They will possibly be more conflict between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens which might end in them having a Wrestlemania match, although the card does look already filled. If their is a Andre the Giant battle Royal this year, I see both Dolph and Baron participating in it. Their is rumours of Cena making it a triple threat long side AJ and Nakurmara, and also rumours he will have a match with the Undertaker. I don’t think I like either option particularly that much. A triple threat matxh would be a good match but not as good as a singles match just between Nakurmara and AJ Styles. Although, The Undertaker vs John Cena would be insane, I think The Undertaker doesn’t have to prove anything and his last match with Roman, he looked like his body couldn’t take any more punishment. But I don’t see where Cena would fit on the card if he wasn’t in any of them matches.

Winner: AJ Style


Mom and Dad Film Review

Mom and Dad Film Review

Nicolas Cage with another meltdown, this one while he sings the hokey cokey!

Everyone loves a good Nicolas Cage freak out and he has not seemed to have one in a while. So it’s a welcome return to see him freak out in Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad is comedy horror in which parents begin to start trying to kill their children. With this weird and wacky premise, Cage is allowed to go fully crazy, as it is needed for the film.

The film begins showing the Ryan family, the father Brent (Nicholas Cage), the mother Kendall (Selma Blair), daughter Carly (Anne Winters) and son Josh (Zachary Arthur) as a family who has grown apart. The family growing apart over the years as Carly has grown up and her parents are going through a midlife crisis. Carly is dropped off at school while Josh is left at home with the nanny, while Brent goes to work and Kendall goes to an exercise class. An unexplained static starts transmitting through TV screens and radios, and this is what causes the parents to go crazy, as the nanny kills her daughter with a meat masher. The films spiral out of control at this point as Kendell and Brent return to try murder Carly and Ryan.

Mom and Dad is great comedy film offering something different in a comedic way. Like, Brent’s Dad trying to kill Brent was a funny highlight along with the ending. The ending having the children talk to their parents who they have tied up, and the mam saying how much she loves them only for Brent to exclaim but sometimes I want to… then it cuts out. Well worth a watch and shows Nicolas Cage to be a good actor in a good movie.



The Girl With All The Gifts Review

The girl with all the gifts Film Review

28 Days meets Resident Evil 4 in this survival horror

Starring Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine and Glen Close alongside newcomer Sennia Nanua, The Girl With All The Gifts offers a survival horror similar to 28 Days Later.  On a low budget, The Girl With All The Gifts creates an uncertain world in which a child has all the power in it.

The film is centred around a gifted child Melanie (Sennia Nanua), who is a highly intelligent child, but also shows signs of wonderment. She cannot live a normal childhood due to having contracted a virus (a mutation of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis) that makes her into a what they refer to as ‘hungries’. Melonie is different to the ‘hungries’ as she can still learn and think while the rest of the ‘hungries’ are mindless zombies. Melonie, along with the other children who avoid becoming the mindless ‘hungries’, are nurtured and kept in a high military facility until when it is attacked by ‘hungries’. This leads to Melanie escaping with her favourite teacher Helen Justineau (Gemma Arterton), Sgt.  Eddie Parks (Paddy Considine) and his fellow army members, along with Dr. Caroline Caldwell (Glen Close) who is looking to cure the virus through experimenting on Melonie. This leads to a moral dilemma throughout, of worth it is killing Melonie to help the rest of the world.

An underrated and less known film of 2017, but it was still an intriguing watch, and it was nice to see Paddy Considine in a serious role. Gemma Arterton has come along with since St. Trinian’s and continues to be one of Britain’s finest actors. The only criticism would be the ending because of the choices that are made for Gemma’s character and how she just accepts them. Sennia puts in a great performance throughout also.



Who Is The Summer Set and why you should listen to them?

Who Is The Summer Set and why you should listen to them?

Who are the Summer Set?

The Summer Set was an American rock band from Phoenix, Arizona who gained recognition from touring Taylor Swift when she still did country songs. The band members were lead vocalist Brian Logan Dales, guitarists Josh Montgomery and John Gomez, bass guitarist Stephen Gomez, and percussionist Jess Bowen. I discovered this band early on through forgetting a bands name but knowing it had Set in the title. That’s when I discovered their most recognizable song of Chelsea. I would go on to see this band every time they came to Newcastle apart from once. The one time I did not, my friend met Brian Dales and got him to talk to me what was amazing for me at the time.

Love Like This (2009)

The Summer Set’s first studio album after they signed for Razor & Tie in which you get to first hear Brain’s phenomenal whiny vocals. This an upbeat album continued from the happy EP’s they had previously released. They have the great The Boys You Do (Get Back at You) and Chelsea on this album. Chelsea wrote by Brian Dales for Chelsea Kane (Riley Perrin in Baby Daddy) before they broke up. Just a simple love song for a girl he was going out with at the time with a catchy chorus. Another favorite on this album is Girls Freak Me Out, which references Def Leppard with its line of ”Pour some sugar on me”. Brian singing about how girls freak him out obviously, as he believes this girl will eat him alive if he went home with her. This is great young love song album to introduce you to the band they are. Also, they made a live album in similar name called Love Like Swift in which they do an amazing cover of Taylor Swift’s Love Story ft Brandon Wronski from the band Eye Alaska. Brian and Brandon both taking up to ten on the last minute of the song.

Everything’s Fine (2011)

This album deals with love and unrequited love and has a much slower compared to their first album. Everything is used as the title to represent what the band has been through such as break up and that everything’s going to be fine. Their first song on the album is About A Girl setting the mood for the album, the chorus for the song being ”this is a song about a girl, this song is about love”. This song in response to Chelsea, as Brian and Chelsea had broken up by this point and he is singing about how he still loves her. Someone Like You has a Disney like vibe to it, as it could be easily used in a happy moment in a Disney film. The song is simply about how he has found the perfect girl and how he would do anything for her. Its good a nice high tempo and is very bubbly like the song that comes after it Must be the Music. rclbeauty101, a beauty blogger introducing many of her viewers to Must be the Music as she uses it in some capacity on her youtube channel at one point. A darker song on the album is Mannequin, talking about this girl has gotten with someone new but this new person does not see her for her true worth, just an object essentially. The song shows jealousy mixed with wasted feelings. The damning lyrics below intend this:

He’ll pick you up just to knok you down,
One day I’ll see you both in hell.
Is it everything that you thought it’d be?
When he’s lying there I bet you think of me.
I swear he’ll only dress you up,
Go out just to show you off.
Girl I don’t know what you see,
You’re more than just a mannequin to me

The album ends on somber note also in the form of Don’t Let Me Go, with the lonely piano use to enhance the sadness Brian is singing about. Brian asking if his girl will ever come back as he feels like he has lost everything.

Legendary (2013)

For this album, the band stated that living communally that summer inspired the lyrical content of their third album, and sparked the fun-loving energy of the album cycle that ensued. They also switched to Fearless Records. This was also the start of the Summer Set referring to their fans as the Half Moon Kids. This album is ledgen….wait for it, dary. The Summer Set even quoting the HIMYM quote in their song of the same name Legendary. The great line of ”we all want to be legendary to someone in this song”. The album returns to a more fun upbeat tempo with songs like Rescue and Jukebox, describing really how it is just good to be alive and have fun.

Stories For Monday (2016)

Before they broke up they released Stories For Monday, which nearly never became getting released due to the band feeling they had nothing more to say in 2015. They did end up releasing an album however which themes focus on the youth of today having fun and the morning after of having fun. It’s a very 80s album with references to Bruce Springsteen and Joy Division amongst others. Out of all the albums this album I’d say most suits Brians voice because of the 80s style and you can tell his voice has developed leading up to this album. Change Your Mind opening with that techno keyboard from the 80s and continuing that sound throughout with an added guitar solo. In my opinion the best song on the album. The whole album is mind-blowing, however, their so many unbelievable songs on this album, it’s so easy to listen to the album the whole way through.

Solo – Dales

The spirit of The Summer Set still lives through Brian Dales as he continues to create The Summer Set-esque music. Brian Dales releasing Chateau in response to all the hate he has received as his music video suggests naming and shaming all the twitter trolls against him. It’s quite well written and a well-sung song.


So glad they decided to go ahead with the final album because artistically it is the best and you clearly identify how far the band has progressed over the years. Hopefully, the band get back together for one final album as they are really good.



The Martian by Andy Weir Review

The Martian by Andy Weir Book Review

Duct tape is the key to everything

Late to the the party having seen the film when it first came out, I recently read The Martian. Both the book and the film are more or less on par of each other as they both offer a lot of humour through Mark Watney.

Stranded by his team on Mars, Mark Watney with the use of his botanist and engineering skills has to learn how to survive on Mars. Everything it seems he has mastered surviving on Mars, Mars always seems to halt his progress. As he had to learn how to create water and food to survive until Nasa can create a plan to save him.

A good read and the book flowed well, even if their was a lot of science throughout it.