Mortal Engines: Infernal Devices Book Review

Mortal Engines Infernal Devices by Phillip Reeves Book Review

Following on from Predators Gold comes Phillip Reeves third book in the quartet Infernal Devices set 16 years after the events of Predators Gold.


All is quiet in the city of Anchorage after adventuring to America and finding a safe haven in the hills. Tom and Hester have settled down, their adventures seeming to be a distant memory. Tom and Hester have also had a child called Wren who yearns for adventure. And that is when the troubles start. The past catches up with Tom and Hester, as Gargle the lostboy returns in the search of an ancient book called the tin book. The Tin Book quickly becomes the item everybody wants causing Wren to be kidnapped, and Tom and Hester to come to her aid.


Hester secrets come out at the end of the novel, showing her to be completely evil. Reeves slowly builds Hester character to be unsympathetic as she becomes heartless through her joy for killing and her obsession with Tom. Turning on her own daughter and losing Tom maybe forever. Hester has always had that evil side and it his finally came out. It’ll be good to see what happens in the final book. Probably my favourite book so far, as it is all action throughout and ties up loose ends as well as creating new ones. Wren looks to become the main female protagonist in the next novel as she grows as a character throughout the book. I can’t wait to read the final book.


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Comment below if you have read any of these books and let me know what you think



Avengers Infinity War Part One Review

Avengers Infinity War Review

It delivered

All the Marvel cinematic universe has been building to this, Thanos getting off his seat and showing what power he’s got to offer. With the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers coming together this is set to be a movie of epic proportions. Luckily I’m seeing it at midnight so I can avoid anyone spoiling it for me.

Oh and does Thanos show what power he has got.

Spoilers Ahead!

Quick Overview of what happened

From the get-go, Thanos displays his dominance making short work of the Hulk and killing Loki in the opening scene as he has space and power infinity stones at this point. The Hulk does escape however and makes it to earth to warn Tony Stark and Doctor Strange that Thanos is coming for the infinity stones. Thanos minions come for Doctor Strange’s time infinity stone, only they cannot get it as it cannot be released without Doctor Strange’s permission. Thus, he is taken onto the ship, to be brought to Thanos. Little does Corvus Glaive know is that he has also brought along with him Spiderman and Iron Man.

Back on earth, Steve Rogers and Co. narrowly save Vision from the other minions of Thanos Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw. They prepare for the fight of their lives to stop Thanos getting Vision’s infinity stone in Wakanda. An epic battle ensues in which Steve Rogers, Black Panther, Black Widow, Bruce Banner in an iron suit, Falcon, War machine and Scarlet Witch hold of the alien army of Thanos, along with the Wakandan Army. They are later aided by Thor.

Before Thor comes to the aid of Steve Rogers and Co. he meets the Guardians of the Galaxy as saw in the ending of Thor Ragnorak. He tells them about the power of Thor and how he needs a powerful weapon to stop him. Him, Rocket and Groot go in such of making Thor another powerful hammer that can stand up to Thanos, while Gamorra, Starlord, Drax the Destroyer and Mantis travel to Knowhere where the colector holds one of the infinity stones. Thor creates a new hammer, Groot giving him an arm in the process and they travel to Wakanda for the last stand against Thanos.

Gamorra, Starlord, Drax and Mantis arrive at Knowhere where Thanos has already gained the reality infinity stone from the collector causing Gamorra to believe she has killed Thanos. Thanos sees that Gamorra still shows feelings towards him as she mourns when she believes he is dead. Thanos then takes Gamorra leaving the rest to find her again. Once with Thanos, Gamorra is forced to tell Thanos where the soul infinity stone is or her sister Nebula dies. She is the only one who knows where it is and had previously asked Starlord to kill her so Thanos would never find out where it is. He then travels to the planet where the soul infinity stone then sacrifices Gamorra to get it. There is also a cameo from Red Skull.

Having retrieved 4 out of 6 infinity stones, Thanos sets his sight on the time infinity stone which Doctor Strange still holds despite being captured by one of Thanos’ minions. Having killed Doctor Strange’s captor they travel to planet Titan in an effort to kill Thanos with the element of surprise on their hands. They come across Starlord and Co. who are in search for Gamorra not knowing she is dead yet. They battle Thanos on Titan briefly overcoming him, nearly relieving him of his infinity gauntlet, however, Thanos reveals he has killed Gamorra causing Starlord to lose his rag, and ruin the plan. Thanos shows his might by nearly killing Iron man until Doctor Strange gives up the stone for Tony Starks life.

The final stone is taken after Thanos arrives at the battle taking place at Wakanda. With the power he has already gained from his infinity gauntlet, he makes short work of the superheroes on his way to Vision. Scarlet Witch destroys the stone along with Vision, thinking that this stopped Thanos. However, Thanos then turns back time creating stone and Vision, then takes the mind infinity stone out of Vision killing him in the process. He now has a complete Infinity Gauntlet, Thor tries to stop him with his new God killing weapon planting it in his chest. Thanos whispers you should’ve aimed for my head as he clicks his finger causing half the people of the earth to fade away into dust. Including many of your favourite superheroes including Spiderman, Black Panther, Drax, Mantis, Groot, Rocket and Scarlet Witch.


Maybe the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie so far. There were so many deaths at the end, and you need to have watched most of the MCU for them to have a great impact. The film still has humour throughout and all the characters show chemistry on screen together. Starlord and Thor’s interactions being humorous as Starlord is jealous of him. The epic war scene in many MCU creates an inspired visual like always, with the typical two sides running into each other. Thanos world domination plan also shares the same philosophy as Dan Brown’s Inferno, as he looking to create genocide to create a better planet. Thus, Thanos believes he is creating balance in the world through his actions giving more depth to his villainous character. The after-credit scene also looks to introduce Captain Marvel into the MCU as Nick Fury calls her on his pager. Overall great film but my theory is the people who didn’t die in this film will replace the people who did die in this film.

Let me know what you thought of the film and Thanos wiping out half the people on the planet in the comments below

The Debt Collector Film Review

The Debt Collector Review

Another hard-hitting film from Scott Adkins


French (Scott Adkins) a classically trained martial artist who is low on cash as his gym is failing. In order to gain more cash so he can pay his rent again, he takes the job as a debt collector. However, as he realises quite quickly, this isn’t the normal debt collector job. He and his partner Sue (Louis Mandylor) will have to break bones and beat up anyone who gets in there way.


After recently watching Accident Man also starring Scott Adkins, The Debt Collector offers another hardman Scott Adkins performance in which he just mostly goes around laying the smackdown on people. The moral message is strong in The Debt Collector though, as French struggles to know what if he is doing is right, and who are the truly bad people. Sue has been a debt collector for many years, and it has taken its toll on him, making him heartless. The people who cannot afford to pay their debt or the people ordering their debts to be collected. French and Sue show good on-screen chemistry as they have various back and forths throughout, which adds some humour to the film. French also has a great offence fighting various bodyguards including with two massive black bodyguards who threw him around like a rag doll while Sue deals with the less dangerous money side of it all. When Sue and French to come together to fight, it offers a nice visual as they destroy their opponents. The films end with a double-crossing and a lot of bloodshed with the two protagonists left to die as they choose the morally right action to do. The film is great action movie overall, as Scott Adkins has found his niche in this kind of films acting as a hard hitter.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower Review

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Book and Film Review

Book Synopsis

The book written by Stephen Chbosky follows 15 year old protagonist Charlie who has trouble socially, due to a troubled past that is revealed throughout the novel. He is writing letters to an unknown recipient, talking about his life in freshman year in high-school. He deals with unrequited love, sexuality, drug use, and mental health throughout his first year at high school. Unrequited love for his senior friend Sam, along with sexuality in the form of Sam’s step brother Patrick, who is going out with Brad, a closeted homosexual on the football team. Charlie also has his first encounter with drug use as he trips on LSD to be cool and mental health through the effects of his best middle friend committing suicide and his aunt dying in a car crash.

Film Synopsis

The film adaptation starring as Logan Lerman as Charlie, Ezra Miller as Patrick and Emma Watson as Sam, follows closely to the book as is also directed by Stephen Chbosky. The only major differences are Charlie teacher has a bigger role in the film. As in the book, he is mentioned as is supportive towards Charlie, but it never talks about his teaching style. Having Paul Rudd play the teacher though, obviously the teacher was going to have a bigger role. Charlie’s sister being abused by boyfriend doesn’t play as a major point, although it shown in the film. In a way a major change is the tunnel scene where Sam stands up, as the song they are listening to is changed from Fleetwood Macs Landslide to David Bowie’s Hero creating a whole new meaning to the word infinite. The film also had Imagine Dragons Its time which was awesome.


Both book and film are worth visiting as they deal with social issues everybody goes through during their adolescents. The book and film holding that nostalgic feeling but also that cringe worthy moment of when you were younger. An example being, when Charlie is dared to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. Charlie sitting with his girlfriend Mary Elizabeth, played by Mae Whitman, chooses not to kiss her and kisses Sam instead causing everyone to resent him. It shows the perils of being a wallflower as he lying to himself in when he say yes to going out with Mary Elizabeth. Later, when he reveals his true feelings to Sam as she is leaving, she berates him for not acting earlier. The Perks of Being a Wallflower are being very good at observing things in a social situation, taking everything in the conversations around during you, allowing you to be able to judge things more rationally. Thus linking in with Carl Jung‘s theory of introversion/extraversion. Charlie portraying introversion as Patrick shows extraversion in dealing with life. Overall this book is good coming of age book, like the book The Wanderers by Richard Price dealing with taboo subjects and dealing with the trials you face when growing up.

That Time I Went To Amsterdam

My Day In Amsterdam

February 24th

I spent several hours in Amsterdam after travelling from Newcastle to Amsterdam on the Ferry. It was a great day out but really cold as I went during the cold time of February.

Freezing in the Ice Bar

The ice bar was the only event I booked when going to Amsterdam as it seems like something everyone should experience at least once. It was enjoyable for like a minute as even with the massive coats and gloves you are given, it’s still uncomfortably cold. I like the concept of it as a cold drink with the boys would be great there, but I quickly necked my orange juice and got out of there.

Ripleys Believe It or Not museum – I believe everything

Having read many annuals of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, I thought it would be a good idea to explore their official store. It had loads of interesting items at the entrance such as the world tallest man mannequin in which you could compare your height next to him and a three-legged footballer mannequin. It was pricey to actually explore the whole place but the entrance was enough in all fairness.

Learning in The Sex Museum

Amsterdam’s world-famous Sex museum was pretty interesting with its breaking the innocence approach. There were men flashing their bits at you, walking through a recreation of the red light district and a massive penis seat. The worst room for the eyes was the black room what had warning signings outside saying not for the faint-hearted. The room was filled with every taboo about sex, including weeing on someone for their pleasure. It is not somewhere you could go with your mam.

Unexpected findings in the Jeff Koons Exhibit

Knowing nothing about Jeff Koons, I went to a church displaying his artwork. In the Nieuwe Kerk it had Jeff Koons most famous art piece the blue crystal ball which was displayed in front of the Perugino Madonna and Child with Four Saints. The blue crystal ball would reflect the whole church along with the artwork which was mesmerising.

The Red Light District

There was also a cheeky walk through the red light district, only realising halfway down the street.

Bands I’m Looking Forward to Seeing at Slamdunk 2018

Everything will be Alright at Slamdunk 2018

Slamdunk 2018, Leeds City Centre 26th May

Slamdunk returns for its 12th year, headlined by Good Charlotte and Jimmy Eat World. The festival spread over 3 days, shared between the cities of Leeds, Birmingham and Hatfield. I’m going to the venue in Leeds this year and I’m looking forward to it immensely. Here are some of the bands I’m looking forward to, although is so many greats acts coming. The festival displaying metalcore to indie pop.

Jimmy Eat World and Good Charlotte

Having both seemed to be around forever, these nostalgic bands know how to deliver on a big stage. Jimmy Eat World’s most notable song being The Middle, a song that you can listen to over and over again. Can’t wait to here Good Charlotte’s Anthem along Girls and Boys played in a festival atmosphere, while Joel Madden fronts the stage. Two bands with some highly popular songs which remind you of the pop-punk era in the 2000s.

Crown the Empire

A metalcore band with some insane clean vocals. I discovered them after I listened to their song The Fallout. The lead vocalist sharing similar vocals to Vic Feunete from the band Pierce the Veil but less whiny. The song also has a great breakdown in the middle. They also played a sweet cover of My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade, which was really good but obviously not as good as the original.

Twin Atlantic

Having seen them live a couple a years ago, I get the chance to see them again in all their glory. The band from Glasgow having so many great songs, such as their well-known ones like Yes, I was Drunk, Make a Beast of Myself and Heart of Soul. But also lesser known songs such as Crash Land, that involves a cello and Apolopytic Renegade.

Asteroid Boys

Asteroid Boys are a weird hybrid band as their music shares similar qualities to grime and punk rock. It’s like an angry Stormzy mixed with Enter Shikari. Thier song Dirty just giving me crazy vibes as it is so aggressive as it revs you up with its guitars and strong vocals. It’s like Plan B’s Ill Manors as they talk about a broken Britain. Not many people will know this band but you should give them a listen.


Chapel is an indie pop-rock duo comprised of Carter Hardin (ex-Nightmares) and Kortney Grinwis (ex-Favorite Weapon), managed and developed by Issues’ Tyler Carter and Derek Brewer (manager of Crown The Empire). They have so much potential with the talent surrounding them, Cartin Hardin with that unique charisma, Hardin reminding me of Jack Anaotoff from the band The Bleachers. We’ve Got Soul creating them good vibes and obviously soul.

These are few bands I am looking forward to but I think the event overall will be a great experience.

That Time I Went To Pompeii

Playing Bastille’s Pompeii in Pompeii

September 11th-18th 2017

Having always wanted to go to Italy, I finally got the chance to when me and a few friends organised trip together as quick as possible so no one could back out. We decided to stay in Pompeii after originally thinking of staying in the heart of Napoli, but we realised Pompeii would allow us to explore more of the region. Pompeii famous for its ruins, was a lovely city and would recommend to anyone, the articture being a vocal point. Here is some of the stuff I did.

Day one

The shrine of the Virgin Rosary of Pompeii

Exploring the local massive Cathedral

The first site we came across when exploring on the first day was The Shrine of the Virginia Rosary of Pompeii in the main square. Completed in 1901, this Catholic Cathedral plays homage to the Virgin Mary and quite recently Pope Benidict XVI presenting his 6th Golden rose to it in 2006. Inside the Cathedral showed how much Italy is a Catholic country with its rich paintings and golden alters.

Day 2

Doing tourists stuff

We would travel to Sorrento on the train which was only a hour away from Pompeii. Sorrento is where all the tourists go as we learnt as their was people from all nationalities flocking their. After going through all the markets and churches, we would go in search of a beach. We would find a nice little fish restaurant along the way near a beach in which I tried fresh lobster for the first time. Wasn’t worth the 40 euros I paid for it. We would see a lot of beaches but couldnt find a way down the them unfortunately.

Day 3

The Second Best Pizza in the World?

We set off to Napoli in a quest to try the so called 2nd best Pizza in the world. Antica Pizzeria da Michele, said to be the oldest Pizzeria in Italy, only serving margerita and maranora and well respected having featured in the Julia Roberts film Eat Pray Love. After a hours wait as it is such a big tourist attraction, we sat down and chowed down on Margerita pizza after we watched be cooked in a giant stone baked oven. I was split between thinking it was a glorified tomato garlic bread and it being the best pizza I ever tasted because of the stone baked taste to it. It is definitely better than Dominoes and Pizza Hut but that’s as far as I got.

The same day we would go to a escape room that was lots of fun even if we were terrible. One of us thinking we had to unlock a pen when it was just a stiff top and the other trying to hack the main frame thinking it would help is escape but had nothing to do with anything.

Day 4

Jamming with the Escape Room man… And the delving into the catacombs

We became good friends with the man who hosted the Escape Room and ended up jamming with him to start the day, along with seeing the oldest recording studio in Italy. His band supporting some big acts when they had come to Naples. He’d also given us advice on service charge what was needed. Later we’d travel to the catacombs, The Catacombs of San Gaudiso in Naples but they were quite underwhelming, our Italian friend suggesting we go to the Fontanelle Cemetery instead which had 100 of skulls.

Day 5

My friend nearly dying as we were trusted with our own boat

We would return to Serrento but then go to an island called Capri from there. Capri is a luxurious island with high priced goods all over, as they obviously get all their good imported making it an really expensive island. After taking in the views, we thought it would be a good idea to hire a boat and travel around the island. We would speed around the island at 30mph taking in the scenery, going into caverns and relaxing taking in the sun. In various places you were allowed to dive in and enjoy the sea supposedly, my friend would dive in and explore a cavern. More boats would come causing us to have leave him and fetch him from the other side. The current going through the cavern was something an elite swimmer would struggle to swim through so he was basically left stranded. We would have to race to the other side of the cavern, to make sure he made it. He had as he was pressed against a rock struggling for air. We would get the boat as close as we could to him, hoping not to damage the boat as the prices were ridiculous to repair them. We would hall him on the boat and everything would be okay.

Day 6

Starting from the bottom and ended up on the top of Mount Versuvis

On the last day as we had a flight in the middle of the night, we walked all the way up to the infamous Mount Versuvis. Mount Versuvis being the only active volcano in the world, as showed on the way up as it had recently sprayed out lava as the trees and rocks had been leveled. Taking 5 hours to walk up while everyone was getting buses up or biking. Mount Vesuvius being famous for causing the Pompeii ruins which charred the people in the places they stood in Ad 79. The Pompeii Ruins is a big attraction in Pompeii, showing the destruction of Mount Versuvis. Finally making it to the top was amazing as the view was surreal, as the volcano is 4,203 ft high and you could see inside the volcano also. We also saw a music video being filmed on the way up what was quite cool.

Overall a great holiday although I didn’t get to go to the Napoli stadium which would have been good as the Naples and the surrounding cities are mad about the Napoli team.